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This inspection team came to Zhaoqing to inspect and play the song of win-win cooperation between Zhaoqing and Shenzhen!

 This inspection team came to Zhaoqing to inspect and play the song of win-win cooperation between Zhaoqing and Shenzhen!

Invest in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2023-10-20 21:59



In order to vigorously implement the "Operation to Attract Phoenix",

Take the initiative to seize development opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,

Actively embedded in the Greater Bay Area

Industrial chain, supply chain, innovation chain,

Zhaoqing City continues to innovate new investment models,

Strengthen cooperation with influential chambers of commerce (associations),

Achieve strong alliances and resource sharing,

Give full play to its advantages of numerous contacts, extensive resources, and smart information,

Mining high-quality project information to attract big talents,

Empowering the high-quality development of “hundreds of projects”.

From October 18th to 19th, Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau and Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association held an industry tour in Zhaoqing. Bystronic Laser, Hexagon, CIMC-TianDa, CLP Aihua, Zhenqin Electronics, Deli Lai 30 vice-president companies, including Precision, Shixinghong, Yuanjia Industrial, and Goodtech, went to Zhaoqing under the leadership of Huang Shaoping, president of the association, to conduct on-site inspections of the investment environment, strengthen industrial ties between Shenzhen and Zhaoqing, and explore cooperation and coordination mechanisms.


The delegation went to Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, Zhaoqing New District and Zhaoqing Large Industrial Cluster for on-site investigation, and went to Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park, Guangdong Zhaoqing Power Metal Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. and Putai visited the South China base and other enterprises to conduct in-depth exchanges with local enterprises to understand the company's planning and layout, production and operation, industrial chain collaboration, etc., establish future cooperation links, and lay a solid foundation for cooperation to further realize industrial agglomeration and attraction.


The Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau also actively informed the delegation

Detailed introduction to Zhaoqing’s large-scale industrial clusters,

Core industrial carriers such as Zhaoqing High-tech Zone and Zhaoqing New District,

Let the participating delegations have a comprehensive

In-depth understanding of Zhaoqing’s location transportation, space carriers,

Industrial foundation, park facilities,

Business environment services, etc.,

It is hoped that enterprises will consider Zhaoqing when planning their layout in the future.

As the first choice for important production base.

During the period, Zhaoqing City held a welcome dinner and investment promotion meeting. Liu Jingbo, deputy mayor of the municipal government and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone (Zhaoqing), attended the event and delivered a speech. He enthusiastically promoted Zhaoqing’s superior investment and business environment to the entrepreneurs attending the dinner and issued Zhaoqing’s message to the entrepreneurs. Invitation, we sincerely hope that entrepreneurs will invest in Zhaoqing and expand their strategic territory. Luo Shengbin, Director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, presided over this event.


Liu Jingbo, deputy mayor of the municipal government and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Guangdong-Guangxi Special Pilot Zone for Cooperation (Zhaoqing), delivered a speech

Through this industry event,

Make full use of the resources and channel advantages of chambers of commerce (associations),

Comprehensively strengthen social resource investment cooperation,

Carry out city and county joint investment promotion,

Introduce a group of high-quality enterprises to various counties (cities, districts)

Visit and inspect functional areas and discuss investment cooperation,

Effectively develop investment channels and mine project information,

Empower local industry development.


After the visit,

Entrepreneurs praised this industry trip one after another.

pictures pictures pictures

Liu Weicai, general manager of Shenzhen Qifeng Precision, said

The Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have firmly grasped the development direction of the times. Electric vehicles and batteries are the mainstream industries in the future and have bright prospects. Zhaoqing's living and dining environment is first-rate, making it a good place to live and work.

Xu Hongmin, Laser Director of Bystronic (Shenzhen) said

Zhaoqing is indeed a good place that you don’t want to leave when you come here, and you want to come again after you leave. It has good mountains and rivers, good people, good business environment, and a good place.

Huang Juan from Jieyongda CNC said

Zhaoqing's beautiful landscape environment and increasingly perfect industrial chain make us look at Zhaoqing with admiration. In the past, Zhaoqing was dominated by a single sightseeing tourism industry. Now it takes advantage of local resources to achieve diversified development of agriculture, culture, tourism, and high technology; it focuses on the development of new energy and new materials and the integration of supporting resources, which is in line with the times. development trend.

Liu Mingjun, general manager of Shenzhen Weibaotian Hardware Products Co., Ltd., even wrote a poem about this trip:

A trip to Zhaoqing in October in the golden autumn has a long history, people, earth and soul. Manufacturing new cities rose from the ground, Duanzhou Gaoyao and Guangning. Sihui Dinghu and Deqing are both suitable for living and traveling, as well as for business. The Greater Bay Area has a bright future, and Xiaopeng has great ambitions. I think investing in Zhaozhou is a good idea.



Liu Xiaohui, deputy director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, Deng Dongyao, deputy director of Gaoyao District, Du Zhaohui, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, Zhao Jian, deputy general manager of Zhaoqing New District Investment Development Co., Ltd. and director of the joint investment center of the two districts, and the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Experiment Peng Songguang, member of the District (Zhaoqing) Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee, and responsible comrades from relevant departments participated in relevant activities.


It is reported that the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association was established in 1986. It is an industrial industry organization composed of upstream and downstream production and operation enterprises in the machinery industry. It has more than 1,500 member companies from the entire industry chain of machinery manufacturing such as intelligent equipment, advanced manufacturing, precision molds, automation and robots, and basic spare parts. Yihe Precision, Lijin Technology, Han's Laser, etc. are all its members. It is the first One of the first AAAAA industry associations, it has successfully held the Shenzhen International Machinery Exhibition many times.

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