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High quality projects are pouring in, unleashing the momentum of development! Zhaoqing Cluster Area Strives to Achieve Continuous Development Achievements


High quality projects are pouring in, unleashing the momentum of development! Zhaoqing Cluster Area Strives to Achieve Continuous Development Achievements

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-10-09 20:44 Published in Guangdong


Climb high and overlook,

Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone

On a thousand acres of leveled land in the starting area of municipal management,

The infrastructure equipment is undergoing a rumbling operation,

Large factories rise from the ground during the rise and fall of the sun,

Looking around,

The embryonic form of the transportation network structure in the gathering area is gradually emerging


Photographed by Liang Xiaoming

On September 28th, the Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Agglomeration Zone") held a project signing and construction activity in the municipal management starting area. A batch of major high-quality projects settled in the agglomeration zone, adding weight and momentum to the high-quality development of the agglomeration zone.

Behind the vivid scene of industries competing for the first place and project construction being hot, the gathering area actively implements the high-quality development deployment of provinces and cities, adheres to the principle of putting the real economy first and manufacturing industry at the forefront, and focuses on grasping large industries, platforms, projects, enterprises, and environment, solidly grasping the unremitting perseverance of attracting business and investment and project implementation.

Seize the 'bull nose' of attracting investment

Introduce large projects and cultivate large industries

From January to September this year,

A total of 71 projects have been introduced in the urban management starting area of the cluster area,

The total planned investment is 30.31 billion yuan,

The expected output value of the project after reaching its full capacity is 52.66 billion yuan.

For the gathering areas currently in the stage of vigorous development,

This set of data fully reflects

Their efforts in attracting investment and investment.

Fan Bi, Director of the Economic Promotion Bureau of the Management Committee of the Guangdong Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone (Zhaoqing)

The starting area of municipal management has gone out to attract investment 109 times and visited 232 enterprises. The gathering area has always regarded investment attraction as an important breakthrough in accelerating economic growth and scientific development. Through targeted investment attraction, chain owner investment attraction, and business attraction, it actively introduces large projects and cultivates large industries, focusing on attracting a group of leading, iconic, and "chain owner" type major high-quality projects to settle.


A batch of leading, iconic, and "chain leader" major high-quality projects have settled in Zhaoqing. The construction site was bustling with activity. Photographed by Liu Chunlin

During the day's event,

38 signed projects

Starting 30 projects,

All construction projects are

Manufacturing projects involving equipment manufacturing

Electronic information, new energy vehicles and automotive components

Industries such as metal processing, new materials, food and beverage.


National high-tech enterprise

Shenzhen Qianxing Innovation Technology Co., Ltd

It is one of the enterprises that signed and settled on the day of the event.

Li Jiakai, the relevant person in charge of the company

The intersection of the Xijiang and Beijiang rivers in Zhaoqing has a large water area, making it suitable for the company to carry out underwater operation and testing of products. At the same time, as a node city in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, Zhaoqing has a good industrial foundation and relatively complete policy support such as talent. The sincere and thoughtful services provided by the gathering area have also given us confidence and confidence to invest and develop in Zhaoqing. Our project plan is to be officially launched by the end of this year and construction will begin in the middle of next year.

It is worth mentioning that,

Among the 71 newly introduced projects in the cluster area,

The proportion of projects that meet the "1+1+2" industry exceeds 87%,

Highlighting key development industries,

Fully explained the starting area

Great potential for future development

The importance and support of industries with strategic significance.

On the other hand,

More than 90% of projects

Originating from the Pearl River Delta region,

This means the advantage of the geographical location of the starting area

And development potential,

All have been recognized and favored by investors from all sides.


In this batch of projects, high-tech enterprises also account for over 60%, "Fan Bi said. This data demonstrates the importance that the agglomeration zone places on innovative enterprises. After the growth and development of these enterprises, they will also become a solid foundation for future technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the agglomeration zone.

Wholeheartedly promote the implementation of the project

Highly praised by enterprises for the 'speed of agglomeration zone'

The development of cluster areas is in full swing,

Going hand in hand with investment promotion work,

It is the speed of project implementation and commencement.

Since the beginning of this year,

71 industrial projects were introduced into the cluster area,

Introduce 1 project in an average of 3.8 days.

This year, 33 land supply projects have been achieved,

On average, one project is supplied with land every 8 days.


We have signed a contract in April, provided land in August, and started construction in September. The work efficiency in the gathering area is very high, and we greatly admire and thank you


Guangzhou Zhengchuang Holding Group Co., Ltd

It is one of the projects that officially started construction in the gathering area on that day.

The first time we arrived at the gathering area for docking and negotiation,

Company Chairman Pan Naiyue

Not only is it convenient for transportation in Zhaoqing

Attracted by the high cost-effectiveness of living costs,

The overall high-quality business environment in Zhaoqing is even more favorable,

And various departments in the gathering area and even in Zhaoqing

The efficient and pragmatic work style deeply captivated me.


According to reports, Zhengchuang Holdings Group is a leading domestic private brand value retailer. This time, the company has invested approximately 1.1 billion yuan in Zhaoqing and plans to build its first modern smart manufacturing comprehensive industrial park in South China and the Greater Bay Area. Zhengchuang Zhaoqing New Retail Smart Manufacturing Comprehensive Industrial Park mainly produces small household appliances such as electric milk pumps and medical sterile wet tissue products.


The rendering of the Zhengchuang Retail Smart Manufacturing Comprehensive Industrial Park project.

Behind the 'speed of agglomeration areas',

Originating from the agglomeration area for project implementation work

Highly valued and fully supported.

Peng Songguang, Director of the Command Office of Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Guangdong Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone (Zhaoqing)

Combining the high-quality development work of "dual zone integration" in the cluster area, strengthen organizational leadership, comprehensively coordinate and promote project implementation work; Establish 8 dedicated work teams, implement the "one project, one leader, one dedicated team, one ledger, one follow-up" working mechanism, and coordinate and track all aspects of the introduced projects, including registration, land bidding, project approval, and construction. We strive to provide high-quality, efficient, proactive, and enthusiastic services to solve problems for the enterprise. At the same time, we will strengthen the inventory management of the entire process, ensure that project implementation is "targeted and responsive", and implement the "double tolerance and double commitment" mechanism, focusing on reducing project implementation timelines and processes. In this process, we will simultaneously promote the construction of infrastructure in the park, construct the framework of transportation roads in the park, and promote infrastructure construction. We will do everything possible to provide strong guarantees for the rapid landing of industrial projects.


Photographed by Liao Wenyi

Sincere local service

It will also bring sincere feedback from the enterprise.

Pan Naiyue, Chairman of Guangzhou Zhengchuang Holding Group Co., Ltd

Zhengchuang Group will optimize and aggregate the upstream and downstream industries within the Zhengchuang ecosystem within the Zhaoqing Industrial Base, promote the creation of a new retail supply chain industrial cluster that integrates functions such as intelligent manufacturing of new retail products, R&D pilot testing, exhibition display, assembly distribution, and centralized settlement, and contribute to the high-quality development of the cluster area and even Zhaoqing.

Focus on building four major industrial parks

Build a platform to "attract phoenix to roost"

When wutong are planted, the phoenix will come to roost. While comprehensively recruiting large and excellent businesses, and comprehensively promoting the rapid implementation and construction of projects, the cluster area will also focus on building four industrial parks, further consolidating the foundation of the cluster area's "nesting and attracting talents".

It is reported that the four industrial parks mentioned above are Shenzhen Electronic Information (Zhaoqing) Industrial Park, Shenzhen Advanced Technology (Zhaoqing) Industrial Park, GAC Automotive Parts Advanced Materials Industrial Park, and Energy Storage Industrial Park. At present, the detailed regulatory planning for these four industrial parks has been completed.


On September 28th, the signing and commencement ceremony for the large-scale industrial cluster project in Zhaoqing was held. Photographed by Liang Xiaoming.


On the day of the event, Shenzhen Electronic Information (Zhaoqing) Industrial Park, Shenzhen Advanced Technology (Zhaoqing) Industrial Park, and Zhaoqing Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute were established. In the future, the cluster area will fully leverage the role of the industrial park as a bridge and platform. Based on the demand positioning of the industrial park, it will attract more upstream and downstream industries to settle in the cluster area by introducing leading enterprises and high-quality projects of the "chain owner" type, and continue to inject "fresh water" into the growth and development of the cluster area.


Finally, let's use a video to,

Learn about the achievements of Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone!

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