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Didou Town, Sihui City, China: Focus on the construction of central towns and accelerate the creation of a "Hakka Village in the Bay Area"

Fighting for the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" | Didou Town, Sihui City, China: Focus on the construction of central towns and accelerate the creation of a "Hakka Village in the Bay Area"

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-24 12:54 Guangdong, China

Since the start of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects", Didou Town in Sihui City has focused on the construction concept of "Bay Area Hakka Village and Beautiful Didou" to accelerate the pace of high-quality development and go all out to grasp the "number one project" to the end and achieve practical results. , to promote the high-quality development of characteristic industries, with a total industrial output value of 2.672 billion yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 4.54%; the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery is 1.379 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49%.

Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Optimize layout and create cluster industry supporting bases

Didou Town insists on taking high-quality development as the absolute principle, strives to promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial layout, strengthens the guidance of key links in the industrial chain, and continuously consolidates the foundation for high-quality development.

The first is to cultivate and expand characteristic industries. Actively plan characteristic industrial projects that meet the requirements of special bonds, intensify the efforts to obtain special bonds, promote the infrastructure improvement and supporting projects of Shiling Industrial Park to be successfully included in the special bond projects of Sihui City, accelerate the construction of Shiling characteristic enamel industrial park, and cultivate and develop food Contact with the enamel products industry. In 2023, the total output value of Didou Town's enamel specialty industry will reach 2.303 billion yuan. Sihui Jinjiale Hardware Products Co., Ltd. in the park has developed into one of the top ten enterprises in China's light industry enamel industry.

The second is to transform and upgrade traditional industries. Actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industrial platform of Nianmijing, build an industrial base dominated by zipper products, electronic products and other manufacturing industries, strive to create an industrial cluster with better efficiency and stronger power, and enhance the carrying capacity of the industrial platform force, attraction.

The third is to optimize the layout of "flying together with two wings". Adhere to the "flying with both wings" of Shiling Enamel Characteristic Industrial Park and Nianmijing Traditional Industrial Park, continuously consolidate the industrial industry foundation, and continue to optimize the industrial layout. At present, the economic aggregate of the town's 7 regulated industrial enterprises has further expanded. Among them, Dezhao Metal Company produces forgings, die steel, machinery, ship and vehicle spare parts and other projects. The total industrial output value in 2023 will reach 124 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 72.89%. Jinjiale Company's new cooking utensil product project, Shengnan Company's resource comprehensive utilization expansion project, and Shijing Zipper Company's zipper product project with an annual output value of 500 million yuan are accelerating, and the "entering Zhurong Bay" is further and deeper.

Forging and smelting workshop

Forging and smelting workshop

Didou Town, Sihui City, China-Shiling Industrial Park

Didou Town, Sihui City, China-Shiling Industrial Park

Large-scale planting and characteristic agriculture promote rural revitalization

Didou Town is guided by the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" and uses large-scale planting as the entry point, highlighting the revitalization of rural industries and linking cities with villages to promote high-quality development of the town's economy.

The first is to optimize the land and space to support industries. On the basis of large-scale agricultural planting, Didou Town makes full use of the opportunity of the provincial-level town-village land and space integrated planning (first batch) pilot town to comprehensively optimize the land space pattern, promote the concentration of land elements, and accelerate the formation of outstanding scale advantages and functional positioning. Characteristic agricultural industrial belts such as the Didou Town Food and Beverage Industrial Park, the Ring Expressway Southern Medicine Industrial Belt, and the Donghe District Nut Industry Belt are clear and have obvious agglomeration effects, and they have become important growth poles for the development of Didou's economy.

The second is to promote the integration of the three industries and create a "rich" scene. At present, there are 24 macadamia nut planting fields in Didou Town, with a total planting area of more than 3,000 acres. Based on the solid foundation of nut planting, in March this year, Didou Town held a signing ceremony for the three-industry integrated development project, among which Guangdong Riqiang Group’s four The city's macadamia nut industry chain investment project will start construction upon signing and is expected to be officially put into production in August this year. The project plans to invest 200 million yuan and will build a full industry chain project integrating nut planting, processing and services. It will develop comprehensively from the cultivation of high-quality seedlings, scientific planting, fruit harvesting, nut processing, sales and services, and cultivate into a Leverage a high-quality industrial chain worth over 1 billion yuan.

The third is to innovate the operating structure to assist development. As a characteristic agricultural industrial park in Didou Town, the Shiling Village Southern Medicine Plantation Park and the Macadamia Nut Demonstration Park adopt a cooperation model of "enterprise leadership, collective support, and mass participation" to give full play to the company's market operations, technical management, and village collective organization The advantages of coordination form a production and operation structure that complements each other. The Southern Medicine Plantation has reached a supply and marketing agreement with a powerful domestic traditional Chinese medicine production and processing enterprise to ensure product sales channels and reasonable profits while providing technical support to farmers and jointly participating in the development of the Didou Southern Medicine industry; the Nut Plantation actively strengthens the interests of enterprises and farmers. Liaison has signed a "Technical Service Agreement" and a "Fruit Purchase Agreement" with farmers to provide guarantee for farmers' scientific planting and stable marketing.

The fourth is to persist in linking agriculture with agriculture to promote revitalization. To explore a new model of economic cooperatives (enterprises) jointly run by village committees, 12 village committees in the town jointly established Sihui Dousheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to use funds from rural revitalization projects in towns and villages to build industrial supporting facilities. Through the implementation of the paddy field reclamation project, the company can increase the collective income of 12 villages by a total of 320,000 yuan every year. The company also participates in the operation and management of photovoltaic power generation in Didou Town, rough processing of nut planting, and rough processing of southern medicine seedlings, striving to make profits this year. reached 1 million yuan, further increasing the village's collective economic net income.

Signing ceremony for the three-industry integrated development project--Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Signing ceremony for the three-industry integrated development project--Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Empowering talents and cultivating strong teams to support industrial innovation

In order to further cultivate the craftsman culture, Didou Town vigorously incubates, cultivates and attracts rich local talents, stimulates new vitality of the talent team, and empowers high-quality development with high-quality talents.

Build a mechanism to support and cultivate industrial craftsmen talents, and continue to deepen the revitalization of industrial craftsman talents; currently there are 31 registered industrial craftsmen talents in Didou, and 2 of them among the forging and smelting talents have obtained the patent for "Forging Diameter Measuring Device".

Strengthen the exchange and training of advanced experiences in agricultural planting and promote the "team-based" development and "scale" operation of similar industries. Currently, there are 40 registered southern medicine talents. It is planned to take advantage of the resources of the Shiling Village Desen Southern Medicine Planting Demonstration Base within three years. , through the contract planting method, it has promoted the training of more than 100 Chinese medicine planting talents.

Increase the investment in various resources for cultural undertakings and vigorously promote the construction of a talent team for cultural inheritance. Currently, Didou Town is cultivating the cultural heritage of Cai Ming Kiln pottery and building the Didou Town Wayaoling Long Kiln Cultural Intangible Heritage Base based on the ceramics factory. , and plans to build a number of rural tourist attractions and local B&Bs, and at the same time dig deep into the profound Hakka cultural heritage of Didou, and plan to build a "five-hundred-year" cultural project of a century-old academy, a century-old Wei market, a century-old arcade, a century-old pottery art, and a century-old tea garden. Create a "century-old guest hometown" in the Bay Area with a full industrial chain of agriculture, culture and tourism.

At present, there are 16 cultural inheritance talents registered in Didou Town, including 6 people who inherit the lion dance culture, 2 people who are non-genetic people of ceramic crafts, and 4 people who belong to the Didou roasted meat culture, including Didou roasted pork and Didou peanuts. Bao successfully applied for the sixth batch of county-level intangible cultural heritage representative projects in Sihui City in 2023, laying a talent foundation.

Creative works by Liang Peixing, the intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Caiming Kiln--Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Creative works by Liang Peixing, the intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Caiming Kiln--Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Arcade design renderings--Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Arcade design renderings--Didou Town, Sihui City, China

Next step,

Didou Town will continue to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the deployment requirements of the "Hundred Counties, Thousand Towns and Ten Thousand Villages High-Quality Development Project" of Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing and Sihui City, and work together to strengthen the central town of Didou Town construction and achieve high-quality development.

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Didou Town, Sihui City, China: Taking on the mission of a central town, cultivating typical towns, and accelerating the pace of building "Bay Area Hakka Town Harmonious Didou"

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