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Jingkou Town, Sihui City, China (the hometown of Xian Dongmei) | Using jade as a matchmaker to do "beautiful" things in Jingkou

Jingkou Town, Sihui City, China (the hometown of Xian Dongmei) | Using jade as a matchmaker to do "beautiful" things in Jingkou

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-08 12:21 Guangdong, China

Historically, Jingkou Town was the first town in Sihui City to establish a jade carving craft group, and it was also the town with the largest number of people engaged in the jade processing industry.

After several generations of hard work, Jingkou people engaged in jade carving craftsmanship have emerged in the city's jade industry and are leading the trend of the times.

As of the end of 2023, there are nearly 300,000 jade practitioners in Sihui City, becoming the main economic force in Sihui City.

Jingkou Town, Sihui City, China

The hometown complex that has nowhere to rest

In recent years, rural sages who have left their villages to work hard have begun to re-examine the value of their hometowns and embark on a journey of retrospection and questioning... Some return to their hometowns to build houses to fill their indescribable homesickness; some return to their hometowns to start businesses, transfer contracted land, and develop Varieties suitable for local growth help build regional agricultural brands and promote rural revitalization; some serve as "leading geese", deeply cultivating the responsibility of party branch secretaries, promoting the quality and efficiency of village-level collective economies, and benefiting the people with practical actions.

How to gather the "sky stars" scattered in Sihui City into "a ball of fire", how to make good use of the power of Xiangxian and "walk towards each other" with Sihui through the "bridge" of Jingkou Xiangxian, are the key to promoting Jingkou It is an important issue to realize the demonstration and development of the integration of industry, agriculture, culture and tourism.

Inspire the local sages to return with sincerity

Don't wait for the whip to work hard, cherish the time and strive for spring and do it pragmatically. In recent years, the main roads in towns and villages have been fully illuminated, rural roads have been basically hardened, the "Yuyuan Cup" and "Lunar New Year Cup" rural basketball games have been held, rural New Year groups have been organized, the Xialiao Village History Museum has been built, and the Education Charity Promotion Association has been established... …Jingkou attracts resources, expands influence, and warms people’s hearts in a way that the masses like to hear and see, and helps the “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects” go deeper and more concrete. Up to now, 2.33 million yuan of funds raised from various social forces such as the "Neighborhood Pioneer" group units, town-based assistance member units, typical task force member units, local growth enterprises, etc. have all been used for rural construction, helping farmers, and caring. Assistance and green beauty construction.

The first "Yuyuan Cup" country basketball game

△The first "Yuyuan Cup" country basketball game

△A proposal to mobilize social forces

“Beautiful” things are happening in Jingkou Town

With the attitude of speeding up the race, we take stock of the inherent beauty in the resource family, highlight the characteristics and advantages of the origin of Sihuiyu culture, actively connect with talented entrepreneurs from other places, and provide strong support for accelerating the demonstration development of the integration of industry, agriculture, culture and tourism. After capturing the shining point of "creating a highlight project-reshaping the brand image of the birthplace of Sihui jade carving processing", the enthusiasm of jade practitioners to participate in the construction of Jingkou was quickly ignited.

Promote green and beautiful ecological construction. In April 2024, leading representatives of the jade industry such as the Sihui City Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and the Arts and Crafts Association gathered in Jingkou to plant a "Yuxian Forest" in the spring, laying a solid foundation for the future construction of Yuxian Park.

Aerial photo of "Yuxian Forest" tree planting activity

△Aerial photo of "Yuxian Forest" tree planting activity

Assist in the construction of Meiliwei Town. In March 2024, Xiangxian Enterprise advanced funds to carry out town sign construction, road reconstruction, and beautification and greening at the entrance of Jingkou Town to demonstrate the characteristics of urban cultural tourism. The main entrance to Xialiao Village was widened and its appearance improved, showing typical construction results. Currently, two projects are under construction.

Promote the construction of harmonious and beautiful rural areas. In April 2024, Jingkou Xiangxian responded to support the Fourth Session's "Hundreds and Tens of Projects" public welfare action and rural revitalization, paid attention to the construction of public infrastructure in his hometown, and cared about and supported typical breakthroughs. Currently, the planning and preparation plan of the typical Xialiao Village is being revised, and the typical Jingkou Village has entered the planning and design stage.

Jingkou Town entrance passage

△Jingkou Town entrance passage

Promote the development of rural industries. Taking advantage of the opportunity of global tourism development, Fengshan Village Yuqi Xiangxian took advantage of its experience in managing and operating Sihui Cuiyuan B&B, changed the farm's business philosophy, and built the second phase of the Cuiyuan Villa project, planning to integrate parent-child experience, mountain cross-country, and boutique B&B in one park. Currently, the first phase of the Cuiyuan Villa project is open to the public, and the second phase of the project is progressing rapidly.

Help create advantageous carriers. Jade Xiangxian plans to invest in the construction of the Sihui Jade Culture Origin Exhibition Hall (Jingkou Pavilion), using the jade culture and art that carries the mark of life as a clue to show the development process of Sihui jade culture from germination to prosperity, from imitation to innovation. It complements the Sihui Jade Culture and Art Museum from a distance and complements each other. At present, the exhibition hall has completed the renovation of the building's exterior facade, and the interior renovation and renovation is about to begin.

Help inherit excellent culture. Jade Xiangxian donated funds to support the editing and distribution of the "Jingkou Town Historical and Cultural Series" to preserve the historical and cultural memory of the town in the form of text, images and other forms. At present, the compilation and printing work has been officially launched, and has received personal guidance from Mr. Li Chongming, the inheritor of Xinwei Village Xiangxian Hakka folk songs.

Li Chongming, the inheritor of Hakka folk songs, guides the compilation and printing of the historical and cultural series

△Li Chongming, the inheritor of Hakka folk songs, guides the compilation and printing of the historical and cultural series

After polishing it, it will be perfect for you.


A new picture of the town’s development of “one heart, two belts and three areas” has been drawn.

Achieve more "beautiful" things in the world,

It is inseparable from the collective efforts of fellow villagers and wise friends.

Build bridges, invest and develop businesses.

Jingkou Town’s “One Centre, Two Belts and Three Areas” planning layout

△Jingkou Town’s “One Centre, Two Belts and Three Areas” planning layout

Jingkou will strengthen its mission, continue to build highlight projects, promote "two-way travel" with rural sages through the jade culture platform, build and improve key township sages liaison services and new township sages introduction and education systems, actively prepare for township and township sages conferences, and fully inspire The advantages and vitality in all aspects will win the initiative for the subsequent work of strengthening towns, revitalizing villages and enriching people.

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