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The Sihui City investment promotion team went to Guangzhou to carry out investment promotion inspection work

The Sihui City investment promotion team went to Guangzhou to carry out investment promotion inspection work

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-05-13 23:10 Guangdong

Recently, members of the Sihui City investment promotion team went to Guangzhou to conduct investment promotion inspections, visiting high-quality local companies, promoting the Sihui business environment, conducting in-depth inspections and exchanges, and using high-quality and precise investment promotion to empower the high-quality economic development of Sihui City.

The investment promotion team went to Guangdong New Stone Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct an inspection to learn more about the company's development history, production operations, technology research and development, future planning, etc., visited and communicated with the company's leaders, and introduced the Sihui industrial layout and business operations to the company. policies, etc.

The investment promotion team gave detailed explanations on the access conditions, industrial supporting facilities, etc., and gave detailed explanations on the investment environment and other issues that the company leaders were concerned about.

Currently, Sihui City is fully implementing the spirit of the province's high-quality development conference, striving to promote the "High-Quality Development Project of Hundreds of Counties, Thousands of Towns and Thousands of Villages" and Zhaoqing City's comprehensive implementation of the "Ten Actions" for the Manufacturing Industry, and has been awarded the provincial "Hundreds, Thousands" "Ten Thousand Projects" creates outstanding grades for counties (cities) in the first category, focuses on cultivating high-quality innovative entities, strengthens investment promotion and project implementation guarantees, and creates a strong engine for high-quality development. The Fourth Committee will continue to uphold the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, help the echelon of innovative enterprises continue to grow, and create a high-quality business environment for enterprises.

The business side said that Sihui has outstanding location advantages, solid industrial foundation, complete development planning, and increasingly complete transportation and logistics system, and deeply feels the sincerity of Sihui City in seeking cooperation.

In the future, we will keep in close contact with the Four Conferences, carry out on-the-spot investigations, base on our own reality, meet the needs of the Four Conferences, find more points of convergence, develop new low-carbon and environmentally friendly production capacity, and jointly create new opportunities for green development.

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