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Comprehensively implement the "four major battles" for high-quality development, Zhaoqing New District is born towards the "bay" and sets out for the "new"!

 Comprehensively implement the "four major battles" for high-quality development, Zhaoqing New District is born towards the "bay" and sets out for the "new"!

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October 27, 2012

Zhaoqing New District was officially established.

From ten thousand acres of fish ponds to a modern industrial new city,

Zhaoqing New District has gone through 11 years.


▲Zhaoqing New District

Currently, Zhaoqing New District is doing its best to be a good

The vanguard, main engine, and main position of the city’s development,

Build an industry-city integration demonstration zone.

Standing at a new starting point,

How to make use of strengths to offset weaknesses and take advantage of the situation,

Achieve greater development?

Zhaoqing New District responded with the "four major battles".

Zhaoqing New District was founded and prospered because of “new”.

In November 2022, Zhaoqing New District was given the task of "adhering to high standards and high quality promotion, promoting the efficient use of underground space, promoting the smooth circulation of 'urban blood', further improving the planning, construction, and governance levels of Zhaoqing New District, accelerating the construction of a modern infrastructure system, and building The mission and mission of "Smart and Livable New District" provides layout and guidance for the development of Zhaoqing New District.

All cadres and workers in Zhaoqing New District focus on the goal of "rebuilding a new Zhaoqing" and are based on the new development stage of the new district's strategic transformation from "big infrastructure" to "big industry", focusing on exploring the implementation of industrial investment promotion, smart and livable urban construction, improvement of financial and state-owned assets, and reform Open and innovate the new tactics of the "Four Major Battles" to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the new district and help the city speed up "Look East and Rush East."

In the first half of this year, Zhaoqing New District led the city with an 11% increase in regional GDP; through joint investment promotion with Dinghu District, 47 major projects with a total investment of 19.1 billion yuan were signed, completed and put into operation; the National Regional Medical Center in Zhaoqing was officially The semi-buried sewage treatment plant once again explored the use of underground space; the urban big data center "Cloud Brain" was also recently completed and opened... Zhaoqing New District has handed over a satisfactory answer.


  New positioning of new district

Based on strategic advantages and strive to be at the forefront

Zhaoqing New District is the main frontier for industry-city integration in the city’s construction of the “344” park development pattern. It is also the first stop for Zhaoqing’s “Look East and Drive East”. It undertakes Zhaoqing’s strategic needs to explore new urbanization roads and promote coordinated regional development. , has an indispensable and particularly important role. On July 26, when the main leaders of the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government inspected the new area, they mentioned that when looking at the Zhaoqing New Area from the perspective of future development, they will increasingly feel its weight and prominent role in the development of the entire Zhaoqing.

How can such a unique strategic advantage be turned into a development advantage?


▲Photographed by Huang Rongju

Benchmarking Xiongan New District and combining with the new mission assigned by the Provincial Party Committee, the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee has clarified that Zhaoqing New District "should be at the forefront of promoting Zhaoqing's Chinese-style modernization, the main engine of the city's high-quality development, and participate in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University" The new positioning of "the main front for Bay Area construction and a demonstration area for industry-city integration".

For Zhaoqing, Zhaoqing New District is an important window and platform for Zhaoqing's future development. The new positioning puts the new district in a more prominent position and has more expectations for the development of the new district. Over the past 11 years, the new district has successfully completed the goal of "laying the foundation in three years and developing a new town in eight years". The prototype of a modern new town has begun to take shape, and industrial development has gained momentum. Accelerating the development of Zhaoqing New Area will help further optimize Zhaoqing's urban layout and spatial structure and promote the coordinated development of the southeastern plate; it will help Zhaoqing explore innovative development concepts and models and create a demonstration area for high-quality development; it will help Zhaoqing fully participate in the construction of the Greater Bay Area , to speed up the pace of "looking eastward and rushing eastward".

As for the New District itself, the new positioning has cleared the fog, pointed out the direction and strengthened confidence in its strategic transformation from "big infrastructure" to "big industry". To create a demonstration area for the integration of industry and city is to solve the structural contradictions in the current development of the new area and make the development of the new area more coordinated and balanced; to be the main position to participate in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is to require the new area to give full play to its own advantages , actively participate in the development and construction of the Greater Bay Area, and speak for Zhaoqing to win a place; to be the main engine of high-quality development of the city requires the new district to adhere to high standards and promote various tasks with high quality, and strive to be a "top student in all subjects" ", bravely take the lead in the new development; to be a vanguard in promoting Zhaoqing's Chinese-style modernization construction requires the new district to have a sense of mission of "being at the forefront", play a greater role, and contribute to the overall development of the city .

▲Zhaoqing New Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Ecological Science and Technology Industrial Park

In this process, Xiongan New Area’s advanced development path is worth learning from Zhaoqing New Area. Both districts were born due to the needs of urban development strategies. Both are developed and constructed with high standards and high quality. Both have reached a new stage of development that connects safe living and happy work. The special deployment of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoqing New District will next be based on Xiong'an New District, focusing on "new image, new functions, new industries, new talents, and new mechanisms" to promote great emancipation of the mind, great improvement of capabilities, great changes in style, and great work Implement and practice the new positioning.


  New areas and new tactics

Find the right breakthrough point to win the "four major battles"

Before the new positioning was proposed, Zhaoqing New District analyzed the main contradictions faced by current development, identified breakthroughs, and formed the "Four Major Battles" to improve the balance and coordination of urban development and achieve high-quality development.

The tactics of the "Industrial Investment Promotion and Landing" conference are mainly reflected in the two aspects of "recruitment" and "landing". Industrial investment promotion is the lifeline project for the development of Zhaoqing New District. Focusing on the "2+3" leading characteristic industries such as new energy vehicles and auto parts, high-end electronic information, the investment promotion team carried out "targeted investment promotion" and "chain investment promotion", and a series of " "Big Move" has created a "strong magnetic field" for urban investment; the enterprise service team continues to optimize the business environment with strong service, deep penetration, multi-scenario and other models, and explores the "1·24·360" enterprise service rule. Enterprises are developing more and more in the new area. The city is becoming more and more dynamic, the initiative to increase capital and expand production has increased, and the city is full of confidence for development.


▲Zhaoqing New District Lingang Industrial Park

The key to the strategy of the "Smart and Livable City Construction" battle is to improve the city's functional supporting facilities, strengthen the promotion of the city's charm, and speed up the introduction of population and the gathering of popularity. Nowadays, the beautiful scenery of high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere in Zhaoqing New District, but the urban fireworks are not strong enough. To this end, we must take a new approach of "using the city to drive industry, integrating industry and city, and balancing work and housing" to accurately connect with the improvement of urban planning, construction, and governance in Zhaoqing New District. and industrial development needs, guided by high-quality municipal facilities, public services, and ecological environment, comprehensively improve the quality of urban functions, and make the city full of vitality and vigor with high-level, high-level cultural, tourism, and sports activities.


▲Zhaoqing New District

The tactics of the "Financial and National Asset Quality Improvement" battle highlight the two characteristics of "stability" and "liability". Faced with unknown challenges and risks, Zhaoqing New District, which is in the early stages of climbing, is doing everything possible to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, improve financial management capabilities, and spend money wisely; to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, Zhaoqing New District is focusing on the development of urban construction, urban investment, and urban services. The four main business sectors of urban operation and urban operation will promote the company to upgrade to a group company, build a first-class urban operator, and enhance the vitality and competitiveness of state-owned enterprises.


▲Yanyang Lake, Zhaoqing New District

The tactics of the "reform, opening up, and innovation" campaign are designed to increase momentum and expand space. As the "first stop" for Zhaoqing's participation in the construction of the Greater Bay Area, Zhaoqing New District has location advantages in terms of software and hardware interconnection, industry introduction, investment and trade docking, etc. Zhaoqing New District is following the trend, leveraging its strength, and actively cooperating with Hengqin The Economic Development Bureau of the Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone has carried out strategic cooperation to accelerate the planning and construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (Zhaoqing) Characteristic Cooperation Zone and the Zhaoqing New District Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

It is not difficult to find that the "Four Major Battles" comprehensively cover the new mission of "building a smart and livable new district" and the inherent requirements of four new positionings. Facts have also proved that Zhaoqing New District found the right methods and methods at the critical stage of strategic transformation and won the first half victory in the "four major battles". The new atmosphere displayed by the city doubled people's confidence in the future.

03 New atmosphere in the new district

Create a dynamic new district that dares to venture, fight and work hard

In the first half of 2023, the GDP of Zhaoqing New District increased by 11%, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 16.9% year-on-year, and industrial investment increased by 47% year-on-year. The number of projects introduced in the first half of the year increased by 266% year-on-year, and 94.3% of the annual quantity tasks were completed. The planned investment amount 58.1% of the mission.

Overlooking the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Eco-Tech Industrial Park, what used to be a wasteland of ponds is now lined with modern factories. Taking Asia Pacific New Materials as the coordinate origin, it is adjacent to Haoming Silicone, to the west are Beili Huachuang and Zhenyu Technology, and across a road are Changshu Automotive Decoration, Changchun Paige... new energy vehicles and automotive parts. The parts industry has gathered momentum; not far away, electronic information industry projects and power battery core manufacturing equipment manufacturers are booming.


▲Zhaoqing New Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Ecological Science and Technology Industrial Park

In addition to industries beginning to reap fruits, the urban heat of Zhaoqing New District has also been ignited. The lingering sound of the Chinese Music Ceremony, the "City of Chinese Music" dialogue between traditional culture and the modern new city; the men's basketball national teams of the Philippines and Iran competed fiercely in the Zhaoqing New District Sports Center; Miriam Yang wowed fans from all over with her singing; the Baili Cycling Carnival let people Many cycling enthusiasts have become "repeat customers"... In the first half of the year, various large-scale activities attracted more than 500,000 visitors to Zhaoqing New District, and the name "Zhaoqing New District" is remembered by more and more people.


▲"Chinese Music Ceremony" 2023 Tour (Zhaoqing Station)


▲The "New Jasmine" music video was filmed at the Zhaoqing New District Sports Center


▲Zhaoqing WUS International Basketball Game


▲"Charming New District·Landscape Scenery"--2023 First Zhaoqing Dinghu 100-Kilometer Cycling Carnival and "Around Guangdong·Zhaoqing Station"

To create a vibrant Zhaoqing New District, we must continue to promote high-standard and high-quality urban construction. The National Regional Medical Center of Zhaoqing Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Third Hospital was unveiled, which will promote the balanced distribution of high-quality resources; the "one-site dual-use" model of the above-ground ecological park and underground sewage treatment of the sewage treatment plant in Zhaoqing New District once again explores the efficient use of underground space; Zhaoqing Huirui University The data center is built as the "cloud brain" of the city's smart city. The transmission quality within 100 kilometers is only 2 milliseconds. It is expected to join the edge city nodes of the national computing hub... The results are medals for hard work in the past. Facing the second half, Zhaoqing New District will We will once again ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the officers and strive to create a vibrant Zhaoqing New District that dares to venture, work hard and work hard.

Picture ▲The Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhaoqing Hospital


▲Zhaoqing New District Sewage Treatment Plant


▲Huirui Big Data Center

The person in charge of Zhaoqing New District said that next, he will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee, fully implement the specific deployment of the Provincial Party Committee's "1310" and the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee, with passion, hard work, perseverance and confidence , strive to be the first, act vigorously and resolutely, and overcome difficulties, implement new missions and tasks, practice new positioning, unswervingly fight the "big battle" of manufacturing project construction, implement the "four big battles" of high-quality development, and promote Zhaoqing The strategic transformation of the new area will make new and greater contributions to accelerating the construction of Zhaoqing into the western growth pole of the core area of the Pearl River Delta and a modern new city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Born towards the "bay",

Zhaoqing New District heading towards the “new”

The road to high-quality development will not be smooth.

There are more "hard bones" to gnaw ahead,

There are still many difficulties to overcome.

"Chasing the wind and chasing the moon, don't stop",

On the new journey,

Zhaoqing New District will continue to carry forward the spirit of the new district,


鼎湖公開 2023-10-27 21:56 広東省で公開


2012 年 10 月 27 日














2022年11月、肇慶新区は「高い基準と質の高いプロモーションを遵守し、地下空間の効率的な利用を促進し、「都市の血液」の円滑な循環を促進し、計画、建設、ガバナンスのレベルをさらに向上させる」という任務を与えられた。 「スマートで住みやすい新区」の使命と使命は、肇慶新区の開発のレイアウトと指針を提供します。

肇慶新区のすべての幹部と労働者は、「新しい肇慶の再建」という目標に焦点を当て、新区の「巨大インフラ」から「巨大産業」への戦略的転換の新たな発展段階に基づいて、次の実現を模索することに焦点を当てている。産業投資の促進、スマートで住みやすい都市建設、財政・国有資産の改善、改革 「四大戦」の新たな戦術を開拓・革新し、新区の質の高い発展を総合的に推進し、都市を支援する「ルック・イースト・アンド・ラッシュ・イースト」をスピードアップします。

今年上半期、肇慶新区は地域GDPの11%増加で市をリードし、鼎湖区との共同投資促進を通じて、総投資額191億元に及ぶ47件の主要プロジェクトが署名、完成、稼働した。 ; 肇慶市の国家地域医療センターが正式に完成 半埋設下水処理場が再び地下空間の利用を模索; 都市型ビッグデータセンター「Cloud Brain」も最近完成しオープン…肇慶市新区の引き渡し満足のいく答え。




肇慶新区は、肇慶市の「344」公園開発パターンの建設における産業都市統合の主要フロンティアであり、肇慶市の「東を見て東にドライブ」の最初の目的地でもあり、新たな都市化を模索する肇慶市の戦略的ニーズを担っている。道路を整備し、協調的な地域開発を促進するなど、不可欠かつ特に重要な役割を果たしています。 7月26日、肇慶市党委員会と市政府の主要指導者らが新区を視察した際、将来の発展の観点から肇慶新区を見ると、その重みと重要な役割をますます実感すると述べた。肇慶市全体の発展。




肇慶市党委員会は、雄安新区をベンチマークし、省党委員会によって割り当てられた新たな使命と組み合わせて、肇慶市党委員会は、肇慶新区が「肇慶市の高度経済成長の主な原動力である中国式近代化促進の最前線に立つべきである」と明らかにした。高品質の開発、広東・香港・マカオ大学への参加」 「ベイエリア建設の主要最前線および産業都市統合のデモンストレーションエリア」の新たな位置付け。

肇慶市にとって、肇慶新区は肇慶市の将来の発展にとって重要な窓口でありプラットフォームであり、新たな位置づけにより新区はより目立つ位置にあり、新区の発展への期待が一層高まっている。 この11年間で「3年で基礎を築き、8年でニュータウンを開発する」という目標を見事に達成し、近代的なニュータウンの原型が形になり始め、産業の発展も進んできた。勢い。 肇慶新区の開発を加速することは、肇慶市の都市配置と空間構造をさらに最適化し、南東プレートの協調的発展を促進するのに役立ち、肇慶市が革新的な開発コンセプトとモデルを探求し、高品質な開発のためのデモンストレーションエリアを創設するのに役立つ。肇慶市が大湾区の建設に全面的に参加し、「東を見て東へ突っ走る」ペースを速めるのを支援する。

新地区自体に関しては、新しい位置付けによって霧が晴れ、方向性が示され、「大規模インフラ」から「大規模産業」への戦略的転換に対する自信が強化された。 産業と都市の融合モデルエリアを創設することは、現在の新エリア開発の構造的矛盾を解決し、新エリアの開発をより調整的かつバランスのとれたものにすることであり、新エリアの建設に参加する主要な立場となる。広東・香港・マカオ大湾区は、新区が自らの利点を最大限に発揮し、大湾区の開発と建設に積極的に参加し、肇慶市がその地位を獲得するために代弁することを要求する。都市の質の高い発展の主なエンジンは、新学区が高い基準を遵守し、質の高いさまざまなタスクを推進し、「すべての科目でトップの学生」になるよう努力することを要求し、勇敢に新しい発展の先頭に立ってください。肇慶市の中国式近代化建設を先導するためには、新区が「先頭に立つ」という使命感を持ち、より大きな役割を果たし、都市全体の発展に貢献することが求められる。


この過程において、雄安新区の先進的な発展の道筋は肇慶新区から学ぶ価値がある。 両地区は都市開発戦略の必要性から誕生し、高水準・高品質な開発・建設が行われ、安全な暮らしと幸せな働き方を結びつける新たな発展段階を迎えています。 肇慶新区の党活動委員会の特別展開は次に雄安新区を拠点とし、「新しいイメージ、新しい機能、新しい産業、新しい人材、新しい仕組み」に焦点を当て、精神の偉大な解放を促進する。機能の大幅な向上、スタイルの大幅な変更、および優れた作業 新しいポジショニングを実装および実践します。





「産業投資促進と上陸」会議の戦術は主に「採用」と「上陸」の二つの側面に反映されている。 産業投資促進は肇慶新区開発の生命線プロジェクトであり、投資促進チームは新エネルギー車や自動車部品、ハイエンド電子情報などの「2+3」の主要特色産業に焦点を当て、「ターゲットを絞った投資」を実施した。プロモーション」と「チェーン投資促進」、および一連の「ビッグムーブ」が都市投資の「強力な磁場」を生み出しました。エンタープライズサービスチームは強力なサービス、深い浸透、マルチシナリオでビジネス環境を最適化し続けます。などのモデルを構築し、「1・24・360」の企業サービスルールを探求します。企業は新しい分野でますます発展しています。都市はますますダイナミックになり、資本を増加し、生産を拡大する取り組みが増加し、この都市は発展への自信に満ちています。



「スマートで住みよい都市づくり」決戦の戦略の鍵は、都市の機能支援施設を充実させ、都市の魅力発信を強化し、人口導入と人気の集積を加速することである。 現在、肇慶新区のいたるところで高層ビルの美しい景観が見られるようになりましたが、都市花火はまだ力不足であり、そのためには「都市を利用して産業を牽引し、産業と産業を融合させて都市を活用する」という新たなアプローチが必要です。肇慶新区の都市計画、建設、ガバナンスの改善と正確に結びつけるための「都市、仕事と住宅の両立」を推進し、高品質の都市施設、公共サービス、生態環境に導かれた産業発展ニーズを総合的に改善する。都市機能の充実を図り、ハイレベルな文化・観光・スポーツ活動により活力と活力に満ちた都市を実現します。



「財政・国家資産の質的向上」決戦の戦術は、「安定」と「責任」という二つの性格を際立たせている。 未知の課題とリスクに直面しながらも、肇慶新区は登攀の初期段階にあり、歳入の増加と支出の削減、財政管理能力の向上、賢明な資金の使い方、国有企業の改革の深化に全力を尽くしている。 , 肇慶新区は都市建設、都市投資、都市サービスの発展に注力しており、都市運営と都市運営の4つの主要事業分野により同社のグループ会社への昇格を推進し、一流の都市運営会社を構築し、国有企業の活力と競争力を強化する。



「改革・開放・革新」キャンペーンの戦術は、勢いを高めて領域を拡大することを目的としている。 肇慶市が大湾区建設に参加するための「最初の拠点」として、肇慶新区はソフトウェアとハ​​ードウェアの相互接続、産業の導入、投資と貿易のドッキングなどの点で立地上の優位性を持っています。広東・マカオ深層協力区経済発展局は、その強みを活かして横琴と積極的に協力し、広東・香港・マカオ(肇慶)特色協力区と肇慶新開発区の計画と建設を加速するための戦略的協力を実施した。地区総合保税地域。

「四大決戦」が、「スマートで住みやすい新地区の構築」という新たな使命と、新たな4つの位置付けに内在する要件を包括的に網羅していることは、決して難しいことではない。 肇慶新区が戦略転換の重要な段階で適切な方法と方法を見つけ、「四大合戦」で前半戦の勝利を収めたことは事実も証明しており、都市が示した新たな雰囲気は人々の将来への自信を倍増させた。

03 新しい街の新しい雰囲気



広東・香港・マカオ大湾区生態技術工業団地を見下ろす、かつては池の荒地だった場所に、今では近代的な工場が立ち並んでいます。 アジア太平洋新材料を座標原点にすると、ハオミンシリコーンに隣接し、西には北力華荘と鎮宇科技があり、道路を挟んで常熟自動車装飾、長春白曲などの新エネルギー車と自動車部品があります。業界は勢いを増しており、近い将来、電子情報産業のプロジェクトや動力電池の中核製造装置メーカーが活況を呈しています。



産業が成果を上げ始めていることに加えて、肇慶新区の都市熱も燃え上がっています。 中国音楽祭の余韻、伝統文化と現代の新都市との「中国音楽都市」の対話、フィリピンとイランの男子バスケットボール代表チームが肇慶新区スポーツセンターで熱戦を繰り広げ、ミリアム・ヤンがファンを驚かせた彼女の歌であちこちから人々が集まり、百里サイクリングカーニバルでは多くのサイクリング愛好家が「リピーター」になりました... 今年上半期には、さまざまな大規模なイベントが肇慶新区に50万人以上の観光客を呼び込みました。 「肇慶新区」という名前はますま​​す多くの人に記憶されています。




▲「New Jasmine」ミュージックビデオは肇慶新区スポーツセンターで撮影されました





活気に満ちた肇慶新区を創造するには、引き続き高水準で質の高い都市建設を推進しなければなりません。 肇慶市中山第三医院国家地域医療センターが公開され、地上生態公園と地下下水の「一か所デュアルユース」モデルで高品質資源のバランスのとれた配分を促進する肇慶新区の下水処理場で地下空間の効率的利用を再度探求; 肇慶市回瑞大学 データセンターは都市のスマートシティの「クラウド頭脳」として建設され、100キロメートル以内の伝送品質はわずか2ミリ秒国家コンピューティングハブのエッジシティノードに加わることが期待されています...その結果は、これまでの努力に対する勲章です。下半期に向けて、肇慶新区は役員と従業員の起業家精神に再び火をつけます。果敢に挑戦し、熱心に働き、活気に満ちた肇慶新区の創造に努めます。






肇慶新区の責任者は、次は第13期省党委員会第3回全体会議の精神を徹底的に実行し、省党委員会の「1310」の具体的展開と第5回全体会議の精神を完全に実行すると述べた。第13期市党委員会会議は、情熱、勤勉、忍耐と自信を持って、先頭に立つよう努力し、精力的かつ断固として行動し、困難を克服し、新たな任務と課題を実行し、新たな位置付けを実践し、「大きな戦い」を断固として戦う。製造業プロジェクト建設の推進、高品質発展の「四大決戦」の実施、肇慶市の促進 新地域の戦略的変革は、肇慶市の中核地域の西部成長極への建設を加速する上で、新たかつより大きな貢献をもたらすだろう。珠江デルタと広東・香港・マカオ大湾区の近代的な新都市。










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