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First choice for settling down! Ten thousand acres of industrial park to support the "acceleration" of high-demand industries



First choice for settling down! Ten thousand acres of industrial park to support the "acceleration" of high-demand industries →

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-10-09 20:44 Published in Guangdong


The preferred location for enterprises to increase capital and expand production,

An innovative city for the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry,

In Zhaoqing Jinli High tech Zone,

To fully leverage the engine role of the park,

Effectively grasp the entire process of service,

Promote the faster implementation of "three types of projects",

Promote high-quality development.

From January to August this year,

Zhaoqing Jinli High tech Zone's total industrial output value

The growth rate of multiple indicators such as industrial investment ranks among the top in the entire region.


▲ Photographed by Deng Darong

Jinli's local enterprise Guangdong Tuoxun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engages in the business of fireproof door closers, silent hydraulic hinges, hardware products, automotive parts, and other businesses. It has multiple independent brands such as Lixuan Te, Hualide, and Xunlong.


▲ Taken by Lai Yingna

With the expansion of the company's production capacity, the old factory area located in the Jintao Industrial Park is no longer able to meet production needs. While seeking to increase capital and expand production, the construction and development of the Zhaoqing (Gaoyao) Automotive Parts Industrial Park has quickly entered the company's vision. By leveraging the aggregation effect of the industrial park, we can better develop our capital increase and production expansion projects. Currently, the construction of Factory 1, Factory 2, and employee dormitories has been completed, and the project has entered the trial production stage. The sales revenue has reached 17 million yuan, and it is expected that the output value will double after the official production, "said Liang Wenrui, the general manager of the company.


As one of the six professional automotive parts parks in the province, Zhaoqing (Gaoyao) Automotive Parts Industrial Park has a total planned area of 12000 acres, attracting leading enterprises such as Jiali Automobile Lights and Hongtu Technology, as well as more than 30 industrial chain supporting enterprises to settle in. Its annual output value exceeds 2 billion yuan, and its annual tax revenue has exceeded 50 million yuan. It has become a strong magnetic field for Gaoyao to attract foreign investment, a preferred place for high-quality enterprises in the region to increase capital and expand production, and a good place for Jinli's industrial upgrading and upgrading A cluster area for the automotive parts industry.


Guangdong Zhaoqing (Gaoyao) Automotive Parts Industrial Park. Photographed by Chen Yancheng

We have made every effort to improve the infrastructure construction in the park, connecting Industrial Avenue, Jinli Avenue, and the East Extension Line, and unblocking the main roads for enterprise production. At the same time, we have made every effort to build Jinli Second Sewage Treatment Plant, continuously improving the medical education and living facilities construction in the park, so that enterprise talents can be introduced and retained, and helping enterprises to develop with peace of mind. "said Li Mingye, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jinli High tech Zone.

In recent years, Jinli High tech Zone has successively built professional parks and industrial platforms such as Auto Parts Industrial Park, Fine Chemical Park, and Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town, forming four advantageous industries: automotive parts, metal processing, fine chemicals, and new building materials. Among them, the small hardware industry chain has matured, and industrial clusters mainly focused on automotive parts are rising.


Products of Guangdong Tuoxun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Photographed by Lai Yingna

With its advantageous location, favorable policies for industrial infrastructure, supporting facilities, and promotion and application, Jinli High tech Zone has become the preferred destination for many high-quality enterprises to increase capital and expand production. Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Jindu Town, is ambitiously planning to promote the construction of the Jinli Phase II project; The Jinsheng New Energy Project located in Xinqiao Town has set its sights on settling in the Fine Chemical Industrial Park of Jinli High tech Zone in Zhaoqing; Tianyue Automotive Parts Manufacturing Company plans to invest approximately 1 billion yuan in a construction project located in the hardware expansion area of Jinli Town

With the continuous growth and improvement of pillar industries, the planning of industrial parks is also constantly being updated. Next, Jinli High tech Zone will continue to build Jinli into a high-level new industrialization development demonstration zone, a provincial-level urban-rural integration development demonstration town, and a hundred billion level advanced manufacturing industry cluster based on the "three arrows" approach of industrial transformation and upgrading, urban renewal and improvement, and institutional mechanism reform, promoting high-quality development through the improvement of park quality and efficiency.

Li Mingye, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jinli High tech Zone:

Focusing on expanding and strengthening the four characteristic industries of automotive parts, metal manufacturing, fine chemicals, and new building materials, we will next make every effort to build the four major parks of automotive parts, hardware, chemicals, and building materials from both software and hardware aspects. On the one hand, we will focus on infrastructure construction and living facilities; on the other hand, we will fully leverage the role of investment promotion and landing services, providing full process and comprehensive services to enterprises that introduce gold benefits, from land bidding and bidding We will send dedicated personnel to follow up on the handling of construction permits and any problems encountered during the construction process, to serve the early implementation of enterprise projects

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