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World famous jade processing center and distribution center - Sihui City, China--The Big Orange

World famous jade processing center and distribution center - Sihui City, China

Welcome to Sihui! The Big Orange is the alias of Sihui. In the central urban area of Sihui city, an orange-shaped gymnasium - Xian Dongmei Gymnasium was built. 

Xian Dongmei was the women's judo champion at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.

Sihui Xian Dongmei Gymnasium--The Big Orange

Sihui City has three highlights.

1. Jade, jewelry:

At present, Sihui is the largest jade processing, wholesale and distribution center in Asia. 90% of China's jade products are processed and produced in Sihui City. Sihui jade has a wide range of styles and exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece is an exquisite work of art with great collection and viewing value. The position of Sihui City in China is as irreplaceable as that of Florence in Europe. The jade art of Sihui is famous in China, just as the art of Florence is famous in Europe. Sihui is the most famous capital of jade art in China. Every year, it attracts people from all over China and Asia to visit Sihui and buy jade. The Sihui jade, which is highly oriental philosophy, is the best carrier for westerners to understand oriental Chinese culture. Sihui is leading the renaissance of China.

In the future, Sihui will expand and strengthen the jade industry. To expand to the jewelry industry such as gold and diamonds, Sihui will build itself into a world-famous jewelry processing, wholesale and distribution center. In the field of jewelry, Sihui will shine brilliantly in China and the world.

Marco Polo's Travels did not tell the Europeans about Sihui city, I will introduce Sihui to Europeans. Welcome people from all over the world to visit Sihui City and enjoy the charm of oriental culture.

Florence shines on Europe and moves towards civilization. Sihui will shine on China and move towards prosperity.

If Leonardo da Vinci grew up in China, he would certainly develop his oil painting career to the peak in Sihui City. Leonardo da Vinci can draw not only Jesus, but also Sakyamuni and Laozi. If Da Vinci grew up in Sihui City, he would become good friends with Huineng, the sixth ancestor. Da Vinci's oil paintings must have many oriental elements.

If Van Gogh grew up in China, he would certainly find his happiness in Sihui City, and he would not die so early. Van Gogh must be able to develop his art to a new level in Sihui city. Van Gogh will not only draw the famous oil painting "Star Sky", but also draw the "Sihui Orange" . Chinese traditional art of lion dance will make Van Gogh feel happy in life.

Artists from all over the world are very welcome to look for creative inspiration in Sihui.

2. Sihui Sugar Orange:

Sihui sugar orange is a famous fruit in China. During the Lunar New Year, hundreds of millions of Chinese people feel honored and happy to eat Sihui sugar orange . It can be said that Sihui sugar orange has become a taste memory of Chinese people. The Chinese Lunar New Year is incomplete without Sihui sugar oranges. Like no Christmas tree, the Christmas of Westerners is incomplete. This is the importance of Sihui sugar orange to Chinese people. When the family gets together, we eat sugar oranges and chat about interesting things in life. Chinese people will feel happy and warm. where there will be Sihui sugar oranges, where there will be the warmth of home.

Sihui sugar orange, such delicious fruit, I suggest people all over the world to taste it. Feel the warmth of Chinese families.

3. Industrial construction of Sihui city:

Sihui is a new industrial city in China, with five major industrial clusters:

Dawang District: Xiaopeng Electric Vehicle, Ningde Times, is a famous representative enterprise.

Dasha Town: Jintian Copper, auto parts manufacturing, nonferrous metal industry,

Jianggu Town: Seiko Ink

Xiamao Town: cosmetics, chemical products, resource recycling industry

Longfu Town: electronic information industry, electronic components industry, ceramic building materials,

The industry of Sihui City has just started to develop. Businessmen from all over the world are welcome to set up companies in Sihui City and grow.

Welcome to Sihui City, Guangdong Province for inspection

Welcome to find investment industry

Welcome to run a business in Sihui City

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