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Sihui City was selected into the first batch of new urbanization pilots in Guangdong Province with counties as important carriers

Sihui City was selected into the first batch of new urbanization pilots in Guangdong Province with counties as important carriers

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-10 12:22 Guangdong, China

On May 9, 2024, the Rural Work Conference of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and the promotion meeting for the in-depth implementation of the "Hundred Counties, Thousand Towns and Ten Thousand Villages High-Quality Development Project" were held in Guangzhou. At the meeting, the first batch of new towns in Guangdong Province with counties as important carriers were announced. On the list of pilot projects, Sihui City was successfully included in the list.

Comprehensive strength

In 2023, Sihui City has a total area of 1,262.97 square kilometers, a permanent population of 653,500, a registered population of 499,200, an urbanization rate of 72.3% of the permanent population, and jurisdiction over 14 towns (streets) and 160 villages (communities). In 2023, the region's GDP will be 75.915 billion yuan, and per capita GDP will exceed 110,000 yuan.

Excellent transportation location

Sihui borders Foshan and Guangzhou to the east, Qingyuan to the north, and Southwest China to the west. It is the only way for the Greater Bay Area to radiate to the southwest, and it is also the forefront of Zhaoqing's acceptance of the economic radiation of the core area of the Pearl River Delta.

Beijiang and Xijiang River pass through it. There are three railways passing through and four expressways converging. The expressway has been connected to every town. It is only 50 minutes' drive to Guangzhou, less than 2 hours' drive to Shenzhen, 45 minutes' drive to Baiyun International Airport, and 45 minutes' drive to Baiyun International Airport under construction. The Pearl River Delta Hub Airport is a 20-minute drive away. Such a superior location is conducive to the convenient and efficient flow of people, logistics, capital flow, information flow, technology flow and other elements.

Industrial base grows

The "leading + characteristic" industry continues to grow. Sihui City’s Polymer Synthetic Materials Industry Cluster has been recognized as one of the first batch of small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial clusters in Guangdong Province. GCL Group, one of the world’s top 500 new energy companies, is located in Sihui in the Greater Bay Area. Currently, there are Jintian Copper, Fushi Electronics, Tongxin Yuxin Materials and other above-mentioned industrial enterprises, the "leading + characteristic" industry continues to grow and develop.

The industrial platform is becoming increasingly perfect. At present, the Fourth Meeting is focusing on promoting the construction of the main platform for the orderly transfer of industries in Zhaoqing City, and the construction of large-scale industrial agglomeration areas, Zhaoqing City-managed starting areas (Dasha and Fuxi areas) and Sihui City Fine Chemical Industrial Park is accelerating.

The jade industry is upgrading. The "e-commerce + jade" industry is booming, the production, supply and marketing chain is more complete, the supporting facilities of the jade cultural town are increasingly improved, and Sihui City's jade declaration for national intangible cultural heritage projects is progressing in an orderly manner.

Agricultural production remains stable. Specialty industries such as sugar orange and orchids have improved quality and efficiency. The sugar orange industrial park has successfully established the "Sihui sugar orange planting standardization demonstration zone in Guangdong Province". Qilezhirentang Haoqiao brand sugar orange series beverages won the 10th place The second Guangdong Modern Agriculture Expo won the gold medal for agricultural products, and the construction of the Orchid "12221" market system in the Fourth Session has achieved remarkable results.

Urbanization has great potential for development

Sihui City is the third batch of national comprehensive pilot areas for new urbanization. After four years of reform from 2017 to 2020 and urbanization construction in recent years, Sihui City has achieved remarkable results in the integration of industry and cities, with the three major industries advancing hand in hand and urban construction. With the improvement of quality and upgrading, urban public services such as compulsory education and basic medical and health care have basically covered the entire permanent population. The attractiveness of cities and towns to rural migrants has continued to increase, and a good foundation for urbanization development has been established.

How to exert force?

Being selected into the first batch of pilot projects in the province is the driving force for progress and the mission of development. The Fourth Conference will also strengthen the development of winning momentum and outperform the acceleration of typical counties.

Sihui City will accelerate the improvement of the quality and efficiency of industrial supporting facilities, enhance the function of the industrial platform, adhere to the park as the mother, build Zhaoqing City's main platform for the orderly transfer of industries, and build a "1+4+N" park pattern;

Zhaoqing City Management Starting Area (Dasha and Fuxi Areas), a large industrial cluster in Guangdong Province.

△ Zhaoqing City Management Starting Area (Dasha and Fuxi Areas), a large industrial cluster in Guangdong Province.

Sihui City will accelerate the upgrading of municipal public facilities, improve transportation infrastructure, deeply integrate into the "one-hour" traffic circle of the Greater Bay Area, accelerate the renovation of pipe networks and old communities, and promote the "cross-domain communication" of high-frequency government services that benefit enterprises and the people. manage";

Sihui City will accelerate the upgrading and expansion of public service facilities, accelerate the expansion and balanced distribution of high-quality medical and health resources in the county, significantly improve the quality of education and school running in the county, and optimize cultural and sports facilities;

Sihui City will accelerate the upgrading and expansion of environmental infrastructure, create a blue-green ecological space, continue to polish the ecological business card of Suijiang Bidao in Sihui, and promote the integrated development of wind, solar and storage;

Sihui City will accelerate the improvement of the county's ability to radiate and drive rural areas, promote the extension of county infrastructure to the countryside, promote the coverage of county public services to the countryside, build large and strong central towns, and vigorously develop the commerce and trade of the three central towns of Dasha, Jianggu and Didou. economy;

Sihui City will accelerate the reform of the urbanization system and mechanism, improve the urbanization mechanism of the agricultural transfer population, establish and improve the urban-rural integrated development system and mechanism, and coordinate and promote the integration of urban and rural planning and construction, infrastructure, factor allocation, ecological environmental protection, and basic public services.

Aerial photography of Sihui City.

 △Aerial photography of Sihui City.

Sihui City proposed that by 2028, the urbanization construction with the county as an important carrier will achieve remarkable results, the county's shortcomings will be strengthened, the allocation of public resources will match the size of the permanent population, the characteristic and advantageous industries will develop and expand, and the municipal facilities will be basically complete , public services have been comprehensively improved, the living environment has been effectively improved, the comprehensive carrying capacity has been significantly enhanced, the quality of life of county residents has been significantly improved, the development gap with neighboring large and medium-sized cities has been significantly narrowed, the urban development system has been basically improved, and the county's role in supporting urban-rural integrated development has been effectively demonstrated .

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