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Longfu Town, Sihui City, China: Focus on typical and strong demonstrations and take on the role of hard work to promote the development of "towns"

Longfu Town, Sihui City, China: Focus on typical and strong demonstrations and take on the role of hard work to promote the development of "towns"

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-03 13:14 Guangdong, China

In recent years, Longfu Town in Sihui City, China has taken the theme of promoting high-quality development, anchored the development positioning of Qianqiang Town, typical town, and industrial and commercial specialized town, focused on the construction of typical towns and villages, strengthened the town economy according to local conditions, and promoted the enrichment of the people Strengthen towns and revitalize villages, and work hard to sound the clarion call for high-quality development of "Eternal Zen Charm·Innovation Longfu".

Zhaoqing Chuangfu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Longfu Town in 2019. It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, operation of aluminum alloy formwork and after-sales service. In just 5 years, Chuangfu The company quickly became a leading enterprise in the national aluminum mold industry.

Zhaoqing Chuangfu New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Ye Chaoyong, Deputy General Manager of Zhaoqing Chuangfu New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company has been awarded the honorary titles of National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise, Guangdong Province Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and Zhaoqing Top 100 Enterprises in 2023. In 2023, the cumulative tax payment will be more than 20 million yuan, making it a major taxpayer in Longfu Town.

In the past five years, we have witnessed the rapid development and changes in Longfu Town, including the rectification of the transportation network and the emphasis on environmental protection, etc. This has strengthened our confidence in taking root in Longfu and making the company bigger and stronger.

In recent years, Longfu Town in Sihui City has strengthened the town's economy and integrated efforts to enrich the people, strengthen the town and revitalize the village.

It is understood that in 2023, Longfu Town’s full-scale tax revenue will be 232 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.7%; the total industrial output value above designated size will be 15.765 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%; the industrial added value above designated size will be 2.757 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.8 %.

Successfully promoted 9 industrial enterprises to "upgrade from small enterprises to large-scale enterprises", and added 5 provincial "specialized, special and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises and 2 national high-tech enterprises.

Longfu Town, Sihui City, China, is actively developing the "fishing and light complementary" photovoltaic power generation project. Huadian and China Energy Construction have a total investment of approximately 2.03 billion yuan. They have signed a land lease contract for more than 5,500 acres, increasing the collective income of the village by more than 8 million yuan every year. At present, the collective income of the seven administrative villages has entered the "100,000+" category, among which the collective income of Yanling Village and Shuikou Village exceeds 500,000 yuan, and the collective income of Longtou Village, Yingjiao Village, and Baishitang Village exceeds 300,000 yuan.

In addition to the town and village economy, Longfu Town has also continued to focus on key areas such as green ecology, beautiful Wei Town, rural housing style management and control, grassroots governance, and cultural tourism industry development. The business environment has continued to be optimized, and the coordinated development of urban and rural areas has been promoted in depth. , people's livelihood undertakings have been comprehensively strengthened, and various tasks of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" have been implemented and achieved results.

2024 is a critical year for the province to comprehensively promote the implementation of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" and is also a typical breakthrough year for Zhaoqing City's "Hundreds of Thousands of Projects". As a typical town of Zhaoqing’s “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects”, Longfu Town will thoroughly implement the spirit of the high-quality development conferences of the province, Zhaoqing and the Four Sessions, coordinate new industrialization, new urbanization and comprehensive rural revitalization, and coordinate high-quality development and high-level security , continue to promote effective economic improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity, build and strengthen the city’s “Hundred-Ten-Thousand Project” model towns and the province’s “Hundred-Ten-Thousand Project” typical villages, and promote the “Hundred-Ten-Thousand Project” with top intensity and determination Go deep and get real.

Longfu Town Party Committee Secretary Wu Dongcheng

The first is to focus on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and strive to promote the industrial economy to reach new heights. Guided by the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" and with the goal of striving for the leading position among the top 100 towns in the country, we will unswervingly insist on strengthening the industrial towns, continue to expand and strengthen leading industries such as metal processing and electronic information, and actively guide green energy and advanced equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries to form clusters, accelerate the improvement of quality and efficiency of Zhaoqing (Sihui) Electronic Information Industrial Park, and create the main battlefield for high-quality industrial development. Actively promote the implementation of key projects such as the Provincial Construction Engineering Group's approximately 500 acres of construction machinery manufacturing base, distributed photovoltaic power generation, and new energy storage. Strive to achieve the total industrial output value of the town above RMB 17 billion in 2024, introduce 10 projects exceeding RMB 100 million, cultivate more than 6 industrial enterprises above RMB, and cultivate more than 5 national high-tech enterprises, continuously strengthen the town's regional economy, and effectively enhance industrial development. stamina.

The second is to continue to improve the construction of typical towns and villages and promote new breakthroughs in the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Promote the construction of the Longfu Interchange entrance and exit of the Erguang Expressway and Guangyuan Avenue, and deeply integrate into the "one-hour traffic circle" of the Greater Bay Area. As a typical town in Zhaoqing City, the construction of Longfu's Wei Town will continue to focus on the construction requirements of "1+4+7+9+N" and promote the overall improvement of the appearance of Wei Town. And build beautiful countryside with aesthetic thinking, take the construction of typical villages as the starting point of beautiful countryside construction, further promote key tasks such as improving the living environment and improving the style of rural houses, and create a "rich, clean, green, beautiful, strong and governed" A new look to the beautiful countryside. Integrate green beauty construction into the planning and construction of typical towns and villages, vigorously carry forward the glorious tradition of "Yueshan afforestation", and comprehensively improve the level of greening and beautification of towns and villages. Innovate financing methods, leverage social capital to invest in the construction of typical towns and villages in the "Hundreds and Tens of Millions Project", adopt the "public welfare + business" model for financing, and take multiple measures to expand funding channels.

The third is to make rural characteristic industries bigger and stronger and continue to enhance new momentum for the development of rural industries. Develop modern agriculture with industrial thinking, promote the green ecological breeding model of "fishing and light complementation" throughout the town, accelerate the development of characteristic industries in each village, and strive to achieve an average operating income of more than 300,000 yuan in all seven administrative villages of the town by 2025 . Vigorously develop the rural cultural tourism industry, explore local red culture, clean family tradition culture, Sixth Patriarch Zen culture, and folk culture, promote the Southern Guangdong Flower Sea ecological agricultural tourism project and the construction of leading-Yingjiao characteristic cultural B&Bs, and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural industries.

The fourth is to persist in doing practical things for the people and promote the development of people's livelihood to new heights. Promote the upgrading and renovation of Longfu Health Center and nursing homes, and continuously improve the supply quality and service level of health and elderly care services in our town. Improve and upgrade people's livelihood service facilities such as cultural activity centers, elderly canteens, express logistics points and cold chain logistics facilities, transform farmers' markets, build small photovoltaic ecological parks, and enhance the comprehensive service functions of Wei Town. Set out to build the "Smart Longfu·Digital Rural Platform" and take multiple measures to make social services more accurate and efficient.

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