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Xu Xiaoxiong led a team to Shenzhen to carry out investment promotion and inspection activities

 Xu Xiaoxiong led a team to Shenzhen to carry out investment promotion and inspection activities

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-05-25 23:31 Published in Guangdong


Strengthen communication and cooperation to achieve win-win development

From May 22nd to 24th, Mayor Xu Xiaoxiong led a team to Shenzhen for investment inspection. Focusing on key industrial chains such as new energy vehicles and automotive components, new energy storage, and electronic information, he conducted intensive visits to enterprises, discussed docking projects, deepened cooperation consensus, and accumulated momentum for the high-quality development of Zhaoqing's economy and society.

Xu Xiaoxiong and his delegation have conducted on-site visits to enterprises such as Shenzhen Energy Group, BYD Co., Ltd., Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd., and Guanxu Electronics Co., Ltd., and had discussions with company leaders to gain a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation, industrial layout, industry development, technology research and development, and investment intentions. They also conducted in-depth docking around strengthening cooperation and win-win results.

The enterprises surveyed this time have great development potential, obvious technological advantages, and a high degree of compatibility with the Zhaoqing industry. We sincerely hope that the enterprises can fully leverage their technological core advantages and talent advantages, strengthen cooperation with Zhaoqing, actively provide wisdom and suggestions for the future industrial positioning and development of Zhaoqing, and jointly promote the integrated development of Zhaoqing's industrial chain, innovation chain, capital chain, and talent chain, to help Zhaoqing deeply integrate into the modern industrial system of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. All relevant departments in Zhaoqing should strengthen communication and docking with the inspected enterprises, combine Zhaoqing's development strategy and industrial characteristics, actively seek cooperation points, provide comprehensive and high-quality services, promote the accelerated implementation and production of signed projects, and strive to achieve win-win cooperation and development.

Entrepreneurs said that as an important member of Dawan District and metropolitan area, Zhaoqing has obvious advantages in industrial foundation, regional transportation, ecological environment, land space, business environment, etc. Enterprises will fully leverage their technological resources, research and development capabilities, capital cooperation and other advantages, actively participate in the industrial development layout of Zhaoqing, comprehensively explore more cooperation possibilities, and assist in the high-quality development of Zhaoqing.

Xu Xiaoxiong also conducted in-depth research and learning on the improvement of urban quality and green and beautiful ecological construction in Shenzhen. He pointed out that Shenzhen is at the forefront of reform and opening up, with new urban construction concepts and continuously improving urban quality. The "mountains and seas connecting the city" depicts a green and beautiful Pengcheng, which is worthy of serious learning and reference by Zhaoqing. All relevant departments should strengthen research, continuously improve planning and design, scientifically handle the relationship between urban construction and economic development, and strive to create a high-quality new city that is livable, suitable for business, and suitable for tourism. We need to continue to strengthen the construction of green and beautiful ecology, improve the level of garden greening management and maintenance, focus on creating a clear and penetrating landscape effect, explore the construction of demonstration sites for "green and beautiful factory areas", and effectively improve the level of ecological civilization construction.

Vice Mayor Guan Wei participated in relevant activities.

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