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The first Jinli Hardware International Expo 2023-Give a warm welcome

 Next month, see you in Zhaoqing Jinli!

Published by Zhaoqing on May 23, 2023 at 21:09 in Guangdong


To continuously polish the brand of "Good Hardware, Jinlizao",

From June 17th to 19th,

Jinli Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City will hold

China Zhaoqing (Jinli) Traditional Dragon Boat Competition

And the first Jinli Hardware International Expo,

Over 300 booths will be located in Hardware Smart Manufacturing Town

Exhibition on the Industrial Avenue.



The editor will take you to visit in advance

The preparation status of Jinli's local exhibitors,

Experience the strong "industrial wind" in advance!


Launch new products at the expo

Guangdong Auster Hardware Precision Manufacturing

Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "Auster")

It is a "national high-tech enterprise",

Mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, and sales of hinges

Hardware products such as air braces, tatami elevators, and slides,

Over the years, Auster has been continuously conducting

Product innovation and upgrading, improving product structure,

Promote multiple advanced door hinge products.


△ Source of images to be released

At the first Jinli Hardware International Expo, Austria

ST will focus on promoting the flip door hinge.

Wu Jiayang, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Auster:

"This product introduced at the Expo is suitable for the top swing doors of home cabinets. In addition, the installation of the random stop Gas Spring made by Aust will achieve the effect of automatic top swing door opening and buffered door closing. Compared with the same type of top swing door hinge, it is more convenient to install and has wider applicability. At present, we are actively preparing for the Expo, and some new products developed this year will also be launched at the Expo for the first time."


△ Source of images to be released

Taking advantage of the opportunity of this expo,

In the future, Auster will focus on the integration and

Intelligent home supporting hardware

In terms of design, research, development, and production

Continue to exert efforts and increase investment,

Continuously providing downstream home furnishing enterprises with

Strong brand and technological support,

Expand and strengthen the brand influence of "Good Hardware, Jinli Manufacturing".

Specializing in researching high-strength aluminum alloys

Located in Zhaoqing Gaoyao Jinli High tech Zone

Zhaoqing Haojin Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd

(hereinafter referred to as "Haojin Aluminum")

Specializing in the production of high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy materials.


△ Source of images to be released

Lightweight aluminum alloy material is

Energy saving, consumption reduction, and increase of new energy vehicles

One of the important materials for driving range.

With the development of the new energy vehicle industry,

Lightweight aluminum alloy is widely used

New energy vehicle enterprises are widely used.


△ Source of images to be released

Guo Xiaowen, Director of Haojin Aluminum Production:

The holding of the Hardware Expo will gather more resources and development opportunities, and also provide us with the best platform for communication and sharing among manufacturing enterprises

At the upcoming Hardware International Expo,

Haojin Aluminum will compete with others

Local hardware enterprises are developing together,

Make precision, specialize, and strengthen new energy aluminum materials,

Strive to serve more automotive brands,

Maximize social and economic benefits.

Gaoyao Jinli is a strong industrial town in our city,

Here are outstanding talents and industries gathering,

Across the river from Sanshui District, Foshan City,

It is an important node for cooperation and exchange between Zhaoqing Gaoyao and the Guangfo region,

It is an economic hub that drives the development of the eastern part of Zhaoqing Gaoyao.

△ Source of images to be released

Taking advantage of the spring breeze and seizing opportunities, Jinli Town,

Targeting new industries and cultivating new formats,

Gradually forming automobile parts, hardware manufacturing

Leading industries such as fine chemicals and new building materials,

The acceleration of the rise of manufacturing industry clusters with a scale of hundreds of billions,

Becoming the best industrial base in Zhaoqing City

One of the regions with the highest economic benefits and the fastest development speed.


△ Photographed by Chen Yancheng

Since the 1980s,

Hardware has always been a leading industry that Jinli is proud of,

Perfect industrial chain and degree of industrial agglomeration

Make it truly the "hometown of Chinese hardware".


△ Jinli New Yongchang Production Workshop. Photographed by Chen Yancheng

There are currently over 5800 enterprises and individual businesses in the town,

Hardware products produced

There are over 300 categories and over 2000 varieties,

Thirty percent of our products are exported to Europe, America

Middle Eastern, African, and Southeast Asian countries,

More than 70000 employees,

The industrial pattern of "big hardware" has basically formed.


△ Jinli Xiangxing Hardware Products. Image Source Gao Yao Publishing

in recent years,

Around automotive parts, hardware, fine chemicals

The leading industry of new building materials,

Jinli Town is fully committed to building a manufacturing industry cluster worth hundreds of billions,

We have created and upgraded an automotive parts industry park

A number of industrial development platforms, including hardware intelligent manufacturing towns,

Promote the high-quality development of the hardware industry.


△ Jinli Hardware Products. Image Source Gao Yao Publishing

The grand first International Hardware Expo will be held in June,

Will further open Jinli

The gateway to the development of the hardware industry chain,

Make friends from all over the world for local enterprises.

At the same time, the "good hardware, gold made"

The golden signboard will be further polished!


△ Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town. Photographed by Deng Darong

Looking forward to the first Hardware International Expo,

Can open up broader development space for Jinli,

Assist Jinli in building "One Hundred Counties, One Thousand Towns, One Thousand Villages

High quality development project "demonstration model!

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