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Sihui City: Striving for the first position and accelerating the construction of a 100-billion-RMB county

Sihui City: Striving for the first position and accelerating the construction of a 100-billion-RMB county

Released by Sihui City 2024-02-18 13:33 Guangdong

In the spring of 2023, Sihui City has anchored the goal of "promoting to the top 100 list, building a 100-billion county, and striving to become a provincial model".

Based on industrial support, we should firmly face the goals and forge ahead in the face of challenges. Nowadays, Sihui City has successfully entered the list of "Top 100 Counties and Cities in Comprehensive Strength in the Country" and has been selected as a typical county in the province's "Hundreds and Tens of Millions Project" initiative. The regional GDP is steadily moving towards the 100 billion yuan mark.

01 The foundation of “Manufacturing Industry Leadership” is laid solid

The confidence to take the lead comes from the "tough" manufacturing industry. In 2023, Sihui City will implement the "Ten Actions" to become the leader in the manufacturing industry. Industrial investment will increase by 15.3% year-on-year, industrial electricity consumption will hit a record high, and a number of high-quality projects will be introduced with quick results, sufficient hematopoietic function, and strong driving ability.

Sihui City actively cultivates strategic emerging industries and accelerates the layout of new energy vehicles, new energy storage and other industries. The new energy intelligent connected automobile industry cluster was selected as the national small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cluster in 2023. GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the world's top 500 new energy companies, plans to settle in 6 projects with a planned investment of 5.17 billion yuan, which will create a Greater Bay Area The first base of new energy intelligent manufacturing in the district.

△Sihui City promotes the Sihui Industrial Park in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone to build a high-end copper-based new material industrial base.

While emerging industries are gaining momentum, technological transformation of traditional advantageous industries continues to advance. Jintian Copper, the country's leading copper processing enterprise, has entered the new energy vehicle track, achieving an output value of nearly 17 billion yuan. Feinan Company, which focuses on the comprehensive utilization of multi-metal resources, has sounded the bell to go public. Sihui City's metal deep processing is accelerating towards the level of 100 billion yuan. Industrial clusters.

Sihui City insists on promoting the city with industry, developing industry with the city, and integrating industry and city. Urban and rural infrastructure and public service facilities have been continuously upgraded, and the mileage of newly built, renovated and expanded roads reaches 78 kilometers. The development of the jade industry has reached a new height, with the China·Sihui Jade Culture Festival and the China-Myanmar Jade Industry Development Conference held; the business economy continues to prosper, and it has been selected as a national-level county-level commercial construction action demonstration county.

02 Technology empowers industry revitalization

“Technology empowers industries to prosper, and innovative breakthroughs are a model.” Weng Zhuohui, Secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, said that Sihui City will adhere to technological innovation to lead high-quality development, consolidate and enhance the positive economic recovery, and strive to achieve a GDP of over 800 this year. 100 million yuan, be a good example.

Sihui City will use science and technology to empower new industrialization, vigorously attract high-tech enterprises, and develop strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and new energy storage. It will continue to increase R&D investment and guide enterprises to carry out high-end, digital, and green transformation. Cultivate more high-tech enterprises; promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as "fine", "copper", "jade" and "aluminum" products.

Industry is the backbone of Sihui City, and agriculture is the foundation of Sihui City. Sihui City will empower agricultural modernization with science and technology, consolidate and improve the achievements of provincial agricultural science and technology parks, vigorously develop smart agriculture and digital agriculture, create standardized production demonstration samples of sugar oranges, orchids, high-value aquatic products and other agricultural products, and strengthen the processing of agricultural products. Industrial and Beverage Food Prepared Dish Industry.

In order to promote the high-end development of the tertiary industries empowered by technology, Sihui City will take the construction of towns with jade cultural characteristics and a digital intelligent processing system base for the jewelry and jade industry as the starting point to promote the development of high-end, intelligent and branded jade industries.

In addition, Sihui City will further carry out the "building a nest to attract Phoenix" action, optimize the "1+4+N" industrial park pattern, make every effort to build a large-scale industrial agglomeration area with a "10,000 acres and 100 billion" industrial platform, and accelerate the fine chemical industrial park The park will expand its capacity and improve its quality, creating a demonstration park and a provincial high-tech zone for promoting industrial transfer in the province, promoting Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Sihui Industrial Park to build a high-end copper-based new material industrial base, and accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading of Nanjiang Industrial Park.

03 "Hundreds of projects" take advantage of the trend

In 2023, Sihui City will make every effort to promote the "High-quality Development Project of Hundreds of Counties, Thousands of Towns and Tens of Thousands of Villages" (hereinafter referred to as the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects") to take off, and the construction of the "43223" town development pattern will be accelerated. Dasha Town, Longfu The town has joined hands to be selected as one of the top 1,000 towns in the country, and 3 towns and 14 villages have been selected as typical towns and villages in the "Hundreds and Thousands Project" in Guangdong and Zhaoqing.

In 2024, Sihui City will focus on coordinating urban-rural integration and coordinated regional development, and promote the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" to gain momentum again.

Give full play to the radiating influence as the sub-central city of Zhaoqing Municipality, improve and strengthen the central urban area of the Fourth Huizhou City, adhere to the urban development path of "supporting the river, advancing eastward, expanding southward, optimizing the west, connecting to the north, and improving the quality of the center", and scientifically divide production, Life and ecological layout.

Towns are the basic unit of county development. Sihui City will strengthen the node functions of towns, cities and villages, and build a complete service circle, a prosperous business circle and a convenient living circle. Efforts will be made to build a demonstration town for the integration of industry and city in Dasha Town, and elaborately build industrial parks in professional industrial towns such as Longfu and Xiamao to strengthen the town's industrial economy; accelerate the promotion of characteristic agriculture in agricultural professional towns such as Shigou and Huangtian to increase the scale and tree Brand, increase benefits; cultivate characteristic towns such as Luoyuan and Weizheng to develop rural tourism.

At the village level, Sihui City will carry out in-depth team building operations for typical villages, memorize the six-character formula of "rich, clean, green, beautiful, strong, and governed" to guide typical villages to take the lead in exploring high-quality development in the village area. Based on experience, we will create hygienic towns and villages, civilized towns and villages, forest towns and villages, rural governance demonstration towns and villages, Meiliwei towns and safe villages, promote the improvement of the quality, safety and style of rural farm buildings in villages, and promote the transformation of rural scenic spots with aesthetic thinking.

With the deepening of green and beautiful ecological construction, afforestation, love and protection of greenery have become common practice in Sihui. Next, the Fourth Committee will focus on improving the "green content", "carbon reduction" and "gold content", organize and carry out the "Thousands of Trees in One Village, Thousands of Trees in One Village" campaign to coordinate the improvement of greening levels in towns, villages and other areas.


Weng Zhuohui, Secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor:

Focusing on the "Seven Outstandings", Create Advanced and Be a Model

“Sihui City will promote the various tasks of the ‘Hundred Thousand Thousand Projects’ with the highest intensity and determination, serve as the main force in Zhaoqing City’s promotion of new industrialization, accelerate the construction of Zhaoqing City’s sub-central city, and Zhaoqing City’s demonstration county for the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and strive to Achieve high-quality development in Sihui City." Weng Zhuohui, Secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, introduced that the Sihui City has issued the "Sihui City Promotes the Provincial "High-Quality Development Project of Hundreds of Counties, Thousands of Towns and Tens of Thousand Villages"" Typical Counties (Pioneering Category) Construction" Plan" will closely focus on the "seven outstanding points" and strive to be advanced and model in seven aspects.

Sihui City will highlight the manufacturing industry, create advanced and model industries, and build two 100-billion-level industrial clusters in new energy vehicles and metal deep processing, a 50-billion-level industrial cluster in new energy storage, as well as electronic information, Three tens-billion-level industrial clusters including fine chemicals and green building materials.

Sihui City will highlight the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, optimize and strengthen the central urban area, continue to improve the functions of towns and villages, promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas, create an advanced and model model in dual promotion, and transform the shortcomings of unbalanced urban and rural regional development into the greatest potential board. .

Sihui City will highlight the construction of the human settlement environment, focus on the construction of harmonious villages, promote the construction of beautiful Wei towns, carry out green and beautiful ecological construction, become advanced and model in optimizing the environment, and answer the priority questions on comprehensive environmental improvement and the must-answer questions on style management and control. , extra points for the construction of Meiliwei Town, and basic questions for greening and beautification.

Sihui City will focus on consolidating its foundation and increasing efficiency, making up for shortcomings in infrastructure, improving public service levels, strengthening grassroots social governance, and creating an advanced and exemplary role in benefiting people's livelihood.

Sihui City will highlight the construction of cultural brands, consolidate the achievements in the creation of civilized cities across the country, polish the brand of "Sifang Huicui, China's Jade Capital", build a modern ancient city, and become a famous cultural and tourism city, and create an advanced and model example in the development of culture.

Sihui City will highlight the reform of systems and mechanisms, be an advanced and exemplary model in releasing potential, and actively explore more reform projects guided by the reform of systems and mechanisms for high-quality development of the county economy.

Sihui City will highlight the participation of social forces, give full play to the leading role of party building, win the support of assistance units, further promote enterprise pairing assistance, solidly carry out the "Double Hundred Action", and create advanced and model in terms of cohesion.


四会市公開 2024-02-18 13:33 広東省


産業界の支援をもとに、しっかりと目標に向き合い、課題に向かって突き進んでいきたいと思います。 現在、四会市は「全国総合力トップ100県市」にランクインし、同省の「数億プロジェクト」の代表県にも選ばれており、地域GDPは着実に推移している。 1000億元の大台に向けて。

01 「製造業リーダーシップ」の基盤が固まる

主導権を握る自信は「タフ」な製造業から生まれる。 四会市は2023年に製造業のリーダーとなるための「10の行動」を実行し、産業投資は前年比15.3%増加し、産業用電力消費量は過去最高を記録し、多くの高品質の製品を生産する予定です。早い成果、十分な造血機能、高い運転能力を備えたプロジェクトを導入します。

四会市は戦略的新興産業を積極的に育成し、新エネルギー自動車、新エネルギー貯蔵、その他の産業の配置を加速している。 新エネルギー・インテリジェント・コネクテッド自動車産業クラスターは2023年国家中小企業特色産業クラスターに選定。世界トップ500の新エネルギー企業の一つであるGCL(グループ)ホールディングス株式会社も入居予定計画投資額51.7億元の6つのプロジェクトにより、大湾区初の新エネルギーインテリジェント製造拠点が形成される。


新興産業が勢いを増す一方、伝統的優位産業の技術革新も進み続けています。 国内有数の銅加工企業である金天銅は新エネルギー車路線に参入し、生産額は170億元近くに達し、マルチメタル資源の総合利用に注力する飛南公司は上場の鐘を鳴らした。四会市の金属深加工は1000億元レベルに向けて加速している 産業集積。

四会市は産業とともに都市を促進し、都市とともに産業を発展させ、産業と都市を融合することを主張しており、都市と農村のインフラと公共サービス施設は継続的にアップグレードされており、道路の新設、改築、拡張の走行距離は78キロメートルに達しています。 中国・四会翡翠文化祭や中国・ミャンマー翡翠産業発展会議の開催など、翡翠産業の発展は新たな高みに達しており、商業経済は引き続き繁栄しており、国家レベルの県に選定されている。レベルの商業建設行動デモ郡。

02 テクノロジーが産業活性化を後押しする


四会市は科学技術を活用して新産業化を推進し、ハイテク企業を積極的に誘致し、新エネルギー自動車や新エネルギー貯蔵などの戦略的新興産業を発展させ、引き続き研究開発投資を増加させ、企業のハイエンド化を推進する。 、デジタル、グリーン変革を推進し、より多くのハイテク企業を育成し、「ファイン」、「銅」、「ヒスイ」、「アルミニウム」製品などの伝統産業の変革とアップグレードを促進します。

工業は四会市の根幹であり、農業は四会市の基盤です。 四会市は科学技術による農業の近代化を強化し、省農業科学技術パークの成果を統合・改善し、スマート農業とデジタル農業を精力的に開発し、サトウオレンジ、蘭、高価値の水産物などの標準化された生産実証サンプルを作成する。農産物の販売・加工の強化 業務用・飲料食品惣菜産業


さらに、四会市は「フェニックスを誘致するための巣作り」行動をさらに実行し、「1+4+N」工業団地のパターンを最適化し、「10,000エーカー」の大規模工業集積地域の建設に全力を尽くします。 1,000億インチの産業プラットフォームを構築し、ファインケミカル工業団地を加速します。同団地は能力を拡大し、品質を向上させ、省内の産業移転を促進するためのデモンストレーションパークと省ハイテクゾーンを創設し、肇慶ハイテクゾーンを促進します。四会工業団地はハイエンドの銅ベースの新素材産業基盤を構築し、南江工業団地の変革とアップグレードのペースを加速します。

03 トレンドを活かす「数百のプロジェクト」

四会市は2023年に「数百県、数千町、数万村の質の高い開発プロジェクト」(以下、「数十万プロジェクト」という)の推進に全力で取り組む。 「43223」都市開発パターンの構築が加速される 龍福市大沙鎮 この町は全国のトップ1,000の町の一つに選ばれるために協力しており、3つの町と14の村が典型的な町に選ばれている広東省と肇慶市の「百千プロジェクト」の町や村。



鎮は県発展の基本単位であり、四会市は町、市、村の結節点機能を強化し、完全なサービス圏、繁栄するビジネス圏、便利な生活圏を構築する。 大沙鎮の産業と都市の融合モデルタウンの建設に努め、龍福市や小茂市などの専門産業都市に工業団地を精緻に建設して町の産業経済を強化し、農業専門家による特色ある農業の推進を加速する。石溝や黄田などの町を成長させブランドの規模を拡大し、利益を増大させ、洛源や衛徴などの特色ある町を育成して農村観光を発展させる。


四会では緑が深まり、美しい生態系の建設、植林、緑の愛と保護が一般的な習慣となっています。 次に、第 4 委員会は、「緑の含有量」、「炭素削減」、「金の含有量」の改善に焦点を当て、改善を調整するために「1 つの村に数千本の木、1 つの村に数千本の木」キャンペーンを組織して実行します。町、村、その他の地域の緑化レベルの変化。




「四会市は最高の熱意と決意をもって『十万プロジェクト』の諸課題を推進し、肇慶市の新工業化促進の主力となり、肇慶市の副中心都市と肇慶市の都市建設を加速する」四会市党委員会書記兼市長の汪卓輝氏は、四会市が「四会市推進宣言」を発行したと紹介した。省の「数百県、数千町、数万村の質の高い開発プロジェクト」「典型的な県(先駆的カテゴリー)の建設」計画」は、「7つの優れた点」に重点を置き、先進的かつ模範となるよう努力する。 7つの側面で。





四会市は文化ブランドの構築を強調し、全国の文明都市建設の成果を統合し、「中国の玉都四方匯翠」のブランドを磨き、現代古代都市を建設し、有名な文化観光都市となる。 、文化の発展における先進的かつモデル的な例を作成します。



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