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[Investment Promotion]In 2024, watch Zhaoqing Sihui City’s “technology + industry” create new momentum

In 2024, watch Zhaoqing Sihui City’s “technology + industry” create new momentum

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Scientific and technological innovation is not only a key variable in solving development problems, but also the largest increment in promoting high-quality development. On February 22, 2024, Sihui City held a high-quality development conference, focusing on the goal of 100 billion counties, proposing to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the economy, industrial transformation and upgrading, firmly grasping the "big nose" of technological innovation, and promoting Industrial development and technological innovation are deeply integrated and mutually reinforcing to accelerate the cultivation of new productive forces.

The scenery on both sides of the river in Sihui City.

The scenery on both sides of the river in Sihui City. 

01  Transformation and upgrading of traditional industries seeking new changes

Guangdong Gaodeng Aluminum Co., Ltd., located in Nanjiang Industrial Park in Sihui City, was established in 1999. It is a company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of aluminum deep processing products throughout the industry chain.

From producing aluminum doors and windows, traditional building materials with low added value, to focusing on innovation in aluminum coatings, developing wood grain aluminum profiles and participating in the formulation of national standards for wood grain aluminum profiles; to in-depth structural innovation of aluminum products, focusing on aluminum The development of thermal and sound insulation and other properties has led to the development of various home decoration aluminum products... Over the years, Gordon Aluminum has continued to increase research and development and investment, repairing the company's internal strength, and also promoting its continuous growth and development.

R&D personnel of Guangdong Gordon Aluminum Group test products

R&D personnel of Guangdong Gordon Aluminum Group test products

Introduction by Li Jing, Executive President of Gordon Aluminum

"Aluminum is widely used. We hope to make higher-end and more sophisticated aluminum products, extend to various sectors, serve all walks of life, and be used in all aspects of daily life. At present, our aluminum products not only cover the home , construction, decoration, industry and other fields, and has further extended to solar photovoltaics, medical equipment and other fields. In the past two years, we have also actively participated in the innovative R&D and manufacturing of new energy parts, and successfully passed the IATF16949 international automobile quality management in 2022 System certification, production products have been supplied to many automobile brands.”

Frontline workers of Guangdong Gordon Aluminum Group inspect equipment

Frontline workers of Guangdong Gordon Aluminum Group inspect equipment

Gordon Aluminum is the epitome of Sihui City's enterprises seeking high-quality development, and also the epitome of Sihui City's promotion of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as metal processing to build a modern industrial system. In 2024, Sihui City will continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promote the high-end development of the metal processing industry, focus on the development of copper deep processing and aluminum deep processing in areas such as building profiles and industrial profiles, accelerate technological transformation and product iteration, and continue to move towards Extended development in the field of new metal materials.

02   Precise investment promotion to enhance technological strength

High-tech enterprises are the main body of scientific and technological innovation, and the number of high-tech enterprises demonstrates the local scientific and technological strength. In 2023, Sihui City will add 37 new high-tech enterprises, bringing the total number to 219, and 216 enterprises will be included in the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises database. Carrying out precise investment promotion around leading industries - selecting the best and strongest ones is one of the measures taken by Sihui City to further strengthen its scientific and technological strength.

Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd., which settled in 2018, is a leading copper deep processing enterprise introduced by the Sihui in recent years, focusing on chain master type, scientific innovation type, supporting type, and growth type.

Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd. 

Introduction by Li Feng, General Manager of Guangdong Jintian Copper Industry

"We have always adhered to the strategic positioning of technological innovation and double upgrade of products and customers. In recent years, we have made great breakthroughs in many subdivisions. For example, in 5G communications, the company developed VC etched vapor chamber high-performance copper strips, which has surpassed foreign companies. Monopoly. The company also plans to continue to increase investment in technology research and development, accelerate the layout of market segments such as new energy vehicles and IGBT semiconductors, and consolidate and strengthen core technological advantages with independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, in terms of promoting digital transformation, the company We have also established a professional digital platform to support full value chain operations.”

Intelligent production line of Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd.

Intelligent production line of Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd. 

In the new material workshop of Guangdong Jintian Copper Industry, the production equipment does not stop 24 hours a day. After drawing, painting, taking up and other links, fifty or sixty tons of electromagnetic wires are produced and shipped to various places every day. The production progress of this process is , order volume, quality yield and other data can be viewed on the digital platform established by it.

On the copper bar production line of Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd., workers in various positions operate the machines for production.

On the copper bar production line of Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd., workers in various positions operate the machines for production. 

Li Feng said

"In the future, we will also make full use of new generation digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to continuously improve the level of manufacturing intelligence, further upgrade the construction and upgrade of digital platforms, and establish a comprehensively interconnected, safe and efficient information architecture."

It is reported that,

According to the direction and focus of industrial attraction, Sihui City will also focus on attracting a number of major projects with large investment, large volume, high technology and high output. At the same time, the main enterprises in the Juli chain carry out precise investment promotion in the industrial chain, strengthen demand docking, seize major opportunities for counterpart assistance in Guangzhou, focus on seizing leaders, attracting headquarters, gathering relevant parties, and actively undertake the orderly transfer of industries.

Fuxi Industrial Park, Dasha Town.

Fuxi Industrial Park, Dasha Town. 

03   Optimize the ecological environment for technological innovation

Guangdong Feinan Resource Utilization Co., Ltd., a listed company located in Luoyuan Town, Sihui City, is an environmental protection enterprise engaged in the recycling and utilization of renewable resources. It has launched a waste electric circuit board resource utilization project at its Zhaoqing base and is also planning and constructing Phase III multi-metal resources comprehensive utilization project to expand production scale. The company insists on using technology to drive business development and has become one of the leading companies in the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources industry in my country.

Guangdong Feinan Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Feinan Resources Utilization Co., Ltd. 

Sun Yanjun, general manager of the company, once said

Feinan Resources will continue to increase innovation and research and development to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness. But he also hopes that government departments can further develop multi-level capital markets on the basis of existing work to provide enterprises with more financing channels and help them develop.

A good development environment is conducive for enterprises to carry out various innovative attempts. At the High-Quality Development Conference, Sihui City proposed to improve the allocation mechanism of scientific and technological resources that are closely linked to platform carriers, top talents, and R&D investment, guide resource elements such as land, capital, and talents to tilt towards the field of scientific and technological innovation, and further optimize the scientific and technological innovation ecosystem. environment.

Jianggu Fine Chemical Park, Sihui City.

Jianggu Fine Chemical Park, Sihui City. 

Increase policy support

On the one hand, it is increasing policy support to support and guide companies to increase investment in research and development, and plans to invest more than 1.45 billion yuan in corporate research and development expenses (R&D) this year. At the same time, we will strengthen incentives for enterprise transformation and upgrading, establish incentive mechanisms based on enterprise output value, taxation, technological innovation, etc., focus on supporting enterprises to increase technological transformation and investment in science and technology, and promote enterprises to improve quality, efficiency, transformation and upgrading.

Construction of scientific and technological innovation platform

In terms of the construction of a scientific and technological innovation platform, the Fourth Committee will accelerate the establishment of a provincial high-tech zone in Jianggu Fine Chemical Industry Base, develop and expand the high-tech industry in the park, and support leading industrial enterprises, universities, and scientific research institutes to jointly build national and provincial-level high-tech zones. Key laboratories and engineering technology research centers will strive to add more than two provincial-level innovation platforms within the year. At the same time, we will further optimize the construction and operation of science and technology incubation carriers such as Sihui Maker Space and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Park, actively promote the construction of high-level science and technology incubation platforms such as Guangdong Huashang University and South China Agricultural University Pearl River College, and accelerate the formation of "Maker Space-Incubator" —Accelerator—Professional Park” complete incubation system.


Zhaoqing City very much welcomes technology companies and technology giants to start their own businesses in Zhaoqing.The creative atmosphere in Zhaoqing City is very good.

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