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Accelerate the implementation of industrial projects! The large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) will continue to work during the "Double Festival"

 Accelerate the implementation of industrial projects! The large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) will continue to work during the "Double Festival"

Investing in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2023-10-07 20:51


This National Day holiday,

The large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) is still busy:

Multiple tower cranes "waving their giant arms",

Construction vehicles keep shuttling,

The machinery and equipment are running continuously,

Workers on various projects are working hard.

Currently, Zhaoqing agglomeration area is deeply implementing the “nesting” operation.

Infrastructure construction continues to accelerate,

The construction of industrial projects is in full swing.


Fuxi Area, Zhaoqing Agglomeration District Municipal Administration Starting Area

The construction site of the site earthwork leveling project (Phase I) project,

Crane towers, bulldozers, and excavators all came into battle.

The scene was in full swing.

The picture shows the construction site of the earthwork leveling project (Phase I) in Fuxi area. Photo provided by the contractor


This project is an important project in the agglomeration area and has laid a solid foundation for enterprises to enter the market. We seize the construction deadline to help improve the efficiency of investment promotion and accelerate the implementation of industrial projects.


Zhang Shenyuan, manager of the Fuxi Phase I filling project department, introduced,

There are more than 200 management and dispatch personnel on site,

Frontline workers and drivers participated in the project,

More than 30 bulldozers, more than 40 excavators,

More than 200 muck trucks and other rotating operations.

In addition to earth leveling,

The contractor is also responsible for the construction of temporary roads and drainage facilities in the factory area.

Make the implementation of high-quality projects more convenient.


Fuxi area under construction. Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liu Chunlin.

Recently, the R&D workshop in the Dinghu Lotus-Fuxi City Management Starting Zone project was officially completed. Shenzhen Electronic Information (Zhaoqing) Industrial Park and Shenzhen Advanced Technology (Zhaoqing) Industrial Park were established on the same day. In pursuit of victory, during the "Double Festival", the construction of factories, dormitories, canteens and other facilities for the Dinghu Lotus-Fuxi Municipal Management Starting Area Project is being stepped up. It is reported that the eight standard factories cover a total area of 60,000 square meters, and at this stage, two factories have been successfully capped.

Project related person in charge:

"Currently, individual factories have received intentions from customers to settle in. We must complete the construction tasks with quality and quantity, so that companies can move in with their bags."

While the construction of infrastructure projects is speeding up across the board,

Industrial projects are also racing against time to meet deadlines.




Before the holiday, Zhaoqing agglomeration district municipal management starting area

Held "Real Economy as the Basis, Manufacturing as the Dominant"

Project signing and groundbreaking ceremony,

38 projects were signed and 30 projects started.

Sihui Shatangju Technology Co., Ltd. started construction on the same day

The capital increase and production expansion project presses the "acceleration button".

Construction will not "close" during the "Double Festival" holidays.


The scene of signing and construction activities. Photo by Xijiang Daily reporter Liu Chunlin.

The company mainly produces sugar orange juice

and fruit drinks, food,

Its capital increase and production expansion project plans to invest 220 million yuan.

Mainly build high-standard cold storage, raw material warehouse,

Pretreatment workshop, finished product warehouse and related supporting facilities.

Introduction by the relevant person in charge of the company,

At this stage, priority is given to expediting the construction of high-standard cold storage.

Ensure that sugar oranges can be put into use in December when they are mature.

Process large quantities of fruit in a timely manner.



The main person in charge of Zhaoqing City said that Zhaoqing will continue to carry forward the spirit of seizing the day and seizing the day, tightly grasping the "nose" of the manufacturing project, focusing on the project, revolving around the project, and working on the project to demonstrate It has led to the formation of a warm atmosphere throughout the city of "catching up projects and seeking development in a prosperous manner".

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