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Guangdong Industry | Adhere to leading the construction of modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation

Guangdong Industry | Adhere to leading the construction of modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation

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The All-Guangdong Provincial High-Quality Development Conference made arrangements to promote industrial technological innovation and develop new productive forces. It proposed that talents should be regarded as treasures, work together with enterprises, use the market to cultivate momentum, and seek vitality from reform. It issued a message to the entire province towards industry. A mobilization order to climb the peak of science and technology. Guangdong, which is running on a new track of high-quality development, is accelerating the integrated development of industry and science and technology. It insists on leading the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, speeding up and setting a new trend.

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Just after the Spring Festival holiday, all enterprises in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone are busy with production and going all out for research and development. In the production workshop of Zhaoqing Leoch Power Technology Co., Ltd., the fully automatic energy storage battery assembly line is running non-stop. This production line was put into use in January this year. The efficiency has increased by nearly three times, and the quality of the products produced is also more stable. .

Promoting industrial technological innovation and developing new productive forces is Guangdong’s strategic move and long-term policy. Guangdong has vigorously promoted the mutual promotion of industry and science and technology, made important progress in the construction of a modern industrial system, and achieved new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation.

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On the track of scientific and technological innovation, enterprises are the natural protagonists. Guangdong is a fertile ground for investment and business. The number of high-tech enterprises in the province exceeds 75,000, accounting for 1/6 of the country. It ranks first in the country for eight consecutive years. A number of enterprises have grown into world-class enterprises. Level innovative enterprises, a series of specialized and special new enterprises thrive, and a large number of innovative resources are gathered in high-quality enterprises.

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High-quality development is essentially innovation-driven development. At the High-Quality Development Conference, Guangdong Fenji Yangfan’s “road map” and “construction order” became increasingly clear. "Improving quality with innovation" has become the most colorful logo. Guangdong is making every effort to climb towards the peak of industrial science and technology, accelerating the creation of an industrial science and technology innovation center with global influence, and continuously enhancing the "hard power" of high-quality development.

guangdong,zhaoqing,china,asia,Industry,Zhaoqing High-tech Zone,technological innovation,

Zhaoqing City very much welcomes technology companies and technology giants to start their own businesses in Zhaoqing.The creative atmosphere in Zhaoqing City is very good.

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