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Zhaoqing: Investment promotion continues, achieving a “good start” in January 2024

Zhaoqing: Investment promotion continues, achieving a “good start” in January 2024

2024-01-31 17:35

As the 2024 Spring Festival approaches, Zhaoqing is constantly attracting investment. Recently, reporters learned from the Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau that since New Year's Day, Zhaoqing has held 12 investment promotion activities, and at the same time has continued to go out for inspections. In January, it has realized the introduction of more than 50 new industrial manufacturing projects, with a planned investment of more than 100 billion, achieving a “good start” in investment promotion.

A set of data shows that Zhaoqing’s investment promotion work is very hard and busy: Since January 1, 2024, the city has used various platforms and resources to coordinate and hold 12 investment environment promotion activities, obtained 60 effective investment clues, and the city went out to inspect 80 In the remaining times, 131 enterprises and chambers of commerce (associations) were visited and inspected.

The new year is approaching, and Li En, who has been busy in Shenzhen for a year, is still busy with the investment promotion work in Zhaoqing. He is the head of the Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau of Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau. As the Spring Festival approaches, companies are shutting down one after another, but this is a good time to attract investment. "Now we will pay return visits to the companies we have taken over before, and we will also actively participate in the annual meetings of multiple industry associations to obtain investment information." Li En told reporters with a smile that the current focus of work is "making friends."

Investment recruitment work is so accumulated, and every clue may bear fruit. In April 2023, our province introduced several measures to accelerate the high-quality development of new energy storage products. The measures mentioned "the layout of energy storage system and equipment production clusters in Zhaoqing and other places." The Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau in Shenzhen immediately used the information accumulated previously to connect with the world's leading anode material companies, and jointly promoted it with the large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing). It only took 3 months to successfully win the contract for Guorui Xiechuang Energy Storage The project settled. At present, the project has started construction and will produce high-tech shared energy storage products, photovoltaic products, etc., filling the gap in Zhaoqing's new energy storage equipment industry.

Under the coordination of the "Attracting Phoenix" action, in 2023, Zhaoqing will focus on external expansion and internal connections, optimize the investment network layout, focus on industrial chain investment, station investment, and township investment, and focus on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, the Yangtze River Delta, Key regions such as Central China, Chengdu and Chongqing will take advantage of the opportunity to hold and participate in investment promotion conferences to find new investment opportunities and form "outposts" where factors are gathered.

According to the Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau, in 2023, the city will introduce 422 new manufacturing projects with a planned investment of 101.1 billion yuan. The planned investment has doubled compared with 2022. Among them, 29 projects exceed 1 billion yuan, and the introduced projects are The number of investment projects by high-tech enterprises and specialized new small giant enterprises exceeds 40%; the investment in the "two new and one electricity" emerging industries accounts for 30% of the total, further completing the construction of a strong industrial chain.

While doing a good job in attracting people, Zhaoqing pays close attention to the efficiency of project implementation and construction. The city has reversed schedules and wall charts for key projects that have signed contracts but have not yet supplied land, have supplied land but have not started construction, and have started but not completed construction, and coordinate eight specialized teams to focus on solving key issues such as land use, energy use, environmental protection, financing, and employment to provide projects with Provide "mother-like" services on the ground. Zhaoqing has also established a "race to win the championship" mechanism, insisting on regularly reporting the progress of the city's industrial investment promotion work in the form of "weekly updates, monthly disclosures, and quarterly reports", exposing key indicators, transmitting pressure at all levels, and creating an atmosphere of competition and catching up. , to promote the rapid formation of physical workload for industrial investment projects in the city.

The Spring Festival is coming soon, and the implementation of the project has added a festive atmosphere to Zhaoqing. On January 27, 2024, the Hydrogen Blue Era·Hydrogen Blue Technology South China Headquarters Project with an investment of 1 billion yuan officially settled in Zhaoqing. It is reported that before and after the Spring Festival, a number of industrial projects in Zhaoqing will hold signing, construction and completion ceremonies.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau, as of January 30, 2024, a total of 16 projects in the city have held construction, completion and commissioning ceremonies, with a planned investment of 3.6 billion yuan, and a number of major high-quality projects are rapidly forming physical workloads.

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