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Development shifts gears and your energy level jumps! Zhaoqing has turned a new page of new industrialization!

 Development shifts gears and your energy level jumps! Zhaoqing has turned a new page of new industrialization!

Invest in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2023-10-10 23:14


Represented by the new energy storage industry,

Zhaoqing is undergoing industrial investment, industrial structure,

Project quality, high-quality platform, etc.

Development shifts, energy levels jump,

Turn a new page of new industrialization.

Industrial investment increased by more than 11% year-on-year


New industrial investment brings stable growth to Zhaoqing,

It also releases a sustained agglomeration effect,

Let Zhaoqing’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem further take shape,

Drive Zhaoqing forward towards the "double carbon" goal.

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In Zhaoqing New District, industrial factories are rising one after another, and everything is full of vitality. The project is working overtime to debug equipment and strive for trial production as soon as possible. Their downstream service companies include a series of popular brands such as Xpeng Motors, BYD, Aian New Energy, Chery, and CATL. Driven by one industrial chain project after another, Zhaoqing continues to inject high-quality increment. From January to August this year, Zhaoqing's industrial investment increased by 11.9%, of which investment in the automobile industry and energy fields increased by 59.4% and 47.4% respectively.

Innovation drives quality improvement

In the recently released list of the top 100 enterprises in Zhaoqing in 2023, manufacturing companies account for the vast majority, and the number of companies with more than 10 billion yuan has increased to 4. Taking a closer look at the new shortlist, we found that most of them come from the "golden phoenixes" Zhaoqing has attracted in the past three years, which demonstrates Zhaoqing's effectiveness in building nests to attract phoenixes.

This trend has also been shown in this year's work. As of the end of September, the city had introduced 310 manufacturing projects with a planned investment of 68.9 billion yuan, including 20 projects with investment exceeding 1 billion yuan. The investment intensity and expected tax revenue per mu of imported projects have achieved significant growth respectively, showing a trend that the more projects are introduced, the better they are, highlighting Zhaoqing's solid results in focusing on scale and efficiency in industry.

Zhaoqing insists on focusing on both “quality” and “quantity”. Not only has the total number of enterprises increased, but the quality and appearance have also improved. For example, the number of specialized and new enterprises in the city has increased to 190, including 11 national-level "little giant" enterprises. Nearly 80% of the top 50 enterprises in Zhaoqing are high-tech enterprises. The laboratories of these enterprises are always busy. Some laboratories are seizing international orders by narrowing the gap of 0.01 degrees Celsius; some laboratories are working on small snails one after another. They work hard to "compete" to increase the machine's production efficiency by 30%; in other laboratories, engineering teams and downstream suppliers optimize and reorganize technology research for strategic deployment, and make breakthroughs in technical parameters one by one...

Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Photo by Wang Zhenyu

Innovation allows enterprises to stand at the forefront of the surging manufacturing industry, and Zhaoqing spares no effort to support enterprises. This year, Zhaoqing integrated resources at the city and county levels to establish an "Enterprise Science and Technology Service Officer" contact system. The city has more than 2,000 cultivation target companies in the library, and has achieved new results in core technology research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, "national-provincial-municipal" The laboratory system has been further improved, and leading enterprises have cooperated with local colleges and universities, initially forming a collaborative research model for the development of universities, enterprises, and industries.

Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Guangdong Provincial Laboratory Zhaoqing Branch Center

Not only is innovation accelerating, but digital transformation is also changing the face of Zhaoqing's manufacturing industry, driving quality, efficiency, and power changes. In the Pengkai Environmental Intelligence Park in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, a robot automatic production line integrates the production of core components. What used to take three workers five working days to complete can now be completed by a robot in two hours. It is precisely because of the great improvement in production efficiency that companies have more confidence in their prospects. Including Pengkai, a total of 16 companies in Zhaoqing have been selected into the list of smart manufacturing ecological partners in Guangdong Province. Among them, Xpeng Motors and Fenghua Hi-Tech have successfully been included in the list of outstanding application scenarios for smart manufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2022.

In order to promote the integrated development of new generation information technology and manufacturing, Zhaoqing has accelerated system work this year, improved and upgraded digital infrastructure, and promoted the digital transformation of industrial clusters, industrial parks and industrial agglomerations. By focusing on improving the digitalization, networking, and intelligence levels of the city's manufacturing industry, we will promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

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