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The development here will get better and better! "New energy vehicle merchants are optimistic about Zhaoqing

The development here will get better and better! "New energy vehicle merchants are optimistic about Zhaoqing

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-05-25 23:31 Published in Guangdong

On May 25th,

The Zhaoqing New Energy Vehicle Industry Investment Promotion Conference opened,

Global automotive component manufacturers gather in Zhaoqing,

Talk about industrial development together.

That morning,

Customer representatives go to Zhaoqing High tech Zone

Zhaoqing New Area conducts an investment environment inspection.

In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Park of Zhaoqing High tech Zone,

Deng Jirong, Director of Zhaoqing High tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau

In front of the panoramic sand table in the high-tech zone,

Introduce the location advantages and industrial layout of the high-tech zone

Welcome everyone to the Zhaoqing National High tech Zone, which can provide 10 square kilometers of industrial land for the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Currently, more than 4000 acres of mature land are available at any time


Customers come to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Park in Zhaoqing High tech Zone. South+Lu Shuman shooting

Zhaoqing High tech Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Park

Fully completed in April 2021

And officially put into use,

Covering an area of 186 acres,

The total construction area is 136000 square meters,

It is a collection of research and development, pilot testing

A modern technology park that integrates production.


Taken by Wang Zhenyu


95 projects have been settled in the park,

Including the Optoelectronic Technology Research Institute of South China Normal University

Cross border e-commerce industrial park

Postdoctoral Innovation (Zhaoqing) Demonstration Center

Zhaoqing Hong Kong Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, etc.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Park in Zhaoqing High tech Zone. Data map


Merchants come to Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Internet Connection

On site of the Automotive Parts Industrial Park project,

On site understanding of Zhaoqing High tech Zone

Layout in the new energy vehicle industry.


The merchants came to the project site of Xiaopeng Automobile Intelligent Connected Automotive Parts Industrial Park. South+Lu Shuman shooting

Zhaoqing High tech Zone, with Xiaopeng Automobile

Ningde Times is a chain owner enterprise,

High level planning for Zhaoqing Dawang

New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Industry City,

Efforts will be made to build a large industrial platform with an area of ten thousand acres and a hundred billion yuan.


▲ Ruiqing Era Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

The last station,

Merchants enter the

Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone.


▲ Merchants enter the large industrial cluster area of Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) located in Zhaoqing New Area. South+Lu Shuman shooting

Standing on the observation tower,

Merchants overlook the future of Zhaoqing's industry.

According to the introduction,

At present, new energy vehicles in Zhaoqing New Area

And 30 components manufacturing industry projects,

Covering the upstream, midstream, and downstream of the industrial chain

Many product categories, with a total investment of approximately 8.1 billion yuan.


Several high-quality enterprise projects have settled in the starting area of Dinghu Zhaoqing New Area, a large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing). Tuyuan Dinghu Release

The location advantage is obvious,

The industrial context is clear,

Many merchants like Zhaoqing.

Wang Xiaoju, Asia Operations Director of Rolls Royce Automotive Parts (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., stated

I believe that in the future, as our cooperation with customers in southern China such as Xiaopeng Motors continues to deepen, we will also choose to layout in southern China. Zhaoqing will be a good choice at that time

Shen Xianghui, Minister of Development and Business Department of Chuandao Textile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said

Through these planning introductions, I feel that the development of Zhaoqing is very fast, and the city's thinking, layout, and service awareness are very mature. I believe that Zhaoqing will definitely develop better and better in the future

Introduction by the representative of Zhaoqing High tech Zone,

The education system in the district is well-established,

Adequate medical security,

Housing prices are relatively low,

There are everything from star rated hotels to cultural and sports centers,

It is a place suitable for living, business, and business.


▲ Zhaoqing High tech Zone. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Many merchants highly appreciate this point

Liu Erfan, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Iron Anchor Technology Co., Ltd., said

Talents are the primary productive force, and only by ensuring logistical support can we hire and retain people

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