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Weizheng Town, Sihui City, China: Leading with "models" and leading by demonstration, to help the construction of Weizheng Agriculture, Culture and Tourism Integration Demonstration Town

Fighting for the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects"丨Dazhou Village, Weizheng Town, Sihui City, China: Leading with "models" and leading by demonstration, to help the construction of Weizheng Agriculture, Culture and Tourism Integration Demonstration Town

Released by Sihui City 2024-05-22 16:41 Guangdong, China

As one of the first batch of typical villages in Guangdong Province’s “Hundred Counties, Thousand Towns and Ten Thousand Villages High-quality Development Project”, Dazhou Village, Weizheng Town(Weizhengzhen), Sihui City, conscientiously implements the decisions and arrangements of its superiors on the “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects”, focusing on environmental improvement, style improvement, In terms of key tasks such as industrial development and rural customs cultivation, we will thoroughly implement the creation action of "leading with examples", accelerate the construction of rural revitalization demonstration belts, and lead the integrated development of the agricultural, cultural and tourism industry.

Highlight "environmental beauty" and promote livability and industry


Weizheng Town organized all town and village cadres to go to Dazhou Village. Focusing on the "all-round, no dead ends" improvement standard, they went deep into key areas such as in front of and behind the houses and in the lanes of the village to carry out "carpet-style" centralized cleaning operations. The village appearance The village has a completely new look.


Repair, revitalize and utilize characteristic ancient buildings such as the blockhouse, Lunxuan Chen Gong Temple (Wenkui), Chen Gongshu's family school (Wukui), Xiyuan Bookstore, etc., promote the culture of overseas Chinese, family tradition and tutoring culture, and complete the village history museum and family tradition and clean government education Base construction; invested 1.908 million yuan to complete the demolition and reconstruction projects of Dazhou Bridge and Dalang Bridge to facilitate people's travel.


Continue to make up for the shortcomings in hard indicators such as sewage treatment and "third line" rectification, solidly promote the "three cleans and three demolitions" work, demolish 11 dilapidated mud brick houses, vacate 350 square meters of construction area, and guide Zhaoyuan Agricultural Company to actively participate in the abandonment of wasteland Renovated 130 acres; continued to carry out the "I have a tree in the village" activity and built 12 acres of litchi gardens, achieving both greening and income increase; 3 million yuan was invested to speed up the construction of the high-quality section of the Dazhou Village demonstration film, and projects such as the widening of village roads have been completed Construction, house facade improvement, public parking and other projects are progressing in an orderly manner.

Highlight “prosperous industries” and accelerate the enrichment of people and increase their income

Dazhou Village actively promotes the development of special industries such as agarwood, silk seedlings, and kudzu, and guides the village sage Chen Yaobin to return to his hometown to build a Qinan agarwood base. The first phase of the planting area is about 130 acres, and is building an industry integrating agarwood seedling cultivation, planting, and processing. chain; the residue-free kudzu planting base continues to develop in depth, and has successfully developed kudzu powder, kudzu tea and other products, extending the industrial chain; Dazhou Village was selected as a provincial-level professional village with "one village, one product, one town, one industry"; "Daoxiang" The brand of "No. 1" silk rice has been continuously polished, and the products have continued to sell well. A thousand-acre silk rice industry belt has initially been formed. The specialty industry continues to grow, driving the village's collective income to exceed 150,000 yuan.

Highlight "new governance" and promote new trends in civilization

Dazhou Village is a provincial rural governance demonstration village and a provincial democracy and rule of law demonstration village with civilized rural customs and simple folk customs. In the process of promoting the construction of typical villages, Chen Shanzhang, the village sage of Dazhou Village, is in Hong Kong but loves his hometown and is enthusiastic about cultivating rural culture. He provides information on village history and culture, overseas Chinese hometown culture, etc., and promotes the construction of Dazhou Village History Museum and Family Tradition and Integrity Education Base. They also took the initiative to educate the villagers, raise funds to relocate the "Fu Lord", and widen the roads in Dazhou Village. At the same time, outstanding deeds emerged such as Chen Zhiwei and other rural sages who invested in the construction of their hometowns, and villagers actively participated in the "Four Small Gardens". More than 10 "Four Small Gardens" were built using idle land.

Relevant comrades in charge of Weizheng Town(Weizhengzhen) said that they will actively plan the second phase of the construction of Dazhou Village to create a harmonious and beautiful ancient village that is suitable for living, working and traveling, connecting Siyuanjing, Huiyuanting and other characteristic nodes, developing an ancient village tourism loop, and continuing to expand agarwood, silk seedlings The scale of the rice and kudzu industry has introduced a 300-acre blueberry planting industrial base project to promote the high-quality development of the new rural collective economy and assist the construction of the Weizheng Agriculture, Culture and Tourism Integration Demonstration Town.

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