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Why is it called dried rotten vegetables economics? Why is it so named?--NEW Economic theory

Why is it called dried rotten vegetables economics? Why is it so named?

The origin of the name of the economics of dried rotten vegetables is represented by Zhaoqing, a backward region in the Pearl River Delta. It generally refers to Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Yunfu, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Henan, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and other regions.

These areas,

1.Without superior geographical location,

2. No convenient transportation,

3.Three or more mountains are not conducive to development,

4. There is no coastal wharf near the coastline,

5. Lack of state investment and foreign investment,

6, there is no local pillar industry, the industry is primitive and backward, only agriculture and tourism, and no natural resources can be exploited,

7. Population and talent outflow,

8. The population is aging seriously, etc

In short, all the worst situations are superimposed in these areas, and all the worst cards are concentrated in these areas. These areas, I call them: backward areas, rotten vegetables and dry areas.

Because, I found a regional food phenomenon, regional production phenomenon:

Generally, in areas with developed materials, such as Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhongshan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Jinhua, Zhejiang, they produce dry products, which are all protein dry products: Dongguan sausage, Zhongshan sausage, Inner Mongolia cheese, Inner Mongolia beef jerky, Xinjiang cheese, Xinjiang beef jerky, Zhejiang Jinhua ham. These are all economically developed regions and protein materials developed regions.

Those backward areas, such as Zhaoqing, and dry rotten vegetables, such as Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Yunfu, Sichuan, Henan, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, African coffee beans, dried banana in Southeast Asia, and dried pineapple in Southeast Asia, are mainly vegetables and plants, just like dried rotten vegetables. So I named these areas: rotten vegetable dry area. Areas with underdeveloped protein supplies.

Finally, I name this economics: dry rotten vegetables economics. Specially record, discuss and study the worst and most backward regions, their economic profile, economic situation, the worst and most backward individuals, groups, their economic situation, and their optimal development route. The purpose is to explore, study and develop a road and method suitable for the economic development of losers, civilians, backward areas and backward countries.

Nowadays, there are many popular economic theories in the world, such as Marx's Capital, Adam Smith's Research on the Nature and Cause of National Wealth, and Friedrich Liszt's National System of Political Economics. However, these economic theories are all prepared from the standpoint of the ruler. There has never been an economic research book for individuals in economically backward areas, economically backward and poor.

I feel unreasonable and sorry for this phenomenon.

This phenomenon of economic theory research is a phenomenon of hating the poor and loving the rich.

Like the history of both China and the West, they only record the history of the ruling class. The history of the ruling people only records the history of the big people, never records the history of the working people, never records the history of the loser civilians, let alone the history of the economic situation of the loser poor civilians.

In the field of history, they all have blind spots for observation and research, but economics cannot ignore the existence of the poor and the poor.

In the field of economics, there has not been a real study of the economic situation of the poor, the backward areas, and the rotten vegetables and dried areas, and how to give the most backward areas, the poorest people, and how to explore a way to narrow the economic gap and achieve catch-up.

The purpose of establishing this economics is to explore, explore and study. Can these backward areas play a good result if they win the worst card? Can we narrow the gap and achieve transcendence?

This is the origin of the economics of dried rotten vegetables.

The proposition of dried rotten vegetables economics:

1. Rectify the civil service administration system in rotten vegetable dry areas, select excellent talents to serve as civil servants, and improve the efficiency of civil servants. Unqualified personnel shall be removed from the team.

2. Optimize the investment environment, reduce administrative approval, and lower the threshold for establishing enterprises.

3. To lower the land price and rent and reduce taxes, the tax policy must be 30% - 50% lower than that of developed regions. Expand the economic aggregate as soon as possible. Expand the total number of enterprises.

4. Encourage individuals to establish small and micro enterprises, provide credit support, and support the development of small and micro enterprises.

5. The construction of infrastructure, roads, bridges, telecommunications, electricity, water conservancy, hospitals, schools and the introduction of national investment, foreign investment,

6. Encourage talents to enter the rotten vegetable dry area to start businesses and settle down, and provide credit and financial support, land support and tax preferential support.

7. We should try our best to absorb industrial transfer from developed regions and from advanced countries in the world,

8. Develop local distinctive industries, make this industry bigger and stronger, and become world-famous and competitive.

9. Emancipate the mind and open the yellow, spinach and poison industries.

10. There is not much financial industry in the backward areas. Open the financial industry and allow foreign capital to set up financial institutions. Funds can enter and exit freely in the backward areas. Facilitate foreign investment.

11. Freedom of information, freedom of education, freedom of publication and freedom of broadcasting. Because of backward areas, nothing can be rich, and any method that can be used to get rich can be used.

12. Formulate laws that are in line with international practice, and recognize that lawyers of both parties practise each other.

13. Encourage the sale of natural resources, and the money for selling natural resources must be invested in education and the world's industrial chain. Become a shareholder of the world industrial chain. Let the dried rotten vegetables become a link in the developed regions of the world. Encourage people and resources in rotten vegetables and dry areas to go out. Attract the world industrial chain.

In order to develop the rotten vegetable dry economic region, it is necessary to stagger with the developed regions. We should not only absorb industries, talents and funds from developed regions, but also encourage national investment and foreign investment, and also develop some industries. Only those who specialize in developed regions can quickly become rich. We should use traditional pornography, gambling, new technology and new industries to earn money from developed regions, which is the way to reduce the gap. If the rotten vegetables and dried economic areas only become the supporting facilities, satellites and chess pieces of developed areas, the gap will never be reduced, and the gap will only grow. This is the core idea of the economics of dried rotten vegetables, competing for resources. Instead of becoming a vassal and a migrant worker in developed areas.

There are many areas of rotten vegetables in the world. In all areas with rotten vegetables, the economy is declining and the population is decreasing.

Including Detroit, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina in the United States, all belong to the rotten vegetable dry region.

It is not only China that has dried rotten vegetables, but all over the world.

To reduce the gap in rotten vegetable dry areas, it is necessary to attract all the funds, talents, resources, technology from the world.

To realize the development of rotten vegetables and dry areas, it is impossible to use the same set of economic theories in developed areas, because it has become seriously homogenized. We must be more open and free than developed regions to narrow the gap with developed regions.

Individual, poor loser, common people, and the idea of dried rotten vegetables:

Losers, civilians and poor people who grew up in rotten vegetable areas, hurry up. In these places, because there is no state investment or foreign investment, there are no jobs and wages are not high. There is only one way to stay in these places. Business is shrinking. The workers are getting poorer and poorer.

People who grow up in rotten vegetable dry areas should play their subjective initiative and go to developed areas. Even if they work in developed areas, it is better than rotten vegetable dry areas. Give full play to subjective initiative and creativity to create your own business, brand and career.

People who grow up in rotten vegetable dry areas are born to choose the difficult mode. Life is doomed to be bumpy. Escape is the strategy with the lowest cost and the highest income. Like Detroit, many people have fled Detroit.

People in rotten vegetables and dry areas should never have children, or having children will harm children. Let the child lose at the starting line as soon as he is born. Children will suffer from poverty all their lives.

The state and foreign investors will not invest a penny in the rotten vegetable dry area. The only way to change this fate is to rely on the poor loser himself.

To go out for work and business, we should seek win-win cooperation, unite and cooperate, and abide by local laws. Let yourself integrate into other people's society and circle. Let yourself become a developed region. They are a useful part and an indispensable part. We should manage ourselves in developed areas and do what we are good at. Don't participate in gambling, pornography, and violations. Live your life well.

This is a suggestion for people in the rotten vegetable dry area. I hope that people in the rotten vegetable area can escape from the rotten vegetable area and create a better tomorrow outside.

These suggestions seem useless, but they are very practical and reasonable. People in rotten vegetable dry areas should work hard and conscientiously all their lives. Work hard for your present, your future and your child's future.


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