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Zhaoqing, a 'black horse'!

 Zhaoqing, a 'black horse'!

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-05-30 20:35 Published in Guangdong

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Is becoming a driving force for the development of China's lithium battery industry

A "dark horse" city.


Guangdong is an important market for lithium battery applications in China,

The market is huge and the opportunities are vast.

Data shows that the production and sales of automobiles in Guangdong Province have ranked first in China for six consecutive years. In 2022, the total production of automobiles reached 4.15 million, of which 1.29 million were new energy vehicles, accounting for about 31%. It is predicted that the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China will reach 50% from 2025 to 2030. In this context, as a major province in automobile production nationwide, Guangdong has a huge potential for growth in production capacity and sales of new energy vehicles, which will drive the synchronous growth of demand for power batteries.

The opportunity is present and cannot be missed!

Development of lithium battery industry in Guangdong

Entering a period of rapid development opportunities,

Lithium battery companies have huge investment potential in the Guangdong market.

As an important gathering place for the lithium battery industry, Zhaoqing City,

Extremely advantageous.


▲ Ruiqing Era Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Among them, Zhaoqing High tech Zone

It is the main battlefield for the development of Zhaoqing's lithium battery industry

Seize opportunities with five major advantages and work hard

Unique location and transportation

It is a new depression for the development of lithium batteries in the Greater Bay Area

Picture Picture

Zhaoqing High tech Zone is located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province,

The easternmost end of Zhaoqing,

Adjacent to Guangzhou and Foshan,

It is only 50 kilometers away from the urban area of Guangzhou,

Multiple highways pass through the area.


The picture shows the Dawang section of Guangfo Zhao Expressway. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

High speed rail, Guangfo Zhaocheng intercity rail

It also connects Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other cities

An important node city in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area,

Belonging to the half hour Guangfo Zhao life circle

One hour Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Economic Circle;

Distance from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

And the Pearl River Delta mainline airport under construction,

It's only a 40 minute walk.


Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

In addition, Zhaoqing High tech Zone is adjacent to the Beijiang River, with abundant port resources and river sea intermodal transportation. It is only 50 nautical miles away from Huangpu Port in Guangzhou, and has convenient waterways that can reach all parts of the world. Build a three-dimensional transportation network of "water, land, and air", with convenient transportation advantages that can meet the one hour supply chain requirements of lithium battery manufacturers. One hour's drive can reach the residences of major new energy manufacturers and lithium battery material manufacturers in Guangdong Province.

Strong industrial foundation

Lithium batteries show a momentum of accumulation and development

Picture Picture

Thanks to early layout,

The new energy vehicle industry in Zhaoqing is developing rapidly,

Led by Xiaopeng Automobile,

At present, there are four complete vehicle enterprises in the city,

There are about 150 automobile parts companies,

Covering components such as batteries, motors, electronic controls, and wires.

As of 2022,

The output value of new energy vehicles in Zhaoqing exceeds 70 billion yuan,

The output value will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2023.


Ningde Times Zhaoqing Project. Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

In terms of new energy storage, with Ningde Times as the leader, a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of energy storage batteries, battery materials, battery equipment, battery accessories, and battery recycling has gradually been formed. As of 2022, there are 23 enterprises above designated size, achieving an output value of over 30 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65%.

Rapid development of leading chain owners

Strong traction for the development of lithium battery industry cluster

Picture Picture

In May 2017,

Xiaopeng Automobile, a leading enterprise in the new automotive industry,

The world's first vehicle production base has settled in Zhaoqing High tech Zone.

At present, Xiaopeng Automobile's Zhaoqing Base

The annual production capacity reaches 200000 vehicles,

Four models, P7, P5, G3i, and P7i, have been put into production,

In 2022, the total vehicle delivery volume exceeded 130000 vehicles.


In 2021, Zhaoqing High tech Zone successfully introduced the Ningde Times Power and Energy Storage Battery Production Project. The total investment in Phase I exceeded 12 billion yuan, covering an area of approximately 1075 acres, with a planned production capacity of 25GWh and an annual output value of over 20 billion yuan.

Advantages in developing bearing space

Ten thousand mu and one hundred billion yuan platform is poised to launch

Picture Picture

Zhaoqing has abundant land resources,

Accounting for 26% of the bay area,

The intensity of land development is only 6.5%,

The land that can be released reaches 1700 square kilometers.

As one of the seven industrial platforms in the province, Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone has a planned area of 992 square kilometers. Currently, the starting area has 25000 acres of contiguous industrial land, which has the bearing conditions to introduce large projects and cultivate large industries.

In 2021, Zhaoqing High tech Zone, based on the two industry leaders of Xiaopeng Auto and Ningde Times, will continue to expand production and launch the planning and construction of a new energy intelligent automobile industrial city covering an area of 45 square kilometers. The industrial city will take "ten thousand mu, one hundred billion yuan" as the goal, and spare no effort to build a national new energy intelligent automobile industrial city, a national intelligent networking pilot zone, and a national "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" strategic pilot demonstration zone. This will provide important support for Guangdong Province's new energy vehicles exceeding one trillion yuan in 2025 and building a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster.


Photographed by Wang Zhenyu

Creating a first-class development environment

Safeguarding the Development of Lithium Battery Industry

The Zhaoqing High tech Zone has the lowest factor costs within the Bay Area: land prices, housing prices, water, electricity, and gas are relatively low in the Greater Bay Area.

We have abundant human resources. Zhaoqing is the largest vocational education base in Guangdong Province and has been rated as a demonstration city for the comprehensive reform of modern vocational education in Guangdong Province. It can provide enterprises with order based talent and employment training.

We strive to implement the development concept of integrating industry, city, and people with complete supporting facilities, and improve infrastructure, living facilities, and supporting facilities. Especially since 2007, Zhaoqing High tech Zone has been the first in the country to achieve free education from kindergarten to high school, gathering sufficient and high-quality basic education resources within the zone.

The green electricity resources are abundant. Zhaoqing has abundant green power resources and is planning the construction of green power facilities throughout the city to effectively support the demand for green power ratio in major projects.

The business environment is high-quality and efficient. The business environment indicators of Zhaoqing High tech Zone rank among the top in the province. Zhaoqing High tech Zone takes the lead in implementing the policy of "dual capacity and dual commitment" for industrial project landing, boldly reforming the approval process, and providing full process services for industrial projects. For example, the project of Ningde Times took only 14 months from start to production, and was officially put into operation by the end of May 2022; The Xiaopeng Automobile Phase II project started construction on the day of signing the contract, showcasing Zhaoqing's service and speed.

Zhaoqing, the future is promising!

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