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The total planned investment is 3.135 billion yuan! 12 projects in GuangNing were signed and started

The total planned investment is 3.135 billion yuan! 12 projects in GuangNing were signed and started

Released by Guangning 2024-02-19 20:17 Guangdong

On the afternoon of February 19, 2024, Zhaoqing City’s centralized signing and groundbreaking ceremony for key projects in the first quarter of 2024 (Guangning Branch Venue) was held in Shijian Community, Binheng Town. This is not only a signal of high-quality economic and social development in Guangning The rally call is also a concrete action taken by Guang Ninh to implement the spirit of the provincial and municipal high-quality development conferences and make every effort to do a good job in the "billions of projects" and the "conference battle" of manufacturing project construction. It will inject new ideas into the high-quality development of Guang Ninh's modern industry. vitality and provide strong support. Vice Mayor Xie Guikun, county leaders Chen Chaochang, He Jiancai, Yang Hongzhang and others attended the event and started the project intensively.

County Magistrate He Jiancai, on behalf of the county party committee and the county government, requested in his speech that all towns (streets) and departments in the county should take the signing of this investment project and the start of key projects as an opportunity to further deepen the reform of "decentralization, decentralization, regulation and service" and optimize the business environment. , continue to establish and improve an effective communication and coordination mechanism, provide forward-looking services, and track the entire process, and actively solve the key and difficult problems of the construction unit, providing a strong guarantee for the project to be implemented as soon as possible. All project construction units must strengthen their time awareness, quality awareness, and efficiency awareness, reverse the construction period, and fight against the wall chart, striving to complete the project early, put it into production early, and achieve early results; at the same time, we hope that all entrepreneurs will continue to pay attention to Guangning, take root in Guangning, and promote the project. Promote Guangning, let more people of insight participate in the high-quality development of Guangning, and strive to achieve win-win cooperation.

Representatives of China Chemical Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. and Guangning County Chuangzhan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. made speeches respectively, expressing their recognition of Guangning’s good investment and business environment and confidence in future development, saying that they would go all out to speed up project construction. Strive to ensure that the project is completed and effective as early as possible.

Shen Ying, Deputy General Manager of China Chemical Ecology and Environment Co., Ltd.

The entire transportation environment and business environment in Guangning are very good. Our company is very moved by the government's eagerness for investment promotion and industrial landing, as well as the efficiency demonstrated in the entire process! Next, we will strive to start construction and production within the year.

Chen Shidong, General Manager of Guangdong Chuangzhan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Food Co., Ltd.

Next, we will further speed up the construction progress of the project, strive to put it into production as soon as possible, realize the benefits as soon as possible, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of Guangning County.

It is understood that a total of 12 projects were signed and started in this event, with a total planned investment of 3.135 billion yuan.

The centralized contracts signed include Zhaoqing Guangning 200MW/400MWh shared energy storage power station project, Baowei Biotechnology (Guangning) Co., Ltd.'s annual output of 20,000 tons of bamboo fiber environmental protection product construction project, annual output of 90 million square meters of adhesive tape construction project, New material R&D and manufacturing project of Guangdong Zhaolong New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Zhonghua Ecological Organic Solid Waste Pyrolysis Gasification Green Zero-carbon Energy Station Project, Zhaoqing Guangning County Wuhe Town New Energy Project, Guangning County Wuhe Town Crocodile Breeding 8 industrial projects including the complex project and the production base project of Guangdong Younongshe Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

The four projects that have started intensively are the deep processing project of granite for construction in the Mugepingtian mining area of Guangning County, the deep processing project of Chuangzhan poultry slaughtering, the construction project of Baowei Biotechnology (Guangning) Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 20,000 tons of bamboo fiber environmentally friendly products, and the Zhaoqing New energy project in Wuhe Town, Guangning County, Guangning City.

These projects cover bamboo industry, plastic recycling industry, poultry and meat food breeding and processing industry, new energy industry and other fields, reflecting the Guangning County Party Committee’s “421” development concept and “3+1” industrial layout plan.


総投資額は31.35億元! クアンニン省の12のプロジェクトが署名され、開始された。

広寧によって公開 2024-02-19 20:17 広東省

2024年2月19日午後、肇慶市による2024年第1四半期の主要プロジェクトの集中署名および起工式(広寧支所会場)が浜恒鎮石建コミュニティで開催された。この集会の呼びかけは、省および市の質の高い開発会議の精神を実践し、「数十億のプロジェクト」と「製造プロジェクト建設の「カンファレンスバトル」は、グアンニンの現代産業の質の高い発展と活力に新たなアイデアを注入し、強力なサポートを提供します。 謝貴坤副市長、県指導者の陳朝昌氏、何建才氏、楊紅章氏らがイベントに出席し、プロジェクトを集中的に開始した。

何建才県令は、県党委員会と県政府を代表して、演説の中で、郡内のすべての町(街)と部門が、この投資プロジェクトの署名と主要プロジェクトの開始を機会として捉えるよう要請した。 「地方分権化、地方分権化、規制とサービス」の改革をさらに深化させ、ビジネス環境を最適化し、効果的なコミュニケーションと調整メカニズムの確立と改善を継続し、将来を見据えたサービスを提供し、プロセス全体を追跡し、主要な問題を積極的に解決します建設部門の困難な問題を解決し、プロジェクトができるだけ早く実行されることを強力に保証します。 すべてのプロジェクト建設部門は、時間意識、品質意識、効率意識を強化し、工期を逆転させ、壁と闘い、プロジェクトの早期完了、早期生産開始、早期成果達成に努めなければなりません。私たちは、すべての起業家が今後も広寧に注目し、広寧に根を下ろし、プロジェクトを推進することを願っています。協力。

中国化学生態環境有限公司と広寧県荘漳農業技術有限公司の代表者がそれぞれスピーチを行い、広寧市の良好な投資・ビジネス環境への認識と今後の発展への自信を表明し、全力で取り組んでいくと述べた。プロジェクトの建設を迅速化する プロジェクトができるだけ早く完了し、効果を発揮するよう努めます。


広寧市全体の交通環境とビ​​ジネス環境は非常に良好で、当社は政府の投資促進と産業上陸への熱意と、そのプロセス全体で発揮される効率性に非常に感銘を受けています。 今後は年内の建設・生産開始を目指してまいります。




締結された集中契約には、肇慶広寧200MW/400MWh共同エネルギー貯蔵発電所プロジェクト、宝威生物技術(広寧)有限公司の年間生産量2万トンの竹繊維環境保護製品建設プロジェクト、年間生産量9000万平方メートルが含まれる。粘着テープ建設プロジェクト、広東昭龍新材料有限公司の新素材研究開発・製造プロジェクト、肇慶市中華生態有機固形廃棄物熱分解ガス化グリーンゼロカーボンエネルギーステーションプロジェクト、肇慶市広寧県武和鎮新エネルギープロジェクト、広寧県五合鎮ワニ飼育 複合プロジェクトと広東友農社建設技術有限公司の生産基地プロジェクトを含む8つの産業プロジェクト



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