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Choose Zhaoqing and choose the future! #Sincerely invite all entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses in Zhaoqing#

Choose Zhaoqing and choose the future! #Sincerely invite all entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses in Zhaoqing#

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-05-10 19:58 Guangdong, China

#Sincerely invite all entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses in Zhaoqing#

welcome to Zhaoqing

Choose the future, choose Zhaoqing


Zhaoqing is an important member of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Pearl River Delta. It borders Guangzhou and Foshan in the east and Southwest China in the west. It has convenient sea, land, air and rail transportation, and the "golden waterway" of the Xijiang River runs through the entire territory. It is a charming city that is suitable for living, working and traveling. city.

01 Industrial development momentum is good

It has a solid industrial foundation, strong supporting capabilities, and a full range of industrial categories. Emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, new energy storage, and electronic information are developing in clusters. Traditional industrial clusters such as metal processing, green building materials, smart homes, and food and beverage preparations are growing, and the low-altitude economy is , artificial intelligence, hydrogen energy and other future industries are forward-looking, and the modern industrial system is becoming more and more complete. It is a new manufacturing city with unlimited potential.

02 There is huge room for industrial development

It owns more than a quarter of the land in the Greater Bay Area, and has important industrial platforms with "tens of thousands of acres and billions" such as Zhaoqing's large-scale industrial clusters, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, and Zhaoqing New District, which has the capacity to "introduce large projects and cultivate large industries." Zhaoqing's large-scale industrial agglomeration area is one of the seven major industrial platforms that Guangdong Province is focusing on building. Infrastructure construction and industry introduction are in full swing. Tens of thousands of acres of contiguous industrial land are waiting for you. It is a valuable land for the development of the real economy.

03 Excellent business environment and services

The comprehensive credit index has been ranked among the top 20 in the country for many years, and digital government construction is at the forefront of the province. The implementation of projects is "build first and then verify", and service companies respond to requests and do not disturb anything. Zhaoqing has abundant human resources and is the first vocational education base in the province, which can provide order-based talent training for various enterprises. Invest here with low costs, attractive housing prices, and comfortable living. Your employees will not only get a job, but they will also easily have a warm home.

04 The beauty of natural ecological environment

Qixingyan and Dinghu Mountain are famous far and wide. The city’s forest coverage rate reaches 71%. The city is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and people are in the paintings. Working and living in Zhaoqing is a pleasure both physically and mentally.

When you travel to Zhaoqing, you will definitely have dreams and opportunities;

A trip to Zhaoqing is full of poetry and distant places.

Entrepreneurs are sincerely invited to

Come to Zhaoqing to invest and start a business.

Choose Zhaoqing and choose the future!

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