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[Investment Promotion] The "Cross-border Surge in Bay Area·Intelligent Manufacturing Gathers in Zhaoqing" seminar was successfully held

[Investment Promotion] The "Cross-border Surge in Bay Area·Intelligent Manufacturing Gathers in Zhaoqing" seminar was successfully held

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-05-14 22:38 Guangdong, China

"Place an order with one click and buy and sell worldwide"

With the development of globalization, cross-border e-commerce, characterized by globalization and digital transactions, is becoming a new engine for economic growth.


Recently, under the guidance of the Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Center and the Zhaoqing Municipal Commerce Bureau, hosted by Guangzhou Shein E-Commerce Company and GLP Group, and co-organized by the Zhaoqing New District Management Committee, the "Cross-border Surge in the Bay Area·Intelligent Manufacturing Gathers in Zhaoqing" seminar was held in Zhaoqing New District successfully held the event. Huang Lifen, director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, attended the event, and the investment promotion team of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center participated in the event.

Representatives from companies in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and cross-border e-commerce participated to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by cross-border e-commerce logistics in the context of globalization and the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


Actively connect and seek cooperation opportunities

At the event, a promotional video on Zhaoqing’s investment environment was played and an investment environment brochure was distributed to share the advantages of Zhaoqing’s investment environment. The Investment Promotion Team of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center actively communicated and exchanged contact information with more than 100 smart equipment manufacturing, cross-border e-commerce, and logistics supply chain companies participating in the conference to seek investment clues and investment information. We sincerely invite participating entrepreneurs to visit Zhaoqing. Take a walk, take a look, seek more investment opportunities, and create a better future together.

During the investment promotion session on the day of the event, the relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing New Area sincerely extended an invitation to entrepreneurs that “it is the right time to invest in Zhaoqing New Area.”


Investment promotion to let more merchants know about Zhaoqing

During the promotion, Zhaoqing New District’s geographical location, transportation advantages, industrial foundation, policy support, corporate services, factor guarantees and other business environment conditions were comprehensively displayed, and the development potential and advantages of the new district were explained in detail to the entrepreneurs on site, which attracted many Entrepreneurs have become interested in investing in Zhaoqing.

Zhaoqing New Port

Zhaoqing New Port

Interactive discussion, collision of ideas

In the special discussion session, industry representatives focused on the two themes of "Combining extraordinary, how smart logistics can drive industrial clusters" and "How to improve supply chain efficiency in the era of overseas expansion". From macro and micro perspectives, industry representatives had an in-depth discussion on how smart logistics can drive industrial clusters. Promote the upgrading and agglomeration of industries, and how intelligent logistics will change the cross-border supply chain.

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Cross-border e-commerce, supply chain, automation, artificial intelligence...a series of sharing and discussions,

Let on-site corporate guests understand the application of logistics automation equipment in cross-border e-commerce scenarios

With a more comprehensive understanding, I can feel the profound changes that logistics intelligence has brought to the supply chain in the current era.

Since 2023, Zhaoqing City has made in-depth efforts in the "five-foreign linkage" combination of foreign trade, foreign investment, outsourcing, foreign economics, and foreign intelligence to help Zhaoqing enterprises fully explore high-quality market resources at home and abroad, jointly carry out foreign business activities, and cross-border e-commerce transactions. The amount continues to grow, and the location and investment advantages in developing international trade and cross-border logistics have become increasingly obvious. The city's cross-border e-commerce import and export volume has increased from 620 million yuan in 2020 to 2.875 billion yuan in 2023, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 70%.

Representatives from participating companies said

When I came to attend the meeting this time, I really felt the hospitality of Zhaoqing New District. I also had a fuller understanding of the future development trend of the industry and the investment advantages of Zhaoqing New District. I also had more ideas about investing in Zhaoqing New District.

In the next step, Zhaoqing will unswervingly promote investment promotion, further consolidate the development trend of industrial agglomeration, strive to hold more industrial conferences in Zhaoqing, more industry wisdom to collide in Zhaoqing, and more cutting-edge results to be implemented in Zhaoqing, to effectively achieve economic and social progress. Quality development!


隐山资本 合伙人 董中浪。

浙江立标机器人 创始人 夏慧玲。

普洛斯资产华南区总经理 朱国。

北京天下先智创机器人 创始人 肖军。

深圳九方通逊电商物流有限公司 合伙人 文泽昊

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