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Jingkou Town, Sihui City, China: Deeply promote the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” to build a demonstration town for the integrated development of industry, agriculture, culture and tourism

Jingkou Town, Sihui City, China: Deeply promote the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” to build a demonstration town for the integrated development of industry, agriculture, culture and tourism

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-15 20:08 Guangdong, China

Jingkou Town, Sihui City, based on its own characteristics and advantages, takes the construction of major projects as the starting point, does a solid job in strengthening the town, revitalizing the villages and enriching the people, further promotes the "high-quality development project of hundreds of counties, thousands of towns and thousands of villages", and strives to build industrial, agricultural, cultural and tourism A characteristic demonstration town for industrial integration development.

The [Chigo Air Conditioner Sihui Manufacturing Base] located in Jingkou Town, Sihui City will be officially put into operation in January 2022. In 2023, it will achieve an annual output of 1 million sets of air conditioners, an annual output value of 1.2 billion yuan, generate tax of approximately 19 million yuan, and create 800 jobs. people and above, won the title of "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in Zhaoqing City in 2023". The rapid development of Chigo Air Conditioning Sihui manufacturing base is not only a new starting point for Chigo intelligent manufacturing, but also provides strong impetus for the high-quality development of Jingkou Town.

Relevant person in charge of the company said

The base plans to drive more supporting companies to enter the local area, continuously increase industrial investment, further integrate resource advantages, promote the comprehensive upgrade of the company's core competitiveness, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of Jingkou Town.

Chigo Air Conditioner Sihui Manufacturing Base,Jingkou Town, Sihui City, zhaoqing,guangdong,china,Chigo,

The rapid development of [Chigo Air Conditioning Sihui Manufacturing Base] is just a microcosm of Jingkou Town, Sihui City’s efforts to build a strong industrial town and pay close attention to the implementation of major projects.

In 2023, Jingkou Town will achieve a GDP growth rate of 7%, a growth rate of 8.54% in total industrial output value, a growth rate of 46.7% in fixed asset investment in the whole society, and a growth rate of 8.24% in tax revenue at this level; various types of investment promotion, capital increase and production expansion, technology The entire process of project implementation, construction, completion, and commissioning has been accelerated, and a large number of historical issues in the industrial park have been effectively resolved; the potential of land advantages has been released on a large scale, and nearly a thousand acres of land in the park can be revitalized to provide sufficient element support for the implementation of high-quality major construction projects in the future. . The high-quality economic development and construction of a strong industrial town in Jingkou Town show a good momentum of full potential, broad development space and bright prospects.

Chigo Air Conditioner Sihui Manufacturing Base,Jingkou Town, Sihui City, zhaoqing,guangdong,china,Chigo,

At the same time, Jingkou Town in Sihui City focuses on the integrated development of industrial, agricultural, cultural and tourism industries, with the overall goal of promoting the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and building a beautiful Jingkou that is livable, industrial and tourist-friendly, and accelerates the implementation of the "seven "One" construction, drawing a "new picture" of the style of Jingkouwei Town; actively promoting the development of Mine Blue Lake and Tianhai Lake areas, polishing the new business card of Jingkou cultural tourism; doing a good job in the construction of harmonious rural areas, deepening the development of characteristic agricultural industries, and creating " "Jingkou Liangpin" regional agricultural brand; turn plans into actions with greater intensity, more precise measures, and more effective practices to promote the development of towns and villages towards a higher level and higher quality.

The relevant person in charge of Jingkou Town said that the "Hundreds and Thousands Project" will be promoted in depth from four aspects to ensure that the "Hundreds and Tens of Thousands Project" will achieve new breakthroughs, the development of various rural undertakings will reach a new level, and people's lives will be better.

Xinwei Village, Jingkou Town,Sihui city,China

△Xinwei Village, Jingkou Town,Sihui city,China

Secretary of the Party Committee of Jingkou Town, Sihui City Weng Huohui

First, we must persist in improving the quality and efficiency of the industrial economy to achieve leapfrog development. Promote traditional industries such as Dingxin Building Materials and Fojiaoke Road Engineering to implement technological transformation and equipment updates; cultivate two new companies, Kunlin New Materials and Jianming Building Materials, to put into production within the same year; promote the accelerated construction of Jingnan Renewable Resources Project; assist The two green power projects of Runshi and Huadian were successfully constructed and operated; we also provided investment promotion and landing services for high-quality manufacturing projects. Fully relying on the five major industrial platforms of Jingkou Industrial Park, Guanshan Industrial Zone, Nanxiang Industrial Community, Nanxiang Fenghuang Mining Area, and Jingkou Green Electronic Area, we will make efforts at multiple points and take multiple measures to build Jingkou Town’s advanced manufacturing, green building materials, and recycling industries. Four major industrial clusters: resource utilization and green energy.

The second is to strengthen modern agricultural cultivation and build distinctive brands. Strengthen the drive of key agricultural projects and promote the completion and commissioning of projects such as Xialiao high-value breeding community; strengthen the continuous agricultural industry to serve leading aquatic products enterprises such as Shengke and Yifeng in their expansion into deep processing of turtle products, and create an integrated industry of production, processing and sales chain; improve the level of three thousand acres of fishery and light complementary industries, promote the construction of Jinkou Aquaculture Science Museum, and create a comprehensive demonstration area for the integration of fishery and light tourism; strengthen the cultivation of various agricultural entities, and strive to add a municipal-level agricultural professional cooperation demonstration cooperative in 20241 There is one national and county-level leading agricultural enterprise and one county-level farmer professional cooperative demonstration cooperative.

The third is to speed up the planning and construction of Meiliwei Town and strengthen the center of Weiwei Town. Promote the completion and opening of Duantou Road from Jingkou Town to Nanshan Town, Sanshui District, and expand the development spatial framework of the town; launch the implementation of the widening and upgrading project of Jiaojing Road, the entrance passage, promote the construction of beautiful main streets, reception halls and other projects in the town, and establish a high-level To create a beautiful and high-quality town image; actively plan for the upgrading of farmers’ markets and cultural squares and the construction of commercial complexes, further expand space, optimize layout, and create a comprehensive service center for Wei Town to serve the integrated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.

The fourth is to promote the implementation and development of cultural tourism projects and polish the business card of Mining Lake. We will vigorously promote the construction of the first phase of the mine blue lake bay characteristic sports and tourism complex project, create a new model for mine diving sports, and take the first step in the development of the cultural tourism industry in Jingkou; increase the investment promotion and promotion of the Tianhai Lake cultural tourism and B&B industry, and promote Tianhai The lake is developed step by step from point to line, and efforts are made to create two high-quality cultural tourism business cards of Jingkou Town Mining Pit Blue Lake and Tianhai Lake.

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