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"Zhaoqing is a good place, with good mountains and rivers and good people!"

 "Zhaoqing is a good place, with good mountains and rivers and good people!"

Released by Zhaoqing 2023-10-20 19:16 Published in Guangdong


October 19,

The "2023 Zhaoqing Global Investment Conference-Special Session for Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade" was held.

Foreign consular officials in Guangzhou,

Representatives of well-known foreign-invested foreign trade enterprises,

Representatives of major domestic and foreign business associations, etc.

More than 800 guests and merchants attended the conference.


△Photographed by Liao Wenyi

At the meeting, business representatives expressed that Zhaoqing has obvious geographical advantages, vast land space, profound history and culture, rich raw material resources, distinctive industrial characteristics, and numerous development opportunities. In particular, Zhaoqing has a relatively complete policy system and a complete industrial chain, which allows the majority of Foreign-funded foreign trade enterprises are more determined and confident in deploying and investing in Zhaoqing. Next, we will further strengthen exchanges and docking with Zhaoqing, explore and plan more cooperation projects, and strive to promote mutual benefit and win-win results for both parties.


△Photographed by Liao Wenyi

Let’s take a look at the participating merchants

Do you have any comments and opinions about Zhaoqing?


Ruan Shanshan, General Manager of Plainvim International Zhaoqing New District Modern Industrial Park


Attracted by Zhaoqing’s forward-looking planning and services

Ruan Shanshan: "Pingqian often carefully conducts research and site selection based on the industrial layout needs of the world's top 500 companies and foreign-funded enterprises. Only when our customers succeed can we succeed."

After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, Plainvim International has invested in, built and operated 16 international industrial parks in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta region. More than 80% of its customers belong to foreign-invested manufacturing industries.


△Pingqian Science Industrial Park located in Zhaoqing New District. Photo by Liang Liang

They attach great importance to various factors such as strategic location, geographical transportation, planning and construction, complete industrial chain, local government policy support and service level, and Zhaoqing left a deep impression on them in the process.

Ruan Shanshan: "Zhaoqing is a good place with good mountains and rivers and good people. When I first came to Zhaoqing to choose a site, I was attracted by the forward-looking planning and construction of Zhaoqing New District!"


△The Phase I factory building of Plainvim Zhaoqing project located in Zhaoqing New District. Photo by Liang Liang

In the four years since Plainvim settled in Zhaoqing, the local government has provided great support in terms of business establishment, policy support, and employee recruitment. She highly appreciates Zhaoqing's business environment and government services.

Ruan Shanshan said that currently, the 100,000-square-meter factory building in the first phase of Plainvim Zhaoqing Project is nearly full, and the production of enterprises in the park is booming. The second phase of the park has completed the construction of 90,000 square meters, and is currently attracting investment, and there are many projects currently under negotiation. Most of the companies are among the world's top 100 or top 500 companies. She believes that many foreign-funded companies will gradually move into the second phase of the park in the future.

Tao Wen, Regional Deputy General Manager of China Energy Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.


Like Zhaoqing service Zhaoqing speed

The photovoltaic module intelligent manufacturing base project to be settled in Zhaoqing New District is one of the 15 signed projects this time. Once completed, it will achieve the cooperation goal of localized manufacturing of photovoltaic modules in Zhaoqing and surrounding areas and fill the gap in the photovoltaic module manufacturing industry in South China.


△Zhaoqing New District has obvious advantages in industrial agglomeration. Photo by Liang Liang

Tao Wen said that from the inspection to the signing of the contract, it was realized in less than a week with the strong support of the Zhaoqing Municipal Government, and he praised the speed of Zhaoqing's service.

Zhaoqing has beautiful city scenery, high-quality government services, and high public awareness of photovoltaics, which has provided a lot of help for its company to deploy the photovoltaic module manufacturing industry.

Tao Wen said that through this meeting, he learned that Zhaoqing has vigorously developed rooftop photovoltaics and fishery-solar complementation in recent years, and the photovoltaic industry has broad development prospects. He is very happy to invest in Zhaoqing and is confident that the project will be settled in Zhaoqing. In addition to building a photovoltaic module intelligent manufacturing base in Zhaoqing, it will also invest in photovoltaic power projects to bring more green power to Zhaoqing and achieve a win-win situation with Zhaoqing.

Chief Representative of South China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council Huang Tianwei


Establishing a service station for Hong Kong businessmen in Zhao to promote win-win results in the Bay Area

Huang Tianwei: "Zhaoqing's beautiful scenery has always been the city's characteristic business card, and it is also the main impression of Zhaoqing by Hong Kong people. But after attending the conference this time, I found that Zhaoqing's location has obvious transportation advantages and remarkable results in industrial agglomeration, making it a good place for investment and development." Place. Zhaoqing has unique advantages in history and culture, location and transportation, land elements, ecological environment, industrial foundation, business environment, etc., and has huge development potential."


△Zhaoqing is a national historical city. Photo by Liao Wenyi

In recent years, many Hong Kong businessmen have invested and deployed industries in Zhaoqing, injecting impetus into Zhaoqing's economic development. With the continued good cooperation opportunities between the two places, Hong Kong businessmen from the service industry, manufacturing industry, and financial industry have been attracted to visit Zhaoqing.


△Zhaoqing East Station has 4 departures to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station every day. Photo by Liao Wenyi

Huang Tianwei said that everyone is looking forward to this event and hopes to find a suitable project in Zhaoqing and become connected with Zhaoqing. The next step is to establish a service station for Hong Kong businessmen in Zhaoqing to promote Zhaoqing to more Hong Kong businessmen, create more cooperation opportunities for the two places, and promote win-win results for the two Bay Area cities.

QEV Technologies Chief Financial Officer Fabian Wong


Seeking cooperation with Zhaoqing’s new energy automobile industry

Merchant Fabian Wong said that QEV Technologies was recently listed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specializing in auto parts. At the same time, the company also acquired a large automobile factory in Spain. He is very optimistic about China's domestic automobile industry and is ready to conduct in-depth cooperation with the domestic automobile industry. , especially cooperation in new energy vehicles, and plans to expand in South China and North China to further become bigger and stronger.

This time he was invited to participate in the 2023 Zhaoqing Global Investment Conference - a special event for foreign investment and foreign trade. He specially brought a team of industrial design companies to conduct a more in-depth inspection of Zhaoqing's business environment and seek deeper cooperation with Zhaoqing.


△Xpeng Motors production workshop. Photo by Wang Zhenyu

Fabian Wong also said that he had previously contacted the relevant person in charge of the Zhaoqing Municipal Commerce Bureau and learned that Zhaoqing is the main city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has obvious location advantages and belongs to the one-hour traffic circle of the Greater Bay Area. At the same time, Zhaoqing has very good new energy automobile industry resources. Xiaopeng Motors and CATL are its leading chain companies and have a relatively complete industrial chain.

IMS Gear Merchant Roman Fedorov


Hope to have further cooperation and exchanges with Zhaoqing

Roman Fedorov: "IMS Gear is a German company that belongs to the auto parts industry and specializes in braking systems. It is one of the world's leading gear manufacturers. The agglomeration effect of Zhaoqing's automobile industry is obvious. As an automobile manufacturer, it is important to invest in Zhaoqing. Very interested.”

After attending the conference, he learned that Zhaoqing's key industrial development areas coincided with his company's, and Zhaoqing entered their company's waiting list for choosing a location to open a factory in South China.


△The municipal management starting area of Zhaoqing's large-scale industrial agglomeration area (Lianhua-Fuxi). Photo by Liao Wenyi

Zhaoqing has an advantageous geographical location, adjacent to Guangfo and southwest China. The urban environment, cultural atmosphere, and business environment are very superior. It is a livable and workable city, giving foreign companies more confidence in investing in Zhaoqing.

Roman Fedorov revealed that Xpeng Motors, located in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, is a new force in domestic new energy vehicle manufacturing. This time, it will also strengthen communication with the company, hoping to build a relationship with Zhaoqing and have further cooperation.

It is hoped that Zhaoqing can make greater efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment in the future.

Improve the quality and level of utilizing foreign capital,

Attract more foreign companies

Get to know Zhaoqing and settle down in Zhaoqing,

Let it take root and grow in the fertile soil of Zhaoqing,

Share open opportunities and write a new chapter of cooperation!

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