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Zhaoqing Sihui Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) Project Construction Promotion Meeting

Zhaoqing Sihui Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) Project Construction Promotion Meeting

Release date: 2023-06-07

In order to implement the service mechanism of Sihui City's "projects put forward requirements and departments will provide services", provide service guarantees around key projects, and efficiently promote the early implementation and effectiveness of key projects, on the morning of June 5, 2023, members of the Standing Committee of the Sihui Municipal Committee and Dasha Town Party Secretary He Zhengli presided over the Zhaoqing Sihui Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) project construction promotion meeting. Dasha Town, Sihui Municipal Resources Bureau, Sihui Municipal Justice Bureau, Sihui Municipal Investment Promotion Center, Zhaoqing Municipal Public Resources Trading Center The responsible comrades of the Huihui Branch Center, Sihui City State Assets Company, Sihui Rural Commercial Bank, and Zhaoqing Sihui Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) attended the meeting.

At the meeting, various departments conducted in-depth discussions and research on the land disputes, water and electricity supply guarantees, road network construction and other issues of the B Baocang Project, understood the bottlenecks in project advancement, listened to the difficulties and pain points faced by the company, and made suggestions and solutions based on their own functions. measure.

He Zhengli emphasized that corporate services must be forward-looking, proactive, and continuous, and must ensure the implementation of major projects with the best attitude, greatest efforts, and best services, and stand up the industrial "backbone" of Sihui City's modernization construction at a new height. 

First, we must improve our ideological stance and actively shoulder our responsibilities. From responding to requests to proactively asking for them, we treat the company's affairs as our own business, and provide the best services for projects with first-class attitude, first-class service, first-class rule of law and first-class business environment. 

Second, we must implement it in depth and continue to improve the service system. Deeply promote the "project whistle-blowing, department reporting" mechanism, improve the normalized party-government-enterprise communication mechanism, improve the system for leading cadres and departments to contact and serve enterprises, improve the department linkage assistance mechanism, and form the greatest synergy to improve the business environment. 

Third, we must strengthen supervision and promote high-quality project implementation. Each department must combine its own functions and responsibilities to refine large projects and projects, use task-based management, list-based promotion, and sales-type supervision to identify difficulties and blocking points at each stage, and promote implementation through responsibility-driven implementation. Complete all stages of work.

We hope that business leaders from all over the world will come to Sihui and take a look.

We sincerely hope to be friends with the whole world, and we sincerely do business with the whole world.

If there is anything we can't do well, I hope you can give us some suggestions.

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