Friday, January 27, 2023

Good start! Zhaoqing has collected nearly 4 billion yuan a month!

Good start! Zhaoqing has collected nearly 4 billion yuan a month!

Issued by Zhaoqing at 15:45 on January 27, 2023 and published in Guangdong

Nearly 4 billion yuan in January!Zhaoqing High-tech Zone started its new year

Handed in a copy

Remarkable "transcript" of industrial development!

Five high-quality projects were officially signed

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone collected nearly 4 billion yuan in January

January 26, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year,

Zhaoqing Ming Lida Technology Co., Ltd

After the Spring Festival, the project was officially restarted,

The workshop is in full swing,

Officially ushered in the new year

The bugle of large-scale production and development,

It fully demonstrates the new year again

The "acceleration" of industrial development in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone.

Zhaoqing Minglida is invested and constructed by a listed company, a "specialized and special new" small giant, and a national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen Minglida Precision Technology Co., Ltd., which is a supporting enterprise of Xiaopeng Automobile and Ningde Times. It will settle in the high-tech zone by the end of 2021 by renting factory buildings.

Over the past year, with the support of excellent supporting facilities and high-quality services in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, the company's capacity has increased rapidly.

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone always insists on taking projects as the king,

Dedicated service enterprises improve quality and efficiency, become bigger and stronger,

Strive to boost enterprise confidence, accelerate industrial development,

Finally, Shenzhen Minglida Company

Further development in Zhaoqing Hi-tech Zone

Deepen the layout, expand investment,

And last June,

More than 20000 square meters of newly rented plant will expand production.

With the new energy of Zhaoqing Hi-tech Zone

The construction of intelligent automobile industrial city has been promoted,

In January this year, Zhaoqing Minglida took the lead again,

An investment agreement on land acquisition and production expansion was formally signed,

Build smart cars and new energy vehicles

And key parts research and development center,

It is the new energy automobile industry

Major projects of strong chain and complementary chain.

It is reported that,

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone insists on taking the real economy as the foundation,

We should constantly strengthen the sense of ownership in the manufacturing industry,

Insist on attracting investment

As the eternal theme of economic work,

Anchor the new energy automobile industry,

Take the initiative to seize opportunities and take positive actions,

In the 2023 "Phoenix Attraction Action"

Achieved a "good start",

Five high-quality projects were officially signed,

The total planned investment is nearly 4 billion yuan.

In addition to the Zhaoqing Minglida project, it also includes the China-Australia (South China) smart food production project with a planned investment of 2 billion yuan, the Zhongding new energy vehicle key parts project with a planned investment of 330 million yuan, and the Volta new material project jointly developed by five academicians.

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Transfer of 7 industrial lands

Zhaoqing Hi-tech Zone accelerates the transformation of investment attraction achievements

The start is a sprint, and the start is a decisive battle.

Since January,

Zhaoqing Hi-tech Zone continues

Accelerate the implementation of industrial projects,

Promote the transformation of investment promotion achievements.

On January 17, the district successfully transferred 7 industrial lands, with a total transaction amount of 119.62 million yuan, enabling the rapid landing and delisting of newly introduced manufacturing projects.

These projects are planned to invest nearly 1.8 billion yuan and will start construction in the first quarter, fully demonstrating confidence in the industrial development of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone.

In addition, since January,

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone has added 6 new projects

5 completed projects, 6 projects put into operation,

The total planned investment of the projects involved is about 2 billion yuan.

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Spring is the best plan for a year.

As the main position of Zhaoqing's industrial development,

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone is landing with industrial investment

"Acceleration" presents a gift to the New Year,

For Zhaoqing in the new journey of modernization

Start a good start and lay a solid foundation!

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