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Let me introduce to you a beautiful Chinese love song. The melody is nice and easy to sing.Nice Chinese love songs

TikTok is very popular recently. Many foreigners sing Chinese songs.

Let me introduce to you a beautiful Chinese love song. The melody is nice and easy to sing.

I told you the English translation and English pronunciation.

As long as you practice it, you will be able to sing it easily.

Nice Chinese love songs



English translation : Gentle killer

English pronunciation : one  yo  shar  so

Music: Wong Ka-keung (Huang Jiaqiang)

Band:  Beyond-- Hongkong


English translation : You are a gentle assassin

English pronunciation : Lee shit  one yo der  shar so


English translation : Ending my thirst

English pronunciation : Jone  jack  la  wo  der  control


Your smile gently slipped through my throat

Leeder soeasy ching ching der huago wo inhole


My heart has long been obediently lying in your hands

Sin zhau E guy guy der tom zhy need so jone

为何你却还能够 无动于衷

Why are you still indifferent

Wait her Lee chair hi non go   wood don't  yu  jone 


Look at my wounds to the fullest

ching ching can't  wo der  shang co 


If it could move you

wood go non young Lee  can't  don't


There will be roses blooming after the blood flows out

hey  yo  may gay  some kind zhy  thank sir  loud  one  hole   


Maybe you'll pin it on your chest

ye  shit Lee hey  buta  bear zhy Lee  xoom  co    


I am beyond redemption for falling in love with you

I shang Lee  der wo  inching  wood  yau control

从此埋怨的话 我不再说

From now on, I won't say anything to complain about

chung chi  my yuen der hua  wo  put  zhy  sort


Embark on an eternal wait

Jam  kind  incharge (yi cang)   young hurry der den hole  


My favorite gentle killer

wo  J  i  J  i  der  one  yo  shar  so


You kill me with your smile

Lee young  Lee  der  wait  sell  shar ler  wo  

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