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Zhaoqing Speed, speed up again!

 Zhaoqing Speed, speed up again!

Published by Zhaoqing on October 10, 2023 at 19:20 in Guangdong





On average, one billion yuan level project is introduced in 3.8 days, and one project achieves land supply in 8 days.


At the end of last month, a large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing)

Hold a centralized project signing and commencement ceremony,

The rapid changes in this high-quality park

Reflects the "speed of Zhaoqing".

Currently, the rise of Zhaoqing from top to bottom

The "Great Battle" of Manufacturing Project Construction,

It will accelerate the pace of construction in Zhaoqing.


△ Photographed by Yang Leqi

To achieve the leadership of the manufacturing industry,

Relying on the implementation and production of each project,

Expand industrial clusters and extend industrial chains,

Continuously building a strong manufacturing foundation.

After the Provincial High Quality Development Conference, Zhaoqing kept in mind the earnest request of "starting from spring and not waiting for a moment", and deeply implemented the "Ten Actions" for manufacturing industry leadership, with all the "Ten Arrows" launched to promote the construction of the manufacturing industry.

A hundred boats compete for the top, and Zhaoqing still needs to bravely take the lead.

On July 31st, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government

Hold a mobilization conference for the construction of the Zhaoqing manufacturing industry project,

Fully promote the city's focus on projects in the second half of the year

Mobilization orders and charge signals for seizing industries and the economy,

Focusing on 275 manufacturing projects in the city,

Four sets of teams at the city and county levels

Lead the team to sink to the grassroots frontline to carry out project landing services.


△ Liang Liang photographed

The construction of the project involves complicated details,

We need to strengthen the supply of factors,

It also requires coordination among various departments to solve the problem,

How to effectively achieve the goals of supervision?

In the past two months, leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have led a team to deeply contact counties (cities, districts) to carry out the "Project Implementation Supervision Day" activity, insisting on focusing on problems and supervising them. Faced with the development demands and difficulties encountered by enterprises, they will discuss and study on the spot.

The main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to it, leading teams to conduct on-site research in counties (cities, districts) multiple times, regularly listening to work reports, and providing instructions and requirements for the "General Assembly Battle".

Accumulated beneficial experience in "project chemical practices",

Making good use of this method is also a requirement of the "Great War".


Compare the work plan,

Develop "Annual Tasks for Actual Investment" based on the classification of "General Assembly Battle"

'Battle and Siege' and

Multiple project lists such as' Striving for Excellence ',

Focus on 275 'battle and fortification' projects

Implement continuous tracking and implementation,

Refine the main work items, responsible persons, completion deadlines, etc. of the project,

Clarify problem-solving measures,

Follow the diagram to advance problem-solving.


△ Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Municipal Office of "General Assembly Battle"

Organize weekly municipal supervision team and municipal land use, employment, etc

Eight specialized classes for industrial investment promotion

The leading unit holds regular work meetings,

Timely summarize the progress of supervision work,

Analyze the existing problems,

Joint research and deployment of relevant work arrangements.

Who is in charge, who is responsible, and who signs the contract, who is responsible. Every problem or matter collected on site will be promptly assigned and followed up, and each front will be twisted into a rope to promote closed-loop management of project issues.

Zhaoqing service, making progress every day.

Driven by the 'Great War',

This sentence becomes more vivid.

On August 30th, the Zhaoqing project of GCL Group, a Fortune 500 global new energy company, officially began construction. From the first visit to the company in Zhaoqing to the start of the project, it only took 125 days, and the land supply time was reduced from half a year to one month, achieving the goal of "getting the land to start". The subsequent processes were followed up by specialists, and the first phase of the project is expected to be completed and put into operation within 8 months.

Picture △ The site of the concentrated construction of the GCL project. Photographed by Liao Wenyi

Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone held at the end of last month

Centralized project signing and commencement site,

After the event, the leaders of multiple contracted projects

Shared the story of their relationship with Zhaoqing,

For example, familiar land security supply, financial services delivered to doorstep

Establishing a platform for employment cooperation,

After learning that the enterprise has business needs,

Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone Investment Promotion Working Group

Immediately contact the relevant enterprises of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission,

Promote communication and docking between both parties.

Picture △ Shining shot

Sign a contract on site

Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone

Industrial Development Guidance Fund

Support the sustainable development of enterprises in Zhaozhao.


△ Liang Liang photographed

Autumn is filled with hope.

On October 9th, Zhaoqing City and Ningde Times

Sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement,

Both sides will focus on the comprehensive application of new energy

Carry out all-round cooperation in the development, production and manufacturing of green power,

Building Guangdong into a globally competitive enterprise


△ Ningde Times Zhaoqing Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Two years ago, the Ningde era was in Zhaoqing

Achieve the goal of "signing contracts in the same year, acquiring land in the same year, and starting construction in the same year",

The Story of "Zhaoqing Speed"

With the widespread spread of this ten billion dollar project.

After 14 months of efficient construction,

The project has been successfully put into operation, with remarkable benefits.

At the signing ceremony yesterday,

Zhaoqing further expanded production capacity, extended chain

Strong ecology and other aspects have been described

The two sides work together to develop the vision of new energy industry to develop Xintiandi,

Let this enterprise compete globally

Feeling the partnership of Zhaoqing

The courage to jointly seize a trillion yuan new track.

As of yesterday, Zhaoqing has identified and assigned 45 key and difficult issues through the construction project "conference battle", and 40 have been resolved. It has promoted 87 projects to achieve rapid land supply, construction, completion, and production, driving a new wave of project implementation and construction in the city. Some long-term difficulties and blockages that have had an impact on project construction have been effectively resolved.

Through the 'Great Battle',

Zhaoqing has also established a long-term mechanism,

Promote investment promotion in "mature areas".


This year, the city aims to build a contiguous industrial "mature land" of 8800 acres and a "standard land" of 3800 acres, with a focus on major industrial platforms such as the Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Jinli High tech Zone, and Zhaoqing New Area Lingang Industrial Zone, as well as provincial-level development zones in various counties (cities, districts). It is planned to supply more than 50% of the "standard land" for state-owned industrial land in provincial-level or above industrial parks this year.

As of early September, the city has completed the reserve of industrial land

1701 acres of mature land,

Create a "standard land" of 484 acres.


△ Zhaoqing New Area Lingang Industrial Park. Tuyuan Dinghu Release

According to the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Government,

Our city will focus on precise land use scale and indicators,

Promote the work of land use approval and document formation,

Increase investment and do a good job in the early stage development of "three connections and one leveling",

Implement "land and other projects",

Add more power to the "Zhaoqing Speed".

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