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Start sprinting! Deqing uses "mother-like" services to promote corporate project construction and start production "hot and spicy"

Start sprinting! Deqing uses "mother-like" services to promote corporate project construction and start production "hot and spicy"

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-02-28 22:24 Guangdong

The plan for the year begins in spring, and it is the right time to pioneer and forge ahead.

The Spring Festival holiday has just passed, and various projects and industrial enterprises under construction in Deqing County have started the "hot" production mode, going all out and working at full capacity to build, rush orders, and seize the market, sprinting from the beginning to seize the first place. The first quarter got off to a good start.

On February 26, 2024, I saw in the Deqing County Industrial Park-Baking Industrial Park that five projects were started intensively. Transport vehicles shuttled back and forth. Multiple large excavators waved buckets and leveled the ground back and forth. Workers They were constructing in an orderly manner at their respective posts, and the roar of machinery sounded the "drum of endeavor" for project construction, playing the "song of spring" for high-quality development.

Deqing Baking Industrial Park

Introduction by the relevant person in charge of Deqing Baking Industrial Park

The project has a total investment of 340 million yuan and covers an area of about 128 acres. After all standards are reached, the annual output value will be 454 million yuan and the annual tax will be more than 21 million yuan. It will create thousands of jobs and accelerate the agglomeration of the leading machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in Deqing County. High-quality development of the real economy has injected strong impetus.

Gong Tao, deputy general manager of the Deqing Baking Industrial Park project, said

"We resumed work on the eighth day of the new year, and basically all employees are on duty. Our work progress is to complete all positive and negative zeros in April, and complete the construction and hand it over to the owners in July. During this process, the government departments have been very helpful to us. Are there any difficulties? Even during the Spring Festival, I will come to help solve the problem as soon as possible, which is really heartwarming."

The start was off to a good start. In the production workshop of Guangdong Xinfeng Fan Co., Ltd., another company in Deqing County Industrial Park, there is also a hot production scene. Multiple CNC laser cutting machines, automatic welding machines and other automated equipment are running at high speed. Workers are cutting, Polishing, inspection, packaging, etc., all work is in progress in an orderly manner.

Deqing County Industrial Park

Nie Ruiquan, manager of the company's production department, said

"Our company has received an order worth 30 million yuan two years ago. We have resumed work and production since the ninth day of the first lunar month with all employees on duty and fully devoted to this production. This year we plan to continue to expand overseas markets and accelerate the construction of the third phase of the project. It is expected to be put into production in May this year. Overall, this year’s sales target is 10% to 20% higher than last year.”

Deqing County Industrial Park

The smooth advancement of the company's production expansion project is inseparable from the government's all-round and precise services. Just like the "mother-like" service, the project construction will not stop and the investment will continue to be delayed.

Nie Ruiquan said

"The government has always given great support to the development of enterprises. It provides completely 'mother-like' services. For example, there are service specialists who specialize in serving enterprises. If you have any problems, you can go to the specialists and they will be solved quickly. There are also During the construction of the third phase of the project, he also helped the company coordinate various departments, solved many problems, and made the project progress as scheduled."

at present,There are still many projects and companies under construction in Deqing County to get off to a good start in the first quarter.

During the Spring Festival holiday, Deqing County effectively strengthened the production guarantee for enterprises that "continue production" during the holiday, strengthened the connection between corporate services and demand, and paid close attention to "non-stop production" services to ensure that enterprises in the county can produce normally during the holiday. After the Spring Festival holiday, Deqing County put all its power into opening a new round of "busy production, attracting big business, and promoting development". It paid close attention to the system of service specialists to contact the enterprises, and promptly went to various projects under construction and resumption of work. service, understand the company's resumption of production, employees' return to work, and order status, coordinate various departments to actively carry out "enterprise warm-up" actions, and make every effort to promote the orderly resumption of work and production.

Deqing County Industrial Park

Liu Yuting, director of Deqing County Investment Promotion Center, said

"We have fully launched the investment promotion work and are planning to establish a local investment promotion team. We will set up Deqing local investment promotion offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places to gather key areas and key industries for precise investment promotion. At the same time, we will continue to deepen the manufacturing industry Project construction "big battle", concentrate resources and energy to promote early start, early production and early results of the project. In terms of corporate land, employment, park infrastructure supporting facilities, etc., strengthen the guarantee of project implementation elements, enhance the park's carrying capacity and attractiveness, and Give full play to the role of the eight specialized classes in serving enterprises and provide enterprises with full-process 'mother-like' services."

Accelerate from the start,

Start with a sprint.

Next, Deqing County will thoroughly implement the spirit of the province-wide and city-wide high-quality development conference, take the opportunity of in-depth implementation of the "conference battle" of manufacturing projects, continue to promote the ten actions of "manufacturing leadership", and strive to strengthen the leader and strengthen the chain. , build platforms and gather groups, attract high-quality projects to settle in Deqing with the greatest sincerity, strengthen the guarantee of project elements with the best services, promote the implementation of projects with maximum efforts, and strive to achieve the "acceleration" of high-quality development of Deqing's real economy in the new journey. 

Deqing County Investment Promotion Bureau

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Tel:   0086-758-7780802

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