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The 110 kV Minle power transmission and transformation project was put into operation, "charging" the high-quality development of Dinghu

The 110 kV Minle power transmission and transformation project was put into operation, "charging" the high-quality development of Dinghu

Dinghu released 2023-10-27 21:56 Published in Guangdong


October 26,

One of the top ten livelihood projects in Dinghu District

110 kV Minle Power Transmission and Transformation Project

It was successfully put into operation in Dinghu District.

As Zhaoqing's second 110 kV and above substation to be put into operation in 2023, it will mainly supply power to the western part of Dinghu District, ensuring the growth of local loads and effectively meeting the needs for diversified development and distribution of power supply. The development of the new district has added new impetus.


“There are insufficient 110 kV stations in the western part of Dinghu District. After the completion of the 110 kV Minle Station, the new power supply load will reach 40.38 megawatts, which will solve the power supply pressure of the 110 kV Dinghu substation. The 10 kV lines will directly connect the surrounding newly built real estate and Wanda Plaza projects, Midea and other real estate projects, Zhaoqing New Children's Park and other large industrial and commercial users provide power, shortening the power supply radius and saving customers tens of millions of yuan in investment; at the same time, Minle Station can connect with the original 110 kV through new 10 kV lines The load division of the 10 kV power supply line at Dinghu Station frees up some of the outgoing line intervals at Dinghu Station, which originally had no 10 kV outgoing line intervals, to ensure the power supply requirements of Dinghu Station users in the future." Deng Yongfeng, manager of the Engineering Construction Department of Zhaoqing Dinghu Power Supply Bureau said.

Jin Yongchun, general manager of Hengtai Yuejing Mansion, said: "Dinghu Power Supply Bureau has accelerated the construction and commissioning of the 110 kV Minle Station, which has helped us reduce our external investment by about five to six million. It is really great."


The above 2 pictures were taken by Deng Yongfeng

The 110 kV folk music station is in Dinghu District,

Also this year in Zhaoqing City

It was put into operation after the 110 kV Xingang Station.

The second 110 kV and above substation.

After the substation is completed, Dinghu Power Supply Bureau will continue to speed up the implementation of key projects and investment in emerging industries, and strive to put into operation another 110 kV Yongan 2 substation by the end of the year, achieving the goal of "putting three 110 kV substations a year." , realize the preparations for "rebuilding a Dinghu power grid" in advance, improve the power supply reliability, emergency level and capabilities of the power grid, promote local social and economic development, and comprehensively guarantee the power needs of industries and people's livelihood in Dinghu District, providing services for the two districts High-quality development provides solid power grid protection.


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110 kV Minle 送変電プロジェクトが稼働し、鼎湖の質の高い発展を「充電」

鼎湖公開 2023-10-27 21:56 広東省で公開




110 kV ミンレ送変電プロジェクト


2023年に稼働予定の肇慶市で2番目の110 kV以上の変電所として、主に鼎湖区西部に電力を供給し、地元の負荷の増加を確実にし、多様化する開発と電力供給の分配のニーズに効果的に応えることになる。新しい地区の開発により、新たな推進力が加わりました。


「定湖区西部には 110 kV の変電所が不足しています。110 kV 民楽変電所の完成後、新たな電力供給負荷は 40.38 メガワットに達し、110 kV 定湖変電所の電力供給圧力は解決されます。 10 kV 送電線は、周囲の新築不動産と万達広場プロジェクト、美的およびその他の不動産プロジェクト、肇慶市新児童公園およびその他の大規模な産業用および商業用ユーザーに直接電力を供給し、電力供給半径を短縮し、顧客の数千万ドルを節約します。元の投資と同時に、民楽駅は新しい10 kV線を通じて元の110 kVに接続できる 鼎湖駅の10 kV送電線の負荷分割により、当初設置されていた鼎湖駅の出線間隔の一部が解放される将来の鼎湖駅利用者の電力供給要件を確保するため、10kVの出線間隔は設けられていなかった」と肇慶市鼎湖電力供給局土木建設部の鄧永峰部長は述べた。

Hengtai Yuejing Mansion の総支配人、Jin Yongchun 氏は、「鼎湖電力供給局は 110 kV 民楽発電所の建設と試運転を加速し、そのおかげで外線投資を約 500 万から 600 万削減することができました。これは本当に素晴らしいことです」と述べました。 。」


上の2枚の写真はDeng Yongfengが撮影したものです

110 kV の民俗音楽局は鼎湖区にあります。


110 kV 新港駅の後に運転を開始した。

2 番目の 110 kV 以上の変電所。

変電所の完成後、定湖電力供給局は引き続き主要プロジェクトの実施と新興産業への投資を加速し、年末までにさらに110kV永安第2変電所を稼働させ、「」という目標を達成するよう努める。 110 kV 変電所を年間 3 基設置する」、「鼎湖送電網の再構築」の準備を事前に実現し、電力供給の信頼性、緊急レベルと送電網の能力を向上させ、地域の社会経済発展を促進し、電力網の安定性を包括的に保証する。鼎湖区の産業と人々の生活に必要な電力を供給し、2 つの地区にサービスを提供します。 高品質の開発により、強固な電力網の保護が提供されます。

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