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Zhaoqing New District enters the fast lane in its strategic transformation to "big industry"

Zhaoqing New District enters the fast lane in its strategic transformation to "big industry"

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-02-08 23:40 Guangdong

Vigorously transform into a "big industry" strategy and demonstrate significant platform value.

Following the 2023 Guangdong Provincial Government Work Report, Zhaoqing New District was included in the work plan in the 2024 Guangdong Provincial Government Work Report.

Appearing in the Guangdong Provincial Government Work Report for two consecutive years fully reflects the concern and importance of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to Zhaoqing New Area, and also highlights the value and potential of Zhaoqing New Area.

Zhaoqing New District in the evening

Zhaoqing New District in the evening

The key to building Zhaoqing New District well is to accelerate the transformation from "big infrastructure" to "big industry". Over the past year, Zhaoqing New District has adhered to the leadership of party building, given full play to the advantages of Zhaoqing New District's complete infrastructure, continuously promoted the transfer of resources, factors, funds, and services around industrial investment promotion, promoted the cluster development of leading industries into chains, and accelerated the development of the city through industry, We will use the city to gather production and strive to make great strides towards the "four new positionings" assigned by the municipal party committee and the municipal government.

01 "Introducing investors" in the industrial chain to develop the city with industry

The strategic transformation from "big infrastructure" to "big industry" requires promoting upgrading, strengthening bones, and focusing on efficiency. In the city's industrial landscape, Zhaoqing New District focuses on strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, auto parts, and electronic information. It continuously leverages its location advantages, platform advantages, and park advantages to promote the improvement of industry quality and efficiency, and strives to develop through industry. city.

In 2023, Zhaoqing New District and Dinghu District will establish two-district investment promotion committees and two-district joint investment promotion centers, and set up six professional investment promotion bureaus focusing on different fields around the "leading + characteristic" industries to carry out targeted investment promotion. There were 50 newly introduced projects in the two districts throughout the year, including 41 projects of more than 100 million yuan and 2 projects of more than 1 billion yuan. The total investment exceeded 10.7 billion yuan, covering an area of about 1,385 acres. After reaching capacity, the annual output value was about 17 billion yuan. The tax revenue is about 500 million yuan.

Hongtai New Energy is a window for observing the investment promotion work of the two districts. The project took only one month from the initial contact to the signing of the contract. It will invest 500 million yuan in Zhaoqing New District to produce automobile interior and exterior trim parts to supply BYD and other OEMs. Currently, Zhaoqing New District is carrying out preliminary work for the project and accelerating the supply of land to the project.

Such achievements are closely related to the attitude of the investment promotion working groups of the two districts (Dinghu District and Zhaoqing New District) striving for the best. Faced with fierce competition in new energy vehicles, new energy storage and other tracks, the investment promotion working groups of the two districts insisted on "traveling more in exchange for project information, and running more in exchange for project implementation", and intensively traveled across the country to "attract talents", visiting thousands of companies throughout the year. times, visiting 2-3 companies on average every working day, and successfully won multiple opportunities with a "one step ahead" attitude.

The industrial chain is the key to making the industries in the two districts bigger and stronger. On the basis of scientific research and judgment, the investment promotion working groups of the two districts (Dinghu District and Zhaoqing New District) insisted on "small incision" breakthroughs and promoted complementary advantages. In addition to the internal and external decoration parts of new energy vehicles, they also cut into the key aspects of batteries, motors and electronic control links. Track, complete the subdivided links from the city’s industrial chain structure.

While being more precise, the investment promotion work in the two districts (Dinghu District and Zhaoqing New District) also takes a long-term perspective, adhering to the principle of "heroes are judged by the average acre", high-standard and high-quality investment promotion, focusing on listed companies, "specialized, special and new" and "little giants" and "hidden champions" in industry segments, and vigorously carry out investment promotion. Among the manufacturing companies currently introduced, most of them belong to "specialized, special and innovative" companies, national high-tech companies, and industry "hidden champion" companies and other chain-strengthening projects.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhaoqing New District Investment Promotion Working Group, the two districts strictly control project "access", jointly study the layout, land use, economic contribution, environmental risks, energy consumption, safety production and other issues of chamber of commerce projects, and eliminate projects with poor quality. Keep out the door to ensure the sustainable development of industries in the two districts.

02 “Enterprise first” promotes “attracting investors with investors”

“We can’t boast a hundred words, but it’s not as good as a merchant’s.” The person in charge of the Zhaoqing New District investment promotion working group said with a smile. In addition to location, natural conditions, land resources, production factors, and comparative costs, Zhaoqing New Area attracts foreign businessmen as well as "new area services." Relying on these comprehensive advantages, Zhaoqing New District has not only accumulated a number of industrial resources, but also promoted "business-attracting business" with its good reputation.

In this regard, Zhaoqing New District has many stories. The Shein Bay District Western Smart Industrial Park project is one of the representatives. Its total investment is about 3.5 billion yuan. It will be built into a smart park integrating an intelligent sorting center and an order distribution center. It will be opened in Zhaoqing New District on December 12, 2023. Officially started, the main construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2025, and trial production will be launched in the first half of 2026. After reaching production, it is expected to complete service trade exports of 3.5 billion yuan per year.

High-quality service is the most important factor attracting this global company to settle in Zhaoqing New District. As early as the beginning of the recruitment, Zhaoqing New District has demonstrated meticulous services, continuously tracking and understanding the needs of enterprises and responding quickly. At the same time, it has started to carry out land leveling work, selecting supporting mature land for them, and maximizing time saving for project implementation.

In a series of preliminary work after signing the contract and before starting construction, Zhaoqing New District took actions to implement the concept of "enterprise first" and made every effort to promote the implementation of the project. The Xiyin project is a one-time overall development with a huge construction volume. Before the official start of construction, the problems of construction access roads and accommodation of construction personnel must be solved first. After the company put forward the demand, Zhaoqing New District immediately started research and implementation, and the construction access road was completed and delivered simultaneously when the project was handed over. It was also clear that surrounding municipal roads would fully cooperate with the project during the construction process to ensure cross construction to ensure the construction and traffic needs of the Xiyin project. At the same time, the project will be provided with on-site leasing based on the principle of proximity, and the on-site leasing procedures will be accelerated to meet the accommodation needs of the construction team of more than 1,000 people.

"Taking the company's thoughts as its thinking and its concerns as its priorities", Zhaoqing New District actively implements the "mother-style" service concept. The "golden signboard" is spread word-of-mouth among companies, providing important assistance for the implementation of industrial investment. A large number of high-quality projects, such as Hongtai New Energy, Changshu Automotive Decoration, Tianhua Machinery, etc., came about through "business introduction."

Since 2023, Zhaoqing New District enterprise service personnel have visited companies thousands of times throughout the year, handled more than 500 project implementation issues in a timely manner, and issued recruitment information for more than 30 companies more than 106 times; they have joined hands with the Zhaoqing Arbitration Commission to establish the "Zhaoqing New District· Dinghu District Commercial Arbitration Liaison Office" has broadened judicial service channels for enterprises in the park, and its high-quality services have been highly praised by enterprises in Zhaoqing New District.

03 Echelon advancement: Gathering industrial chains into industrial clusters

By "improving the revenue environment and attracting investors", Zhaoqing New District has introduced a number of key projects with strong leadership, sufficient blood production and good benefits, forming a pattern of "landing a batch, starting a batch, completing a batch and putting a batch into production" The project construction is promoted in an echelon pattern, and the leading industries are gradually formed into chains and clusters.

[Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Industrial Park] is a representative of the city’s high-quality parks and a prime location for industrial investment. In the park, industrial chain projects have been completed and put into production one after another, and brand-new factory buildings have risen from the ground. Walking into the workshops of different projects, you can better feel the appearance of new industrialization and the rise of Chinese manufacturing.

[Zhaoqing Changchun Auto Parts Co., Ltd.] is a supplier of BYD and Xpeng Motors. It mainly makes sub-instruments. After its production base project was launched in Zhaoqing New District, it only took half a year to go from construction to trial production. Throughout 2023, its production capacity will steadily increase and is about to reach regulatory compliance.

When the reporter interviewed, its workshop was busy with production. Each set of instrument panels consists of nearly 10,000 parts, most of which are assembled by intelligent equipment such as robotic arms, and the process is controlled by computer programs. After the assembled products are packaged, they are quickly sent directly from the high-speed exit next to the industrial park to the Xpeng Motors production base, which takes only half an hour by car. The person in charge of the project revealed that the project has close communication with Xpeng Motors, and the production plan will be adjusted every day based on its order status.

The person in charge said that the company's products are sensitive to logistics costs and are generally chosen to be deployed around vehicle manufacturers. This was also the main reason for choosing to settle in Zhaoqing New Area. After arriving in Zhaoqing New Area, we can take advantage of the geographical convenience to strengthen communication with automobile brands. For example, Xpeng Motors' automated production has high requirements for error prevention. The two parties jointly studied how to improve tooling and promote the progress of their own technologies.

Driven by projects one after another, Zhaoqing New District Park has undergone major changes almost every month. The continuous accumulation of development advantages has also made the "siphon effect" of Zhaoqing New District more and more prominent. More and more high-quality chain companies that sensed opportunities gathered and jointly chose to embark on a new journey in Zhaoqing New Area.

[Guangdong Asia Pacific New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.] is one of the Zhaoqing enterprises that has transformed and upgraded. This local private enterprise in Zhaoqing has made a breakthrough in applying carbon fiber composite materials to the large-scale production of new energy vehicles in China. The project officially started in June 2022, and 10 2,000-ton presses are currently being installed. Trial production is planned after the Spring Festival. Orders have been obtained for 5 models of the GAC Aian AY series models, and it is expected to achieve a production capacity of 1 million units in 2025.

In order to further promote the implementation of projects and accelerate the formation of manufacturing project clusters, starting from the second half of 2023, Zhaoqing New District will follow the work requirements of the city's "big battle" for manufacturing project construction. The leadership teams and functional departments of the two districts will focus on problems and overcome difficulties. , and take more powerful measures to promote project construction to improve quality and efficiency.

Throughout 2023, the two districts (Dinghu District and Zhaoqing New District) completed the implementation of multiple projects beyond the task. From January to December, the two districts (Dinghu District and Zhaoqing New District) completed 26 newly started projects and 33 newly completed projects. , 17 new projects were put into operation, among which the number of newly started and completed projects ranked first in the city. The annual industrial investment was 8.496 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.8%. In addition, the goals and tasks of the "big battle" for manufacturing project construction in the list of themed education issues were completed ahead of schedule, fully embodying "new district services and new district speed."

04 Multi-faceted efforts to gather industries in cities

The development of Zhaoqing New Area must enter a healthy, benign, self-generating and self-balancing track. The integration of industrialization and urbanization is the key. In 2023, Zhaoqing New District will unswervingly follow the new path of positive interaction and coordinated development of new urbanization and new industrialization. While vigorously carrying out industrial investment promotion, it will also continue to improve the city's functional supporting facilities, strengthen the promotion of the city's charm, and accelerate the promotion of population development. Import and gather popularity.

On the one hand, Zhaoqing New District is accelerating to make up for the “urban shortcomings”. It's time to prepare New Year's goods, and the supporting meat and vegetable market in Poly Garden becomes even more lively. This is the most popular community in Zhaoqing New District, and the opening of the vegetable market really brings convenience to the surrounding people. Since 2023, Zhaoqing New District has continued to improve commercial supporting facilities to enhance the convenience of residents' lives, and promoted the construction of the Poly Garden supporting meat and vegetable market, Kangyao Garden vegetable market, etc., to make residents' lives more convenient. Medical services are necessary living facilities. Last year, Zhaoqing Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Third Hospital was selected into the list of national regional medical center projects, and the second phase of the project construction was launched simultaneously. Zhaoqing Zhengda Guojing Rehabilitation Hospital, a national tertiary rehabilitation hospital, also opened for operation. Education in Zhaoqing New District has established a good reputation. Xuanqing Middle School has become the second high-quality leading school in basic education in the city after Zhaoqing Middle School; Zhaoqing New District Central Primary School Education Group has been rated as the second batch of high-quality basic education groups in Zhaoqing City; the two districts have a total of Completed the construction and expansion projects of 3 primary and secondary schools and added 4,485 new degrees.

On the other hand, Zhaoqing New District has also actively enriched cultural tourism projects, continuously improved business configurations and introduced projects, and continued to increase its popularity. In 2023, Zhaoqing New District held 71 cultural, tourism and sports activities. The Sheraton Hotel best reflects the popularity of Zhaoqing New District. The hotel is currently welcoming bookings for the New Year and the Spring Festival. The person in charge said that the hotel's unit price has remained stable since last year, the overall occupancy rate has increased by nearly 50%, and the annual revenue has exceeded 2023 expected.

Zhaoqing New Area also continues to improve its infrastructure and promote a balance between work and housing. In 2023, Zhaoqing New District will continue to promote the "seven connections and one leveling" construction project in the core area and industrial park, with a total of approximately 21 kilometers of new municipal roads built throughout the year. The above-ground ecological park of the sewage treatment plant was officially opened. The scale of underground sewage treatment has reached 20,000 tons per day. Through the construction of underground plants and above-ground parks, "neighbor avoidance" has been turned into "neighbor benefit". In the Lingang Industrial Park, which plans to build a food industry gathering place, some road infrastructure has begun to lay asphalt; Unit 1 of the Zhaoqing New District Natural Gas Cogeneration Project passed a 168-hour full-load trial operation at one time and was connected to the grid and put into operation; Zhaoqing Xingang New The overall framework of the Jiwan Terminal has been completed; the construction of the main bridge of the Xijiang Super Bridge project of the Zhuhai-Zhaoqing High-speed Railway (Gaozhao Section) connecting the two sides of the Taiwan Strait has begun. After the project is completed, it will only take 30 minutes to drive from Zhaoqing New District to Zhuhai, allowing Zhaoqing New District to further Integrate into the "1-hour" life circle of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In order to solve the accommodation and leisure problems of industrial workers, Zhaoqing New District planned and built a neighborhood center in advance. The project has been capped and provides 8 dormitories, which are expected to accommodate more than 13,000 people. Since last year, the project has been built against the clock. This year, it will promote mechanical and electrical, decoration, outdoor supporting and other projects, striving to be completed by the end of 2024 and put into service one after another.

Recently, the Seventh Plenary Session of the 13th Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee reviewed and approved the "Implementation Plan of the Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government on accelerating the high-quality construction of new industrialization in the new era and the construction of a new manufacturing city in the western part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area", and proposed accelerating the promotion of new industrialization The basic idea of industrialization construction will focus on accelerating the cultivation of new productive forces, promote the strategic transformation of Zhaoqing New District, and build a scientific and technological innovation city that develops the city with industry and gathers industry with the city.

The relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing New District stated that in 2024, Zhaoqing New District will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, the spirit of the Seventh Plenary Session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee, and in accordance with the spirit of Zhaoqing in 2024 The municipal government work report requires that we answer high-quality development questions with responsibility and hard work, and go all out to become the vanguard of Zhaoqing's promotion of Chinese-style modernization, the main engine of the city's high-quality development, and the main position and industry participating in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is a demonstration area for urban integration and will contribute new district strength to Zhaoqing City in accelerating the construction of the western growth pole of the core area of the Pearl River Delta and the modern new city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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