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It's about new energy vehicles! How will Zhaoqing seize the first opportunity in the future?

It's about new energy vehicles! How will Zhaoqing seize the first opportunity in the future?

Issued by Zhaoqing at 21:00 on January 7, 2023 in Guangdong

On December 30, 2022, Guangdong Province's 2022 "Hand in Hand" and strategic industrial cluster industrial chain supply chain docking activity (Guangdong Guangxi special event for automobile industry) was held in Zhaoqing. More than 180 upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises in the automobile industry, such as GAC, Huawei, gathered together to seek common development.

In the past year, the development of Zhaoqing's new energy automobile industry ushered in a new breakthrough - with the commissioning of the Ningde Era Zhaoqing Project, Zhaoqing officially entered the era of dual leading enterprises, with the output value hitting a new record, and the pace of building, supplementing, extending and strengthening the chain has been accelerating.


Zhaoqing New Energy Automobile Industry

It's the critical time to climb the slope and cross the barrier and get ready,

Testing the city

The ability to grasp and shape opportunities.

Only by seizing the opportunity and taking advantage of the situation,

Accelerate the building of domestic first-class

New energy vehicle production base

Power and energy storage battery manufacturing base,

Zhaoqingcai is expected to win the current dividend,

Seize the opportunities for future development.


It has a vehicle manufacturing and power battery production base

Zhaoqing is rare in China

Own at the same time

The city of vehicle manufacturing and power battery production base.

In addition to Xiaopeng Automobile, Zhaoqing also has the only high-tech enterprise in China that has developed and produced all the main components of electric vehicles by itself - Masir Electric Vehicles, and Baolong Automobile and Jingyi Automobile that focus on the research, development and manufacturing of special vehicles. Ningde Times, Lishi Power Supply and Putailai focus on the production of power batteries and automotive batteries.

In addition, Zhaoqing also has 74 auto parts enterprises above the designated size, Hopu Power, Ailongwei Electromechanical, and Powerlink manufacturing drive motors, Hongtu Technology, Hongte Precision, Hongtai Technology, and power metal products covering all kinds of aluminum alloy precision die castings such as automobile motor housings and subframes, Asia Pacific New Materials, Toyo Aluminum focus on new materials for automobiles, and Jiali Lamps produce lamps, The automobile equipment produced by Jiyang Equipment is used in the production line of the chain owner enterprise

Guangdong Hongtu Science Park

△ Guangdong Hongtu Science Park. Photographed by Liao Wenyi

Looking at the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area,

Looking at the cake of new energy automobile industry

Not only Zhaoqing,

Multiple cities set their own goals.

Guangzhou proposed that by 2025, the new energy vehicle production capacity will enter the top three cities in China. The proportion of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen will reach about 60% during the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period. Foshan takes hydrogen energy as a breakthrough to develop the new energy automobile industry. Dongguan builds an intelligent driving car ecosystem around Huawei.

In this situation,

If Zhaoqing can be in Dawan District,

Even in the new track of national new energy vehicles

Always remain competitive,

And even stand out,

High quality development of the city's industry

Nature has self-evident significance.

In order to achieve coordinated development in the Greater Bay Area

Win a place,

Zhaoqing needs 100 billion level industrial clusters

10 billion level enterprises.

New energy automobile industry

Or will become Zhaoqing

The breakthrough point to break the dilemma of industrial development.

✔ On the one hand, the new energy automobile industry can drive the traditional metal processing and auto parts industry to carry out high-end, intelligent and green transformation, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Zhaoqing's advantageous traditional industries.

Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park

△ Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park. Photographed by Liang Liang

✔ On the other hand, the automobile industry is known as "industry in industry", which is a significant standard to measure the development level of a local industry. To develop a new energy automobile industry oriented to the future, Zhaoqing can quickly improve the level of industrialization and achieve the goal of strengthening the city as soon as possible.

Hard move

Strengthen investment attraction, build a chain, supplement the chain, extend the chain and strengthen the chain

At the end of 2021,

Nandu Intelligent Automobile Industry Ecology Research Group

The report on the attractiveness of Guangdong's smart car industry was released,

Zhaoqing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Ranking in the first echelon of thermal value,

It reflects the potential of Zhaoqing to develop intelligent automobile industry.

Based on the average growth rate of 34.66% in the past two years, Zhaoqing's new energy automobile industry will continue to rise in 2022. From January to November, the industrial output value will reach 61.64 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 47.6%. It is expected to exceed 70 billion yuan throughout the year, accounting for 7% of the province's automobile manufacturing output value.

In Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Auto Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park, Xiaopeng Auto is about to be delivered to users in a temporary transition.

△ In Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Auto Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park, Xiaopeng Auto is about to be delivered to users in a temporary transition. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

However, from the perspective of industrial core technology,

Core of Zhaoqing New Energy Vehicles

"Three electricity" (battery, motor, electric control)

Not enough

Problems such as weak industrial appeal,

It still restricts Zhaoqing's new energy vehicles to become bigger and stronger.

From the perspective of industrial support, Zhaoqing has formed key parts such as vehicle manufacturing, power battery, motor, electric control, electric wire, tire, chassis, central control, sensor, lighting, etc. A leading enterprise of Xiaopeng Automobile has cooperated with 18 local enterprises.

Xiaopeng Automobile Production Workshop

△ Xiaopeng Automobile Production Workshop. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

To this end,

Zhaoqing new energy vehicles are aiming at car chips

Connector, sensor

Controller, actuator, lidar, etc

The core technology manufacturing enterprises carried out investment promotion,

Make every effort to improve the local supporting rate.

In the past two years, the "circle of friends" of Zhaoqing's new energy vehicles has become larger and larger: Putailai, Jiyang Equipment, Zhenyu Technology, Aiji, Dongguan Hongri, Taicang Yicheng, Guangzhou Ainoli, Tenglong Auto Parts and many other projects have settled in Zhaoqing, and a new situation has emerged in chain repair and extension.

Relevant principals of Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau

At present, Zhaoqing not only implements the "top project" of attracting investment, attaches importance to leading enterprises' "attracting business by business" or "chain investment", but also gives play to intermediary, network platform, capital, fund, big data and other investment promotion methods to supplement and extend the industry chain.

From leading enterprises, industrial supporting facilities

In terms of investment promotion mode and overall output value,

Zhaoqing New Energy Automobile Industry

The development potential is huge,

Building, supplementing, extending and strengthening chains

It is still the theme of the future,

The new energy storage industry will also be included in the key development areas.


Achieve an output value of 200 billion yuan in 2025

The new energy automobile industry under the competition,

It has already changed from "blue ocean" to "red ocean".

The development pace of Zhaoqing

We need to speed up, speed up and speed up.

Output value in 2022

On the basis of breaking through 70 billion yuan,

Zhaoqing will be an industrial cluster with an output value of 100 billion yuan in 2023.

Zhaoqing also proposed that by 2025,

New energy vehicles and auto parts industry in the city

The output value reached 200 billion yuan.

At that time, the city's output value of finished vehicles will reach 80 billion yuan, the output value of parts and components will reach 120 billion yuan, and the "zero to zero ratio" will reach more than 1:1.5.

Ningde Times Zhaoqing Project

△ Ningde Times Zhaoqing Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

How to achieve the above goals?

Based on the industrial layout of the province, Zhaoqing actively connects with 20 strategic industrial clusters in the province, and strives to promote the development of six major fields, including new energy vehicles, auto core parts, auto electronics, auto lightweight, charging facilities, and auto aftermarket, so as to form a new energy vehicle industry development system driven by the leader, with industrial agglomeration, complete sets, and collaborative innovation.

Industrial driving effect of leading enterprises

Need to continue to stimulate.

Zhaoqing takes the initiative to meet the needs of leading enterprises, constructs a good communication channel between leading enterprises and government departments, improves the production capacity of Xiaopeng Automobile as soon as possible, speeds up the construction of projects such as Putailai, Jiyang Equipment, Jinsheng New Materials, Feinan Metal, and strives for more supporting projects of Xiaopeng Automobile and Ningde Times.

Ningde Times Zhaoqing Project

△ Ningde Times Zhaoqing Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Automobile parts matching level

Further improvement is needed.

Zhaoqing closely focuses on the accurate investment promotion of the chain's main enterprises, guides the vehicle and battery enterprises to strengthen cooperation with key parts and materials enterprises, expands key enterprises in the field of key raw materials, drive motors, and electronic control systems, forms a "upstream and downstream" chain relationship between supply and demand, and forms a development model of "Guangzhou Shenzhen Foshan Zhaoqing Vehicle, Zhaoqing Auto Parts, and Zhaoqing Service".

Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park

Picture △ Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Industrial development layout

It should also be further strengthened.

Now, Zhaoqing has started the planning and construction of Zhaoqing Dawang New Energy Intelligent Automobile Industrial City, which covers an area of 45 square kilometers, with the goal of achieving "million mu, 100 billion yuan". In the future, Zhaoqing will rely on Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) large-scale industrial cluster, and focus on the first tier suppliers of vehicle enterprises and the second and third tier suppliers of auto parts, to make a differentiated layout of three or so municipal auto parts characteristic industrial parks.

By 2025, Zhaoqing will build a special auto parts industrial park with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan, one 50 billion enterprise, two to three 10 billion enterprises, and more than 15 specialized and special new enterprises.

△ Photographed by Liang Xiaoming, reporter of Xijiang Daily

Zhaoqing develops new energy vehicle industry

It has foundation, conditions and potential.

Zhaoqing will firmly grasp

New energy vehicles, the future industrial development

Strategic commanding heights,

Run well on the new track.

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