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Comment丨The practice of comprehensively promoting new industrialization in Gaoyao District

Comment丨The practice of comprehensively promoting new industrialization in Gaoyao District

Gaoyao released 2024-02-07 12:45 Guangdong

High-level practices for comprehensively promoting new industrialization

——Second Discussion on Implementing the Spirit of the District Committee Plenary Session and District Committee Economic Work Conference

New industrialization is a key task for high-quality development and modernization. In 2023, the added value of industries above designated size in Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City will be 24.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%, ranking first in Zhaoqing City in total. This set of data reflects the strong momentum of accelerating new industrialization in Gaoyao District.

On January 29, 2024, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhaoqing Gaoyao District, reviewed and approved the "Regulations of the Zhaoqing Gaoyao District Committee, Zhaoqing Gaoyao District People's Government on Accelerating the Promotion of New Industrialization High-tech Zones in the New Era" "Implementation Plan for Quality Construction of a Strong Manufacturing District" puts forward the basic idea of ​​accelerating the promotion of new industrialization and clarifies the goals and tasks by 2027 and 2035.

On February 3, 2024, the fourth meeting of the 18th People's Congress of Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City was held. This year's government work report proposed that we should adhere to the real economy as the foundation, the manufacturing industry as the leader, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system and enterprise system with high-level characteristics, cultivate new growth points in the manufacturing industry, and consolidate the foundation for industrial economic development.

Industry is the embodiment of the city's comprehensive strength and the core subject of the real economy, playing a key role as "ballast stone" and "stabilizer". How to continue to enhance the primacy of industry, comprehensively promote new industrialization, and promote the sustained and stable development of the industrial economy? This is a must-answer proposition for Gaoyao District to strive to be Zhaoqing’s main force in promoting new industrialization, a leader in modernization construction, and a high-quality development demonstration zone. We must persist in strengthening the industrial district, insist on promoting traditional industries, emerging industries, and future industries simultaneously, vigorously implement the "five major improvement actions" for the manufacturing industry, strengthen the introduction and cultivation of "specialized, special and new" enterprises, and cultivate and strengthen "leading + characteristic" industries Clusters, accelerate the construction of the "3+1+1" industrial system, promote the upgrading of the industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, promote the manufacturing industry to have more advanced forms, more advanced models, and more optimized structures, and continue to make the manufacturing industry a solid industry. We strive to form a good "two-wheel drive" situation in which "traditional industries bloom new flowers and emerging industries grow strong branches".

To comprehensively promote the high-level practice of new industrialization, we must adhere to both the new and the old. We must vigorously cultivate emerging industries and upgrade traditional industries, strengthen the three leading industries of metal processing, fine chemicals, and new energy storage, guide the transformation of metal hardware into higher value-added industries such as auto parts hardware and electrical appliance hardware, and integrate into new energy vehicles The industrial supply chain system promotes the high-end development of the metal processing industry; guides the development of traditional chemicals into high value-added fine chemicals and new materials, accelerates the formation of a complete industrial chain for the preparation of new energy battery materials, and promotes the refined development of the new materials industry. Revitalize the traditional green building materials industry and promote the development of the ceramic industry towards green, digital and intelligent development. Expand the food and beverage prepared food industry and accelerate the construction of the entire prepared food industry chain system. At the same time, taking the lead of accelerating the formation of new productive forces, we will proactively deploy future industries such as low-altitude economy, artificial intelligence, and digital economy.

To comprehensively promote the high-level practice of new industrialization, we must persist in focusing on the big and cultivating the small. We must give full play to the main role of enterprises in promoting the new industrialization process, continue to strengthen the driving force of large enterprises, strengthen the strength of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the new vitality of old enterprises, accelerate the formation of a coordinated development pattern of large and medium-sized enterprises, and constantly consolidate the foundation of new industrialization. Implement the "chain master" enterprise cultivation project to promote large enterprises to become better and stronger and "stand tall"; adhere to "increase quantity and improve quality" to promote the increase and quality improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises and "overwhelm"; carry out "joint action" for enterprise integration and innovation " to promote the integrated development of large, medium and small enterprises; carry out the "Made in Zhaoqing" quality improvement action, promote the construction of quality strong areas, and enhance the quality brand of industrial products.

To comprehensively promote the high-level practice of new industrialization, we must persist in building strong links and groups. We must focus on industrial chain-type and cluster-type development, seek motivation from "chains", fight a tough battle to build and strengthen chains, increase the gradient cultivation of high-quality enterprises such as "chain owners", and enhance the integrity, cohesion and added value of the industrial chain. . The "chain" cannot grow bigger and stronger without the support of the "group". Focusing on the needs of strong links, the carrier of group building is the park platform. It is necessary to base on high-tech and high-end, cluster contract, take the construction of Jinli starting area as a large industrial cluster area, promote Jinli provincial high-tech zone to strive for the leading position, and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of auto parts, hardware, new energy storage, fine chemicals, prepared vegetables and other parks , strengthen the intensive and economical use of land, and provide a solid platform support for new industrialization.

Immediately in front of the formation, who else could I do? In 2024, Gaoyao District will live up to the heavy trust and shoulder the responsibility as the main force in Zhaoqing's promotion of new industrialization; anchor the goal and demonstrate Zhaoqing's responsibility as a leader in promoting modernization; bravely stand at the forefront and make contributions to Zhaoqing's high-quality development demonstration zone !

(Ou Ying)

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