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Top 1,000 in the country! These four towns in Zhaoqing were selected

 Top 1,000 in the country! These four towns in Zhaoqing were selected →

Released by Zhaoqing 2023-10-20 19:16 Published in Guangdong



Recently, China’s small and medium-sized city development index

Research team and Guosen Small and Medium City Index Research Institute

Released the "2023 National Thousand Towns Development Report",

Among them, Jinli Town and Lubu Town, Gaoyao, Zhaoqing,

Dasha Town and Longfu Town in Sihui were successfully selected as one of the top 1,000 towns in the country.




△Small and Medium Cities Index Network

Qianqiang Town is the main force in the economic development of the town.

It is a model and leader for high-quality development in the town.

The town is the basic unit of county economic development.

The township is the link between the city and the countryside.

It is to promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas,

An important node to achieve common prosperity.


△Photographed by Liang Liang

These four towns in Zhaoqing City

What’s the secret to being selected as one of the top 1,000 towns in the country?

Let’s take a look↓

Gaoyao District-Jinli Town

Since this year, Jinli Town, as the first echelon of Zhaoqing’s “Two Industry and Two Farmers”, has strictly followed the deployment of the municipal party committee, city government, district party committee, and district government’s pilot work, anchoring the construction of “industry-city integration, job-housing balance, governance With the goal of creating a modern new urban area that is effective, livable and suitable for business, we will solidly advance the work of "high-quality development pilot projects integrating new industrialization and new urbanization" and accelerate high-quality development.


△Jinli Town. Photo by Chen Yancheng

Leading the city with industry to build a new pattern of industrialization

Target investment in leading industries. The focus is on strengthening and replenishing the chain and extending the chain in precise investment promotion in the auto parts, hardware manufacturing, fine chemicals and new building materials industries.

Strengthen the hardware industry, refine the chemical industry, and optimize the building materials industry. Strengthen communication and linkage between local hardware companies and automobile companies such as Xiaopeng Motors, Putilai, Jiali Automotive Lighting, and promote the transformation of Jinli Hardware into higher output value industries such as auto parts hardware and electrical appliance hardware.


△Zhaoqing Jinli Auto Parts Industrial Park. Photo by Deng Darong

For the first time, a group of hardware companies collectively went to the Canton Fair to showcase the regional brand of "Good Hardware, Made by Jinli"; the first Jinli Hardware Expo and Construction Expo were held, and 180 local hardware companies gathered together to "show off their muscles."


△Zhaoqing Jinli Hardware Town. Photo courtesy of Gao Yao

Promote the park to improve quality and efficiency. Accelerate the infrastructure construction of Jinli Starting Area, a large industrial cluster in Guangdong (Zhaoqing). Select high-quality projects to enter the platform to improve platform efficiency.

Build a new pattern of urban-rural integration and balanced development of employment and housing

The formation of convenient transportation network is accelerated. The expansion project of Jiangbindi Road is underway; the construction of Jinli Avenue and the east extension of Jinli Avenue is accelerating and is expected to be functionally open to traffic in December; the construction of more than 10 municipal roads including Gongye Avenue, Chengbei Road, and Donghui Road is accelerating.


△The construction site of Jinli Avenue. Photo by Deng Darong

The functional quality of urban areas continues to improve. The first area of the Guoxin Complex City Plaza has been put into use, and the construction of a number of high-end commercial and residential buildings has been accelerated. The construction of the five-star Daoxi Wyndham Hotel with a design height of 268 meters has begun. It is planned to promote the construction of Junyu Coast Riverside Park and other projects.

Gaoyao District-Lubu Town

Since this year, Lubu Town has focused on the "High-quality Development Project of Hundreds of Counties, Thousands of Towns and Tens of Thousands of Villages", focusing on strengthening manufacturing, refining cultural tourism, and enriching people and revitalizing villages, which has effectively promoted the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.


△Picture source published by Gaoyao

Focus on improving quality and efficiency to strengthen manufacturing industry

Lubu Town has vigorously promoted investment promotion. There are 4 newly introduced projects in the town, including 2 projects exceeding 100 million yuan, all of which have started construction. To promote enterprises to increase investment and expand production, the New Pearl Technology Transformation Project has started construction, and the Bafang Niu Food Expansion Production Line Project has been put into production. We will vigorously revitalize idle resources and revitalize idle old factories through the method of "vacating cages and replacing birds" to help high-quality economic development.


△The production workshop of Guangdong Summit Ceramics Co., Ltd. Image source published by Gaoyao

Highlight cultural heritage and refine cultural tourism

We will upgrade Lubu Qilou Street, Hongxing Pier, etc., innovatively create cultural tourism IP, and combine the Lubu Market Daily Stage and more than 30 specialty restaurants in the town to draw a food map and Lubu one-day tour route. Carry out a variety of mass cultural activities, such as the Second Fishing Festival, Lubu Men's Basketball League, etc. Build a rapeseed flower sightseeing base in Baitu No. 2 Village to enrich rural tourism elements and promote economic development and rural revitalization.


△Picture source published by Gaoyao

Pay attention to cohesion and enrich the people and revitalize the village

Promote the co-construction and sharing of public services. Gather the joint efforts of the society to raise funds to build the upper grade campus of Lubu Central Primary School; mobilize the talents of the countryside to donate large-scale medical equipment to Lubu Central Health Center; launch the upgrading and renovation project of the inpatient department of Lubu Central Health Center. We will continue to develop and expand the village-level collective economy, increase village-level collective income, and focus on building Luocungang and Zhennan villages into sustainable income demonstration villages, achieving full coverage of collective income of more than 100,000 yuan within the year.


△The silk seedlings and rice planting base of Feixiang Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative is located in Baitu No. 2 Village, Lubu Town, Gaoyao District. Image source published by Gaoyao

Sihui City-Dasha Town

In the list of the top 1,000 towns in the country in 2023, Dasha Town in Sihui ranked 816th, an increase of 84 places from last year. The town has been selected as the top 1,000 towns in the country for three consecutive years.


Excellent location and solid foundation for industrial development

As a national key town, a pilot town for the provincial urban-rural integrated development center, a demonstration town for the construction of Meiliwei Town in the province, a pilot town for the construction of "integration of informatization and informatization" in Zhaoqing, and a demonstration town for the construction of Zhaoqing's "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" and "Two Industry and Two Farmers", etc. Dasha Town has an excellent location and solid foundation for industrial development.


Since the beginning of this year, Dasha Town has unswervingly adhered to the goal of becoming an industrially strong town, making traditional industries such as metal products bigger, stronger, and more sophisticated, promoting the coordinated development of upstream and downstream modern industrial chains such as new energy vehicles, electronic information, and advanced materials, and focusing on Create advanced manufacturing clusters.


From January to September, the town's total industrial output value above designated size was 16.438 billion yuan, with 81 newly introduced projects, a planned investment of approximately 31.28 billion yuan, and an estimated annual output value of over 50 billion yuan. At present, Dasha Town has about 280 industrial enterprises, including 126 industrial enterprises above designated size and 74 national high-tech enterprises. It has been selected as one of the top 1,000 towns in the country for three consecutive years.

Accelerate the construction of livable, industrial and beautiful villages, develop and enrich the people and rejuvenate the villages


△Children are playing happily under the signs of Zhongbu Village and Xiabu Village in Dasha Town. Photo by Zhang Liangyan

In terms of accelerating the construction of a livable, workable and beautiful countryside and vigorously developing industries that enrich the people and revitalize the village, Dasha focuses on "one village, one product, one town, one industry", focusing on building a "model town" for rural revitalization and comprehensively improving the level of the agricultural industry. Dasha Town actively taps the "potential" of towns and villages, effectively promoting the steady growth of village collective economic income. The village-level collective economy of all 13 villages in the town has exceeded 200,000 yuan, and the total operating income has exceeded 10 million yuan.

Sihui City-Longfu Town

Longfu Town is located in the middle reaches of the Suijiang River, a tributary of the Beijiang River. It has concentrated industrial planning, guaranteed infrastructure, and sufficient land stock. It has the Zhaoqing (Sihui) Electronic Information Industrial Park and a good electronic information supporting industry foundation. It is reported that Longfu Town was selected into the list of the top 1,000 towns in the country for the first time, ranking 990th.


△Aerial photography of the beautiful countryside of Longfu Town. Picture source released by the Fourth Session

The town’s economy is growing and building a tens-billion-level industrial town

Longfu Town's regional economy has grown and it has become a tens-billion-level industrial town. From January to August, Longfu Park introduced 6 projects exceeding 100 million yuan; the Electronic Information Industrial Park introduced 2 projects exceeding 100 million yuan; 6 projects are under negotiation, 17 projects are under construction, and 8 projects are planned to be put into production this year.


△Photo provided by Sihui Industrial Park Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone

Longfu Town has centralized industrial planning, guaranteed infrastructure, sufficient land stock, large space for land appreciation, flat and open terrain, easy development, and the advantage of expansion space.

At present, Longfu Town has the Zhaoqing (Sihui) Electronic Information Industrial Park, and has a good electronic information supporting industry foundation, which has the prerequisites for "industry-based recruitment". Driven by the development of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects", Longfu Town entered the national "Top Thousand Towns" list for the first time.



Zhaoqing will continue to have high standards, high quality,

Promote high-level efforts with all our strength,

The blueprint for the development of “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects”

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