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Follow! The progress of these transportation projects in Zhaoqing is related to your travel


Follow! The progress of these transportation projects in Zhaoqing is related to your travel

Published by Zhaoqing on October 10, 2023 12:51 in Guangdong


Recently, a batch of transportation projects in Zhaoqing

Repeatedly 'swipe' the progress bar,

The construction unit strives for the construction period and ensures the progress,

Fully enter the critical period of sprinting annual target tasks.

What are the new developments in these projects?

Let's learn more together~



Guangzhan Railway Airport Section

From China Railway Seventh Bureau Group

The project department of Guangzhan Railway Section 12 has learned that,

Recently, the Guangzhou Zhanjiang Railway Airport Section

Signifies the 12th section of Guangzhan Railway

The "smart precast beam yard" has entered the production stage,

Opening the airport section

The prelude to the construction of the bridge superstructure.


It is understood that the Zhaoqing Beam Making Plant is located in Tongyougang Village, Huilong Town, Gaoyao. It undertakes the prefabrication and installation of 371 box beams for the Guangzhan Railway Airport Section, with 8 beam making pedestals and an average production capacity of 36 beams per month.

The pouring of this time

The first box girder is the fourth beam of the Zhuyongshan Bridge,

The box girder has a span of 31.5 meters and a height of 2.8 meters,

The total weight is approximately 760 tons.

The project department of China Railway Seventh Bureau Group is strengthening

Effective control of construction processes,

Adequate preparations have been made for the smooth pouring of the first box girder.


△ The above image was taken by Deng Darong


Jinli Avenue Project

Jinli Avenue connects Jinli

The areas around Baitu, Xiangang, and Jindu,

It is a key project in Gaoyao District,

Starting from September 21st,

Jinli Avenue began paving the asphalt lower layer test section.

At the project site, it can be seen that,

The roller shuttles back and forth, pulling asphalt

Engineering vehicles are constantly relaying,


Construction site


It is understood that the Jinli Avenue project has a total length of 25.6 kilometers and includes 13 bridges (including 2 off line bridges). Currently, 11 bridge beams and slabs have been erected; 788 prefabricated beams have been poured; The roadbed project has completed about 98% of excavation and 99% of filling; The pavement engineering has completed about 80% of the cushion layer and 75% of the base layer.


The completion of the project will be further optimized

The interconnection between Gaoyao Jinli High tech Zone and Zhaoqing urban area,

Relieve the traffic pressure on the Guangkun Expressway,

And to improve the investment and business environment in Gaoyao District

And sightseeing tourism both have

Great economic and social benefits.

Project leader Ye Jianli

At present, about 90% of the roadbed, bridge and culvert, and structural aspects of Jinli Avenue have been completed and have entered the final stage. We have entered the large-scale construction of asphalt structural layers, and the related traffic safety, mechanical and electrical facilities, and asphalt paving are being carried out simultaneously. We plan to complete all asphalt paving work and meet the opening conditions before the year.

△ The above image was taken by Deng Darong


Zhaoming Expressway Project

To ensure the Zhaoming Expressway

The engineering bid 2 project will be completed and put into operation as soon as possible,

During the holiday period, construction units seize the critical period of construction,

Strive against time to advance the project progress.


Recently, at the project construction site,

Large construction machinery took turns to take action,

The scene presented a bustling and bustling scene.


It is understood that the Zhaoming Expressway Project Section 2 project

The construction plan is for the Liuwu Interchange to Yongtai Village Bridge

And the Binheng South Connection Line Project,

Construction officially began on June 1, 2022.

At present, the project has completed 633 pile foundations, accounting for 85% of the project progress, 50% of the bridge substructure, 4 million cubic meters of roadbed excavation and filling, and 80% of the roadbed construction quantity.


After the project is completed,

It will be beneficial for Guangning to undertake the core area of the Greater Bay Area

Extension of the industrial chain and industrial spillover effects,

To promote the economic and social development of Guangning

High quality development is of great significance.

China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group Zhaoming Expressway Project Section 2 Project Department

Deputy Production Manager Li Jianxin

As of now, the project has completed 50% of the total progress and achieved a production value of 600 million yuan. The next stage plans to shift from roadbed construction to roadbed structure construction, and from the lower structure of the bridge deck to the upper structure of the bridge deck. It is planned to complete 80% of the total project progress by the end of the year and is expected to open to traffic on December 30th next year.


△ The above images are released by Guangning


All the way, all industries prosper.

Relying on the acceleration of important transportation projects,

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

We are strengthening the interconnectivity between cities.

Facing the future, Zhaoqing will continue to steadily

Promote the construction of transportation projects,

Effectively improving people's livelihood and well-being,

Promote the transportation network towards higher quality, efficiency

Strive for higher quality!

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