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Dasha Town, Sihui City, is an important industrial town in Zhaoqing.

Dasha Town, Sihui City, China, builds a tens of billions of high-end aluminum products industry cluster

Dasha Town, Sihui City, is an important industrial town in Zhaoqing.

In the workshop of Guoyao Aluminum Co., Ltd. in Dasha Town, Sihui City, China, the newly established automatic production line for the medical industry has entered the trial production stage. It can automatically complete the entire process of feeding, synthesis, and assembly. The assistance of the same workshop The walking machine production line is also being actively installed.

Dasha Town, Sihui City, is an important industrial town in Zhaoqing.

Dasha Town, Sihui City, is an important industrial town in Zhaoqing.

Dasha Town, Sihui City, is an important industrial town in Zhaoqing.

Dasha Town,important industrial town,guangdong,china,zhaoqing,asia,

Dasha Town,important industrial town,guangdong,china,zhaoqing,asia,

“Only by constantly exploring new tracks and innovating the product chain can we always stay ahead of the market.” Pan Jian, deputy general manager of Guoyao Aluminum Company, introduced that in 2004, Guoyao Aluminum entered Nanjiang Industrial Park and started from rough processing of aluminum profiles. , to deeply explore the fields of aluminum alloy green energy-saving system doors and windows, curtain walls, and aluminum formwork. Now its products have covered 5G high-end electronic equipment, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, medical equipment and other industries.

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the list of Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Centers for 2023, and the Guangdong Provincial Innovation Key Industrial Aluminum Profile (Guoyao) Engineering Technology Research Center was on the list. Pan Jian told the author that after the certification is approved, the engineering center will increase scientific research investment and condition construction, strengthen technical research and collaborative cooperation, accelerate the transformation of results and talent training, and play a scientific and technological support and leading demonstration role in the high-quality development of the industry.

As another leader in the aluminum products industry in Dasha, Guangdong Gaodeng Aluminum Group participated in the Canton Fair with high-end system windows and curtain walls, architectural profiles, industrial profiles, flower stands, aluminum ladders and other products. It has established contacts with many foreign businessmen and also Considerable orders were received.

Gordon holds more than 300 industry patents including nationally authorized invention and utility model patents, and participates in the formulation of more than 30 international, national, industry and group standards including wood grain aluminum profiles.

In recent years, Dasha Town has seized the opportunity of constructing the municipal-administered starting area of a large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) to promote the transformation and upgrading of four major parks including Nanjiang and Gangmei, and promote new industrialization. The traffic location, talent reserve, cost advantage, market The superposition of many favorable factors such as demand has formed a relatively complete aluminum products industry cluster. Data shows that there are 46 listed aluminum products companies in Dasha Town, with an output value of more than 11 billion yuan in 2023.

Nowadays, Guangdong Huachang New Materials Co., Ltd. has also been established, and the project plans to build a highly automated and intelligent large-scale aluminum profile processing and manufacturing benchmark enterprise with an annual output of 200,000 tons of high-end aluminum profiles. At present, various large-scale production equipment has been installed and debugged on site and will be put into trial production within this year. After the project reaches the standard and reaches production, the annual output value is expected to be about 5 billion yuan.

Currently, Dasha Town is actively building two major industrial clusters of high-end aluminum products and new materials, striving to introduce 100 new projects within the year, achieving a total of more than 100 high-tech enterprises in the area, and a total of more than 140 industrial enterprises above designated standards, setting the stage for new industrialization. Build stronger competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for development in building a 100-billion-level industrial town and a strong manufacturing town.

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