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Go to 'New'! Zhaoqing ignites a new engine of green development



Go to 'New'! Zhaoqing ignites a new engine of green development

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-10-08 20:45 Published in Guangdong


This year,

Guangdong Ruiqing Era New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Officially awarded a carbon neutrality certification certificate,

This is the first time in the Ningde era

A zero carbon factory mainly focused on energy storage batteries,

It is also the first zero carbon factory in Zhaoqing City;

Xiaopeng Intelligent New Energy Vehicle New Model Project

The investment agreement was signed, with an investment of approximately 2 billion yuan,

Developing two new car models at the Zhaoqing base,

Promote the expansion and strength of Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Base


The first zero carbon factory in Ningde era mainly focused on energy storage batteries. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu


Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Base. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

In the past few days,

The development of the new energy industry in Zhaoqing High tech Zone has received frequent reports of success.

As the main battlefield for implementing the "dual carbon" strategy in Zhaoqing,

Zhaoqing High tech Zone is focusing on Xiaopeng Automobile

The two leading enterprises of Ningde Times,

Vigorously developing new energy vehicles

New energy storage and other green energy industries,

Continuously ignite the green "new engine",

Activate the "new driving force" of development.


The new energy vehicle industry is

One of the leading industries vigorously developed in Zhaoqing,

Zhaoqing High tech Zone as

The main battlefield and battlefield for the development of this industry,

Since the establishment of Xiaopeng Automobile,

The district actively promotes enterprises to increase capital, expand production, and become bigger and stronger,

Focusing on the strong chain extension and replenishment of Xiaopeng Automobile,

Accelerate the construction of Dawang New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Industry City

And significant international and domestic influence

National production base for new energy vehicles.


△ Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

According to statistics, the Zhaoqing Base of Xiaopeng Automobile produced over 130000 complete vehicles in 2022, achieving an output value of 32.663 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62.65%. In August of this year, Xiaopeng Automobile delivered a total of 13690 new cars, an increase of 24% month on month and 43% year on year. It has delivered over 10000 units for two consecutive months and continues to generate strong development momentum.

On September 7th,

Zhaoqing City and Xiaopeng Automobile once again hold hands,

Both parties sign the "Xiaopeng Intelligent New Energy Vehicle

New Car Project Investment Agreement,

Launch of Xiaopeng Automobile New Model Project

Zhaoqing Base has achieved strategic cooperation in production,

About 2 billion yuan will be invested,

Developing two new car models at the Zhaoqing base,

Promote the expansion and strength of Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Base.


△ Xiaopeng Automobile Production Workshop. Photographed by Liao Wenyi

He Xiaopeng, Chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile

Xiaopeng Automobile will take the signing of the investment agreement for the new car project as a new starting point, enrich and expand the supply chain of the intelligent car manufacturing industry, continuously enhance brand value, attract more partners to join the "Pengyou Circle", and fully promote the expansion and strength of the Zhaoqing base, working together with Zhaoqing to run "acceleration" on the new track.

Currently, Zhaoqing High tech Zone

New energy intelligent vehicle industry

It has a certain level of popularity throughout the province,

Especially since this year,

Xiaopeng Automobile Firmly Seizes National Favorable Policies

And the development opportunities of the new energy vehicle industry,

Continuously expanding new areas of cooperation.

In July of this year, Xiaopeng Automobile successfully established a strategic cooperation relationship with Volkswagen in Germany, and its influence at home and abroad continues to increase; In August, Xiaopeng Automobile reached a strategic partnership with Didi to accelerate the implementation of "technology inclusivity and intelligent equity";


At the 18th China (Wuxi) International Design Expo held on September 9th, the Xiaopeng P7 model produced by Xiaopeng Automobile's Zhaoqing base was awarded the gold medal of the 24th China Patent Award (Appearance Design). This is the second time that Xiaopeng Automobile has won this honor after Xiaopeng G3 won the gold medal of China Appearance Design, demonstrating Xiaopeng Automobile's strong strength in innovative design and independent research and development.

Driven by leading enterprises such as Xiaopeng Automobile,

New Energy Vehicle Industry in Zhaoqing High tech Zone

The "banyan tree effect" of industrial agglomeration has been accelerated.

At present, there are over 70 enterprises related to the new energy vehicle industry chain in the area, covering the manufacturing of complete vehicles, three electric systems, other automotive components such as air conditioning seat systems, automotive aftermarket such as automotive modification films, manufacturing of supporting equipment in the industry chain, technical services, and other industrial fields. The new energy vehicle industry has initially formed a leading link in the upper and middle reaches of the whole vehicle manufacturing, key component manufacturing A new pattern of comprehensive development in the fields of intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous driving.


△ Cartography by Fan Jiajun and Li Zhelin

According to statistics, Zhaoqing High tech Zone

New energy vehicle industry

By 2021, the output value will reach 31.7 billion yuan,

In 2022, it continuously exceeded 40 billion yuan and 50 billion yuan,

It is expected to exceed 80 billion yuan in 2023.


△ Zhaoqing High tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu


Under the current wave of implementing the "dual carbon" strategy,

Zhaoqing High tech Zone is also actively seizing the development opportunities,

Targeting another trillion level industry - new energy storage,

Strive to establish a new track of green development,

To embark on a new path of green, low-carbon, and high-quality development,

The energy storage industry has begun to develop rapidly.


△ Zhaoqing High tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu


Guangdong Ruiqing Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningde Times, has been awarded the PAS2060 Carbon Neutrality Certificate by the globally renowned certification body SGS. Ruiqing Times has become the first "zero carbon factory" of Ningde Times mainly focused on energy storage batteries, adding new impetus to the green energy industry in Zhaoqing High tech Zone, which is in full swing.


△ Ruiqing Times won the carbon neutrality certification certificate issued by SGS

With the successive entry of a group of upstream and downstream energy storage battery enterprises such as Zhenyu Technology, Baihuida, Meike Cheng, Jushi, and Yuehai Smart Energy Storage Equipment Park, as well as the existing upstream and downstream energy storage industry chains such as Xiaopeng Automobile, Guoneng (Zhaoqing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Dawang Electric Power and Thermal Power Co., Ltd., and Lishi Power Supply in the zone, there are currently 10 new energy storage industrial enterprises in the Zhaoqing High tech Zone, covering new energy battery materials The local supply chain of membranes, fluid collectors, structural components, and equipment has begun to take shape, and the energy storage industry cluster in the park has taken shape.

From January to July 2023,

The output value of the new energy storage industry in Zhaoqing High tech Zone exceeds 17 billion yuan,

The year-on-year growth rate is 154%, with strong development momentum.

Currently, Zhaoqing High tech Zone is applying

Provincial new energy storage characteristic industrial park.

Picture △ Guoneng Zhaoqing Power Plant Phase II Project. Photographed by Correspondent Wang Ziyang

The person in charge of Zhaoqing High tech Zone stated that,

The next step will continue to strengthen investment in the new energy storage industry,

Focusing on key materials and spare parts for lithium batteries

Lithium ion batteries, green and efficient energy storage batteries

Multiple links such as new energy vehicles and lithium battery recycling

Key areas and key investment development.


△ Ruiqing era. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Vigorously attract new energy storage industry projects such as energy storage batteries and transformers,

Promote the formation of a relatively complete new energy storage closed-loop industrial chain,

Building a brand with domestic and international influence

New energy vehicle production base and energy storage battery manufacturing base,

Make contributions to building a trillion level new energy storage industry in Guangdong.


In the development process of the new energy industry,

Perfect supply chain

It is crucial for the competitiveness of enterprises.

In recent years, Zhaoqing High tech Zone

With its unique location advantage

And a favorable industrial environment,

This has led to rapid development of the new energy industry.


The Zhaoqing High tech Zone is located in the western part of the central area of the Pearl River Delta, at the easternmost end of Zhaoqing City, separated by a river from Sanshui District, Foshan City. Photographed by Liao Wenyi

In this process,

The role and value of the supply chain are becoming increasingly prominent,

The optimization and improvement of the supply chain have become

The driving force for the development of new energy industry in Zhaoqing High tech Zone.


Zhaoqing Lishi Power Technology Co., Ltd. Tuyuan Zhaoqing High tech Release

The production of Xiaopeng Automobile and Ningde Times Zhaoqing project,

Signifying the new energy industry in Zhaoqing High tech Zone

Officially entering the era of "dual core" drive.

The commissioning of two major projects,

Not only has it brought advanced production technology and equipment,

It also further brings about cluster clustering of related industries.


△ Xiaopeng Automobile and Ruiqing Era Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Currently, Zhaoqing High tech Zone

Relying on the "dual core drive" of Xiaopeng Automobile and Ningde Times,

Accelerate the pace of chain replenishment, extension, and strengthening,

Established the New Energy Vehicle Industry Association of Zhaoqing High tech Zone,

We have established a Party Committee for the New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain,

Continuously increasing industrial investment attraction efforts.


△ Tuyuan Zhaoqing High tech Zone Radio and Television Center

Currently, new energy vehicles have been gathered

Nearly 80 automobile parts companies

(including 3 industrial agglomeration bases),

Successfully introduced power metal, Aiji Auto Parts

Baihuida New Materials, Tianming New Energy Technology

Carles Industries, Zhenyu Automotive Parts

A batch of Andaotuo automotive components, etc

High quality industrial chain supporting enterprises.


Zhaoqing Carles Industrial Co., Ltd. Source Carles

New energy vehicles have been preliminarily formed

New energy storage, key automotive components

Automotive lightweight, automotive aftermarket, and other fields

A new pattern of comprehensive industrial development,

The pace of industrial agglomeration is constantly accelerating.

△ The production workshop of Chongqing Andaotuo Automotive Parts System Co., Ltd. Zhaoqing Branch. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Among them, there are 4 complete vehicle manufacturing enterprises,

Seven manufacturing enterprises of the three electrical systems,

There are a total of 39 other automobile parts manufacturing enterprises,

There are 9 automobile aftermarket enterprises,

There are 7 supporting equipment manufacturing enterprises in the industrial chain.


According to statistics, since 2022, Zhaoqing High tech Zone has introduced a total of 38 new energy vehicles and automotive parts projects, with a planned investment of approximately 16 billion yuan. Among them, there are 19 supporting projects for Xiaopeng Automobile, including investment projects such as Minglida New Energy Key Parts and Zhongding New Energy Automobile Parts, as well as "small and refined" projects such as Lizhili, Ainuoli, and Huayuan Technology; 10 supporting projects for Ruiqing Times, including high-quality projects such as Youyi Precision Automation and Kecheng Intelligence.



△ Tuyuan Zhaoqing High tech Zone Radio and Television Center

These new energy strong chain types

The settlement of supplementary chain projects,

Not only does it contribute to the Zhaoqing High tech Zone

Building a new energy vehicle industry cluster,

It is also hoped to attract more relevant enterprises to invest,

Forming a virtuous cycle of industrial development.

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