Tuesday, February 6, 2024

不努力拼搏,就会跌落阶层。Only hard work and innovation can keep you from falling behind.

 A generation of master embroidery craftsmen from Jiangsu, Westerners had CNC embroidery machines and were laid off.

In the movie "The King of Gamblers", Stephen Chow had the special ability to see through things. Later, when the Guangzhou City Government got an X-ray machine, he lost his job on the spot.

Zhaoqing's Duan Inkstone carving art was famous all over the world. Later, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and printers appeared in the West, and the Duan Inkstone craftsmen lost their jobs and lost everything.

Don't say that the craftsman will lose everything. With a family as big as the Qing Dynasty, people could still beat you down with cannons. The country will also lose everything.

In the past, tire workers and industrial workers in Europe and the United States were extremely good. Later, the industry moved to China and Southeast Asia.

Now industrial workers in Europe, America and Japan have become homeless.

At that time, Hong Kong's entertainers, actors and singers were at their peak, but now they are reduced to returning to small towns in the mainland to sing and perform acupuncture.

Today's Guangdong landlords collect rent in the village, and the next generation of Guangdong natives will go to Sichuan and Chongqing to export their labor force.

There are too many examples...

If you don't work hard, you will fall down the class.

Nothing can make you a good person forever. No.

Only hard work and innovation can keep you from falling behind.







今天的广东房东在村里收房租,下一代广东土著就要去四川重庆 输出劳动力。




东北当时被誉为 共和国长子,但是 只躺在这个功劳牌上,不努力拼搏创新。



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