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Full process service! The progress bar of manufacturing project construction in Zhaoqing has been refreshed again


Full process service! The progress bar of manufacturing project construction in Zhaoqing has been refreshed again

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-10-08 20:45 Published in Guangdong


Since the beginning of this year,

Jinli High tech Zone attaches great importance to the implementation and construction of projects,

Keep a close eye on 'not supplied land, not started, not completed'

Three types of projects,

Promote projects through full process services, quickly implement

Quickly put into production and generate benefits,

Boost the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in the entire region.

Taking the recently capped China System Door and Window Yidun Headquarters Base Project Phase I as an example, this project is located in the Jinliqing Commercial Bay Area Door and Window Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base in Zhaoqing. The total planned construction area is 160000 square meters, and it is expected to produce 2 million square meters of intelligent aluminum alloy doors and windows and 200000 square meters of sunshine rooms annually after reaching the standard and production capacity.


Eaton Doors and Windows Project Phase I. Photographed by Correspondent Deng Darong

According to the introduction,

The construction of Yidun Doors and Windows officially began on December 10th last year,

After 10 months of construction,

At present, the main structure of Phase I has been completely capped,

It is expected that the supporting facilities will be completed by the end of November this year,

Formally put into production.


The person in charge of the project stated that

The full process service team of Jinli High tech Zone provided thoughtful services, coordinated and solved the difficulties in the construction process such as obtaining construction permits and unblocking construction roads, and solved the worries of the enterprise.



Tuyuan Jinli High tech Release

At present, Jinli High tech Zone has selected excellent personnel and strong generals, with a team of experts and dedicated personnel to provide services. A full process service team has been established, targeting 50 projects of three major types: signed but not supplied land, supplied land not started, and started but not completed. From land bidding, administrative approval, three supplies and one leveling, to construction, supporting facilities, completion and production, industrial chain docking, and recruitment and financing, specialists have been dispatched to follow up and provide one-on-one services, Protect the "lifeline" of project construction throughout the entire process, and promote the rapid development and construction of projects.



Jinli High tech Zone. Image Source Gao Yao Publishing


Li Mingye, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jinli High tech Zone, stated

We use the wall chart combat method to complete each cancellation and push forward the progress of 50 projects according to the timeline. Currently, the progress of each project is smooth, and it is expected that all 50 projects can be completed by the end of this year

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