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The occasion is unprecedented! ——The second China Sihui Tea Chicken Food Festival in 2024 was successfully held

The occasion is unprecedented! ——The second China Sihui Tea Chicken Food Festival in 2024 was successfully held

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-01 14:52 Guangdong, China

On the evening of April 30, 2024, fighting for the "million-dollar project" - the launching ceremony of Sihui City's Second Camellia Butter Chicken Food Festival and Sihui City Kitchen King Competition attracted thousands of people to gather at Sihui City Sports Center (Xian Dongmei Stadium), with the Orange Hall as a city landmark as the center, it will expand the popularity of the tea-oil chicken delicacy, link up with the four major tourism, culture, sports and other special industry resources, and effectively promote the upgrading of the city's May Day holiday tourism consumer market.

Xia Yanqing, deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Zhaoqing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Liang Xiangda, director of the Standing Committee of the Sihui Municipal People's Congress, Su Jinsheng, chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, and municipal leaders Wu Jun, Su Peng, Liu Guobin, Liang Junjie and Wen Xiaohong attended the event.

Xian Dongmei Stadium

▲The scene of the launching ceremony

The event was unprecedentedly grand and climaxed one after another. The stage light show is dazzling, and the Chinese Inspiration (Soaring to the Sky) is magnificent. It deeply echoes the booming cultural tourism projects such as Juezili and Happy World in the surrounding area, fully demonstrating the vitality and style of Sihui New City. With the official release of the Sihui Tea Butter Chicken Food Map, the atmosphere immediately reached a climax.

▲Wonderful stage

At the lighting ceremony of the "Orange Stadium" lighting project, leading guests took the stage to light up the lamp posts together, creating a colorful and dynamic light show, symbolizing the fight for the "million-dollar project" - the second session of Sihui City The Tea Oil Chicken Food Festival and the Si Hui Kitchen King Competition officially kicked off.

▲Light show

The signing ceremony of the "Sihui of Taste" Pearl River Delta strategic cooperation unit cooperation agreement and the signing ceremony of the Zhenshan Lake high-end B&B project were also held on site.

▲Signing ceremony

It is reported that this year’s Sihui City Tea Butter Chicken Food Festival and Sihui Kitchen King Competition is guided by the Sihui City People’s Government and sponsored by the Sihui City Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau and the Sihui City Federation of Trade Unions, aiming to deeply explore traditional cooking techniques. and catering culture, promote the integration of Sihui catering culture and tourism, continuously cultivate "famous dishes", "famous chefs" and "famous stores" with distinctive characteristics, high-quality services and rich culture, and create a unique "culture + tourism + food" experience in Sihui City travel business card.

Our city will continue to base itself on regional resource endowments and good industrial foundations, based on local gourmet specialties, solidly promote the integrated development of "agriculture, culture and tourism", actively seize policy opportunities and market consumption hot spots, deeply explore the value of "local specialties", and use new quality products to Productivity empowers the catering industry and develops "one fruit, one flower, one fish, one dish" towards industrialization, branding and digitalization.

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