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The first Jinli Hardware International Expo is about to be held from June 17th to 19th, 2023 in Jinli Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City--Good hardware, Creat in JinLi

Show off the best products during the "Million Million Project"! The first Jinli Hardware International Expo is about to be held!

Gaoyao Release 2023-05-10 18:22 Published in Guangdong

The first Jinli Hardware International Expo is about to be held in June 17th to 19th, 2023

Recently, the reporter learned from the Management Committee of Zhaoqing Jinli High tech Zone that,

China Zhaoqing (Jinli) Traditional Dragon Boat Competition

The First Jinli Hardware International Expo From June 17th to 19th, 2023

Held in Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town.

There will be over 300 stalls at that time,

In the newly completed Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town

Foreign exhibitions will be held on the Industrial Avenue,

The exhibition will bring together various merchants from home and abroad,

Jointly showcasing Jinli's complete hardware industry chain to the world

Rich hardware formats and high-quality hardware products.

Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town

▲ Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town. Photographed by Deng Darong


Jinli's local hardware enterprises are rubbing their hands and actively preparing for the exhibition,

Strive to make an appearance at the first "doorstep" event,

Show through practical actions

The spirit of "developing together and bravely standing at the forefront" in the high demand dragon boat race.

Jinli hardware products-Gaoyao,Zhaoqing

▲ Jinli hardware products. Photographed by Chen Yancheng

Zhaoqing Hongfeng Zhiyang Precision Products Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development of damper core technology in Jinli. With a strong product research and development team and professional laboratory testing equipment, it has already taken the forefront of industry development.

The enterprise has been deeply involved in the damping core circuit for more than ten years, continuously researching and developing hardware accessories damping cores. The production and development of various types of buffer systems are more optimized in structure and have a longer service life, while solving the pain points of traditional products such as oil leakage and after-sales difficulties. The damping hinges produced by enterprises have now seized the market share in international markets such as Europe, America, and the Middle East.

In preparation for this exhibition, Hongfeng Zhiyang innovates traditional craftsmanship and will launch the latest patented product - detachable damping hinge, striving to win the attention of the "big market" with small accessories.

Tan Fayang, General Manager of Zhaoqing Hongfeng Zhiyang Precision Products Co., Ltd

Creating Jinli's own exhibition is to make Jinli Hardware stand out in the national and even global environment, so that customers who need hardware products can think of Jinli as soon as possible. We are currently preparing for the exhibition, and our new products have undergone strict testing and also possess patented technology and intellectual property rights. We believe that we can showcase the best products to customers at the exhibition

As for the merchants who came to Jinli,

How to gain their favor,

Everyone needs to rely on their abilities,

Form your own characteristics in terms of craftsmanship, design, and cost

Tan Fayang, who holds 38 patents, believes that,

Hardware enterprises need to become bigger and stronger,

We must focus on product innovation and brand promotion.

And at the "doorstep" exhibition,

It will definitely bring potential market opportunities for more hardware enterprises in Jinli.

Hongfeng Zhiyang, as an enterprise with rich exhibition experience,

Tan Fayang is confident in winning more favor at this expo.

Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town

▲ Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town. Photographed by Deng Darong

Tan Fayang stated that,

Holding the first International Hardware Expo in Jinli is a grand event for the people of Jinli. I hope to take this opportunity to hold an exhibition at the "doorstep" to strengthen communication with international traders, further expand and consolidate customer chains in regions such as the Middle East, Europe and America, and showcase new products and technologies of "Good Hardware, Jinli Manufacturing" to the market and industry.


The hardware industry has become a high-demand Jinli town

A beautiful business card,

In recent years, the town has taken advantage of industrial agglomeration,

'Small hardware' has become a 'big industry',

Gradually embark on a new path of high-quality development.

New Yongchang production workshop with full operation

▲ New Yongchang production workshop with full operation. Photographed by Chen Yancheng

Jinli High tech Zone focuses on automotive parts

Leading industries in hardware, fine chemicals, and new building materials,

Make every effort to build a manufacturing industry cluster worth hundreds of billions,

We have created and upgraded an automotive parts industry park

Hardware Smart Manufacturing Town, etc

A batch of high-quality industrial development platforms.

According to statistics, there are over 5800 enterprises and individual businesses in the hardware industry of Jinli Town, producing over 300 categories and 2000 varieties of hardware products. Thirty percent of the products are exported to countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, with over 70000 employees. The "big hardware" industry pattern has basically formed.

With the holding of the first Jinli Hardware International Expo,

More hardware companies will gather together,

Collisions will surely radiate new vitality,

Good hardware, Creat in JinLi

The golden signboard will continue to be polished!

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