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To make high-quality projects "take root", you need to have the best tricks

 To make high-quality projects "take root", you need to have the best tricks →

Investing in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2023-10-07 20:51



Gaoyao District anchors high-quality development goals and tasks,

Carry forward the concept of "develop as a team and stand at the forefront"

High spirit of dragon boat racing,

Carry out the "Operation to Attract Phoenix" in a solid manner,

Focusing on new energy vehicles and auto parts,

Fine chemicals, advanced energy storage, electronic information, etc.

Conduct precise investment promotion for leading and characteristic industries,

Carry out in-depth whole-process dispatch supervision,

Continuously optimize and upgrade investment services,

Promote the implementation of industrial investment promotion to achieve new breakthroughs and new results.


▲Photographed by Chen Yancheng

Junda Industrial Park, located in the Tianzi Industrial Cluster Base, is one of the key projects in Gaoyao District and an important platform for attracting business to Gaoyao District. Since the beginning of this year, a number of industrial enterprises have been introduced to the park and have successively entered the stages of decoration and trial production. The machine is rumbling and running rapidly, and the workers are working quickly to carry out production... In the production workshop of the newly introduced enterprise Zhaoqing Mepra Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., there is a busy scene.


▲Photographed by Lai Jiale

It is understood that the company officially went into production at the beginning of this year. Its main products include hinges, hidden rails, riding drawers and other furniture hardware. It is expected that the annual output of hinges will reach more than 100 million pieces, and the annual output of hidden rails and riding drawers will reach more than 5 million sets. At present, enterprise production is stable and improving.


▲Photographed by Lai Yingna

The person in charge of the company said that the deep and solid hardware industry foundation and supporting facilities in Gaoyao District are the key factors for the company to choose to settle here. "We moved from Shunde, Foshan. The current factory area we use is about 40 acres. Because we purchased the factory ourselves, it will be more stable for the company's later development in terms of personnel reserves or recruitment." Mepra, Zhaoqing City Liu Hang, general manager of Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said.


Since the beginning of this year, Gaoyao District has conscientiously implemented the "top leaders" investment promotion system and formulated the "Work Plan for the "Phoenix Action" to attract industry investment by "top leaders" in Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City. The main leaders of the district committee and district government have taken the lead in setting an example. He personally led the team to carry out inspection activities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other places. All departments, towns and streets in the region formed investment promotion teams to take the initiative, focusing on key local enterprises such as Hongtu Technology, Jinsheng New Energy, and Putilai. Industrial chain, actively explore upstream and downstream enterprises with investment intentions to connect with them. At the same time, by taking advantage of special investment promotion activity platforms at all levels, we have participated in and held many investment environment promotion meetings, and continuously expanded Gaoyao’s investment “circle of friends”.


▲Photographed by Chen Yancheng

In order to accelerate the implementation of projects, Gaoyao District focuses on creating a first-class business environment, strengthens "one-on-one" tracking services with key enterprises, optimizes various approval service processes, fully implements various preferential policies for investment promotion, and actively solves project implementation problems. . Omandik Smart Home Co., Ltd. is a company introduced from Huadu, Guangzhou. The first phase of the project has been capped and is expected to be put into production in October this year. "From the settlement of the project to the construction, the Gaoyao District Committee and the District Government have given strong support and help. The staff have followed up on all procedures such as certificate application and provided good service. They are very heart-warming and considerate!" About the company Li Guoting, the person in charge, said frankly that during the process from project introduction to completion, he was deeply impressed by the high-quality government services and good business environment in Gaoyao District.


One hand is for attracting investment and the other is for landing.

As the main frontier of the city’s industrial economy,

Gao must focus on going all out to win and win well

Manufacturing project construction "big battle",

Continuously break the constraints of space resources,

Optimize land resource utilization efficiency,

Resolutely ensure the key elements of project implementation,

It effectively meets the land needs of a number of newly introduced manufacturing projects.

at the same time,

By tapping existing industrial land resources,

Introduce high-quality projects in a way of "emptying cages and replacing birds".

Guangdong Zentong Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is also located in the Tianzi Industrial Cluster Base, is one of the companies introduced by Gaoyao District through the "cage-free-for-birds" method. It mainly produces fans for food, glass, ceramics and other machinery. Taking advantage of the opportunity of Gaoyao District's vigorous investment promotion, the company purchased 37.8 acres of the original Ras Al Khaimah plot in 2022 after on-site inspection and selection, and built a factory of more than 50,000 square meters. After the project is put into operation, the annual production capacity is expected to reach 60,000 industrial fans.

"It is expected that the factory construction will be completed in December this year and put into production in the first half of next year. During this process, the party committees and governments at all levels in Gaoyao District and Nan'an Street have provided 'mother-like' services, injecting strong support for the company to take root in Gaoyao. Heart needle. Thank you very much for their strong support for the development of the enterprise!" said Cen Jianhua, director of Guangdong Chantong Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Picture ▲ Photo by Lai Yingna


According to statistics, since this year, the district has introduced 27 new manufacturing projects with a planned investment of 7.325 billion yuan. Among them, investment projects by high-tech enterprises or specialized and new "little giant" enterprises accounted for 51.85% of the total number of projects, with 2 projects exceeding 1 billion yuan; the actual investment in promoting manufacturing projects reached 5.827 billion yuan, with new construction starts, completions, 48 projects were put into production.


▲Photographed by Chen Yancheng


Gaoyao District will continue to carry out the "Operation to Attract Phoenix" in a solid manner.

Vigorously implement the party and government cooperation in large-scale investment promotion,

Persevere in attracting industry investment,

Strengthen the guarantee of factors and make a fuss around the word "fast".

Try every means to attract investment and promote implementation,

Attract investment and implement high-quality industries

Empowering “hundreds and thousands of projects” has achieved good results.

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