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The signed investment amount exceeds 10 billion! Many foreign companies hope to cooperate with Zhaoqing!

The signed investment amount exceeds 10 billion! Many foreign companies hope to cooperate with Zhaoqing!

Zhaoqing Xijiang Net 2023-10-20 00:49 Published in Guangdong


     Xijiang Daily reporters Zhang Yuanhui Wu Yinglin Liu Haohui

October 19,

“2023 Zhaoqing Global Investment Conference

——Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Special Event was held,

Foreign consular officials in Guangzhou,

Representatives of well-known foreign-invested foreign trade enterprises,

Representatives of major domestic and foreign business associations, etc.

More than 800 guests and merchants attended the conference.

With the theme of "Perceive Zhaoqing and Promote Development Together", this investment conference will further strengthen the external publicity and promotion of Zhaoqing's investment environment, introduce and recommend Zhaoqing's resource endowments, and jointly create development opportunities and share development by building an exchange and docking platform for domestic and international high-quality resources. Results.

event site,

The organizers focus on location advantages, industrial development,

Conduct comprehensive promotion of Zhaoqing in terms of business environment and other aspects,

and sent invitations to merchants from all over the world,

Welcome to Zhaoqing

Visiting and sightseeing, investing in business and seeking common development.


Signed 15 industrial projects

The total investment amount exceeds 10 billion yuan

The contracted projects include “industry-investment integration”

New energy investment development and production projects,

Xianyang new energy storage equipment production base project,

Foshan Nanfang Xinlian Logistics Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Advanced equipment manufacturing projects, etc.

pictures pictures pictures


After the implementation of this contracted project,

will further strengthen exchanges between Zhaoqing and the outside world,

Enhance export-oriented cooperation and jointly create a future of development.

This is a two-way journey for enterprises to pursue development.

Zhaoqing is also actively seeking partners,

A typical representative of working together.


The above two pictures were taken by Xijiang Daily reporter Liu Chunlin

Released by industry experts

This investment conference introduced to the guests

Zhaoqing’s current development status and high-quality investment environment,

It deepened everyone’s understanding of Zhaoqing.

Further promote exchanges and cooperation between Zhaoqing and other places.


△Photographed by Liao Wenyi

In addition, the conference also released

The investment promotion situation of the second batch of industrial land "cooked land",

Implementing industrial investment projects

Provides solid land security.

(Click on the image to view)


In recent years, the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have firmly established the concept of “all for merchants, for all merchants, and for everything for merchants”, further opening the door to friendship and cooperation, providing more high-quality, efficient, convenient and pragmatic services, and creating a more civilized , integrity, harmony, and an environment governed by the rule of law, and strive to achieve "the best conditions, best policies, and best services" to make Zhaoqing a "fertile ground for investors, a blessed land for entrepreneurs, and a paradise for entrepreneurs."


Zhaoqing City will make every effort to

Provide various services for contracted projects,

Promote early implementation of contracted projects,

Start construction early, put into production early, and achieve results early.

pictures pictures pictures

At the meeting, business representatives expressed that Zhaoqing has obvious geographical advantages, vast land space, profound history and culture, rich raw material resources, distinctive industrial characteristics, and numerous development opportunities. In particular, Zhaoqing has a relatively complete policy system and a complete industrial chain, which makes Zhaoqing The vast number of foreign-invested and foreign trade companies are more determined and confident to deploy and invest in Zhaoqing. Next, they will further strengthen exchanges and docking with Zhaoqing, explore and plan more cooperation projects, and strive to promote mutual benefit and win-win results for both parties.


Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Zhu Mengdan

This investment conference is not only Zhaoqing

A window to promote investment,

It also builds a bridge for win-win cooperation for enterprises.

To actively promote Zhaoqing’s development advantages

and investment environment,

Promote Zhaoqing to achieve a higher level of opening up to the outside world

Create platform conditions.

Listen to what the merchants say


Ruan Shanshan, General Manager of Plainvim International Zhaoqing New District Modern Industrial Park

Attracted by Zhaoqing’s forward-looking planning and services


Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liang Xiaoming

“Plainvim often carefully conducts research and site selection based on the industrial layout needs of the world’s top 500 companies and foreign-funded enterprises. Only when our customers succeed can we succeed.” Ruan Shanshan, general manager of Plainvim International Zhaoqing New District Modern Industrial Park, said that Plainvim International has experienced After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, it has invested in, built and operated 16 international industrial parks in the Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta region, and more than 80% of its customers belong to foreign-invested manufacturing industries. Therefore, when selecting the site for the industrial park, they attached great importance to factors such as strategic location, geographical transportation, planning and construction, a complete industrial chain, local government policy support and service levels, and Zhaoqing left them with a lot of problems during this process. A deep impression.

"Zhaoqing is a good place, with good mountains and rivers and good people. When I first came to Zhaoqing to choose a site, I was attracted by the forward-looking planning and construction of Zhaoqing New District!" Ruan Shanshan said that in the four years since Plainvim settled in Zhaoqing and developed, Whether it is in terms of business establishment, policy support, or employee recruitment, the local government has given great support, allowing it to successfully go into production and grow rapidly even after three years of epidemic. She therefore He also expressed great appreciation for Zhaoqing's business environment and government services. “Zhaoqing service will arrive as soon as you call!”

Ruan Shanshan said that currently, the 100,000-square-meter factory building in the first phase of Plainvim Zhaoqing Project is nearly full, and the production of enterprises in the park is booming. The second phase of the park has also completed the construction of 90,000 square meters, and is also in the process of attracting investment, and is currently in negotiations. Many of the companies are among the world's top 100 or top 500 companies. She also believes that many high-quality foreign-funded companies will slowly move into the second phase of the park in the future.

China Energy Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

Regional Deputy General Manager Tao Wen

Like Zhaoqing service Zhaoqing speed


Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liang Xiaoming

The photovoltaic module intelligent manufacturing base project to be settled in Zhaoqing New District is one of the 15 signed projects this time. After completion, it will achieve the cooperation goal of localized manufacturing of photovoltaic modules in Zhaoqing and surrounding areas and fill the gap in the photovoltaic module manufacturing industry in South China. Tao Wen said that from the inspection to the signing of the contract, the Zhaoqing Municipal Government took less than a week to complete the project and praised the speed of Zhaoqing’s service.

Zhaoqing City has beautiful urban scenery, high-quality government services, and high public awareness of photovoltaics, which has greatly assisted its company in deploying the photovoltaic module manufacturing industry. "Through this meeting, I learned that Zhaoqing has vigorously developed rooftop photovoltaics and fishery-solar complementation in recent years, and the photovoltaic industry has broad prospects for development. I am very happy to invest in Zhaoqing and have full confidence in the project settling in Zhaoqing." Tao Wen said, in addition to building photovoltaics in Zhaoqing The component intelligent manufacturing base will also invest in photovoltaic power projects to bring more green power to Zhaoqing and achieve a win-win situation with Zhaoqing.

Chief Representative of South China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council Huang Tianwei

Establishing a service station for Hong Kong businessmen in Zhao to promote win-win results in the Bay Area


Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liang Xiaoming

  "Zhaoqing's beautiful scenery has always been the city's distinctive business card and the main impression of Hong Kong people. But after attending the conference this time, I found that Zhaoqing has obvious transportation advantages and significant industrial agglomeration, making it a good place for investment and business development. ." Huang Tianwei said that Zhaoqing has unique advantages in history and culture, location and transportation, land elements, ecological environment, industrial foundation, business environment, etc., and has huge development potential.

In recent years, many Hong Kong businessmen have invested and deployed industries in Zhaoqing, injecting a lot of impetus into Zhaoqing's economic development. The continued good cooperation between the two places has attracted many Hong Kong businessmen from the service, manufacturing and financial industries to visit Zhaoqing. Huang Tianwei said that everyone is looking forward to this event and hopes to find a suitable project in Zhaoqing and "connect" with Zhaoqing.

Huang Tianwei said that the next step is to establish a service station for Hong Kong businessmen in Zhaoqing to promote Zhaoqing to more Hong Kong businessmen, create more cooperation opportunities for the two places, and promote a win-win situation for the two Bay Area cities.

QEV Technologies Chief Financial Officer Fabian Wong

Seeking cooperation with Zhaoqing’s new energy automobile industry


Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liang Xiaoming

Merchant Fabian Wong said that QEV Technologies was recently listed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specializing in auto parts. At the same time, the company also acquired a large automobile factory in Spain. He is very optimistic about China's domestic automobile industry and is ready to conduct in-depth cooperation with the domestic automobile industry. , especially in new energy vehicles, we plan to expand in South China and North China to further expand and strengthen the company.

Fabian Wong also said that he had previously contacted the relevant person in charge of the Zhaoqing investment promotion team and learned that Zhaoqing is the main city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has obvious location advantages and belongs to the one-hour traffic circle of the Greater Bay Area. At the same time, Zhaoqing also has good new energy automobile industry resources. For example, Xiaopeng Motors and CATL are its leading chain companies and have a relatively complete industrial chain. This time he was invited to participate in the 2023 Zhaoqing Global Investment Conference - a special event for foreign investment and foreign trade. He specially brought a team of industrial design companies to conduct a more in-depth inspection of Zhaoqing's business environment and seek deeper cooperation with Zhaoqing.

IMS Gear customer Roman Fedorov

Hope to have further cooperation and exchanges with Zhaoqing


Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liang Xiaoming

"IMS Gear is a German company that belongs to the auto parts industry. It specializes in making brake systems and is one of the world's leading gear manufacturers. The agglomeration effect of the automobile industry in Zhaoqing City is obvious. As an automobile manufacturer, it is important to invest in Zhaoqing. Xingye is very interested." Roman Fedorov, a customer from IMS Gear, said that after attending the conference, he learned that Zhaoqing's key industrial development areas coincided with his company's, and Zhaoqing entered their company's waiting list for choosing a location to open a factory in South China. middle.

Zhaoqing City has a superior geographical location, adjacent to Guangfo and southwest China. The urban environment, cultural atmosphere, and business environment are also very superior. It is a livable and workable city, giving foreign companies more confidence in investing in Zhaoqing.

Roman Fedorov revealed that Xpeng Motors, located in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, is a new force in domestic new energy vehicle manufacturing. It will also strengthen communication and exchanges with the company this time, hoping to "connect" with Zhaoqing and have further cooperation.

face to the future,

Zhaoqing will continue to focus on “Zhaoqing’s best features”.

Accelerate the promotion of high-quality development,

In a new round of opening up to the outside world

Shape the competitiveness of an open economy.

At the same time, more businessmen are welcome to invest in Zhaoqing.

Grow together and achieve a win-win situation!


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    西江日报记者 张苑卉 吴映霖 刘浩辉
































以上两图 西江日报记者 刘春林摄







△廖文奕 摄
















西江日报记者 朱梦丹摄










平谦国际肇庆新区现代产业园总经理 阮珊珊



西江日报记者 梁小明摄





区域副总经理 陶文



西江日报记者 梁小明摄



香港贸易发展局华南首席代表 黄天伟



西江日报记者 梁小明摄




QEV Technologies 首席财务官 Fabian Wong



西江日报记者 梁小明摄

客商Fabian Wong表示,QEV Technologies公司不久前在荷兰阿姆斯特丹上市,专营汽车零部件,同时该公司在西班牙还收购了一家大型汽车工厂,他很看好中国国内的汽车行业,准备与国内汽车产业进行深度合作,特别是新能源汽车方面展开合作,计划在中国华南、华北布局,进一步做大做强公司。

Fabian Wong还表示,此前已经跟肇庆招商小组相关负责人有过接触,了解到肇庆是粤港澳大湾区的主体城市,区位优势明显,属于大湾区一小时交通圈。同时肇庆也有很好的新能源汽车产业资源,比如小鹏汽车、宁德时代等都是其龙头链主企业,有较完整产业链。这次受邀参加2023肇庆全球招商大会—外资外贸专场活动,他专门带来了工业的设计公司团队,能更深入考察肇庆的营商环境,谋求与肇庆有更深度合作。

IMS Gear 客商Roman Fedorov



西江日报记者 梁小明摄

“IMS Gear是德国企业,属于汽车零部件行业,专营做刹车系统的公司,是全球领先的齿轮制造商之一。肇庆市的汽车产业集聚效果明显,作为一名汽车制造商,对在肇庆投资兴业十分有兴趣。”来自IMS Gear的客商Roman Fedorov表示,参加大会后,了解到肇庆的产业重点发展领域与其公司不谋而合,肇庆进入了他们公司在华南地区选地开厂的待选名单中。


Roman Fedorov透露,位于肇庆高新区的小鹏汽车是国内新能源汽车造车新势力,此次也将与该企业加强沟通交流,希望借此能与肇庆“结缘”,有进一步的合作。








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