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The total investment of 6 projects is 3.58 billion yuan! Sihui City Held the Commencement Ceremony of Industrial Projects in June 2022

The total investment of 6 projects is 3.58 billion yuan! Sihui City Held the Commencement Ceremony of Industrial Projects in June 2022

Released Sihui 2022-06-30 20:40 in Guangdong

On June 30, Sihui City held the commencement ceremony of the industrial project in June 2022 in Dasha Town. Chen Xiaojian, member of the Standing Committee of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee and head of the Publicity Department, Xie Bingquan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Zhaoqing City, Xia Binghong, deputy director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Zhaoqing City, Li Weizhong, Weng Zhuohui, Li Xuxi, Deng Hong'an, Chen Zhi, Xiao Yan, leaders of Sihui City, and relevant persons in charge of the commencement project attended the ceremony.

At the commencement ceremony of the industrial project, Wang Xiaofan, Vice President of Wanyang Group, and Comrade Weng Zhuohui, Deputy Secretary of the Fourth CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, delivered speeches respectively.

Wang Xiaofen said

Wanyang Maker Town is a manufacturing cluster platform operated by Wanyang Group in the mode of "industrial agglomeration, industry city integration, resource sharing, and industry finance interaction", which is dedicated to serving small and medium-sized enterprise clusters. The total investment of Sihui (Dasha) Wanyang Mass Entrepreneurship City Project is planned to be 2.5 billion yuan. The land for the project is won by enterprises through online auction. It is estimated that more than 100 enterprises can settle in the project. This is also the second project invested and constructed by Wanyang Group in Dasha Town, Sihui City. The pragmatic, efficient and professional industrial team in Sihui City allows Wanyang Group to do business in Sihui City with confidence and confidence. They will also give full play to the advantages of resources, expertise and talents, and build Dasha Wanyang Maker City with high standards and speed to build it into an entrepreneurial paradise for entrepreneurs and a new platform for attracting investment in Sihui City.

Weng Zhuohui, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Fourth National Congress and the government, expressed warm congratulations on the smooth commencement of industrial projects.

Weng Zhuohui pointed out that

Holding the commencement ceremony of industrial projects is an important reflection of the Fourth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which adheres to the principle of "strong industry, projects as the king, parks as the mother, and enterprises as the first", and vigorously implements the special action of investment promotion and implementation of industrial projects, which has achieved fruitful results. It is also an important measure to enhance the confidence of enterprises, accelerate the early implementation of projects, early production, and early results, and encourage enterprises to accelerate their development.

Next, the Party Committee and the government of the Fourth National Congress will take this opportunity and impetus to comprehensively speed up the construction of industrial parks and platforms, focus on industrial investment promotion to promote high-quality development, strengthen factor assurance to promote project implementation, and focus on introducing and building a number of large and good projects to promote better and faster economic and social development of the Fourth National Congress; The Fourth Meeting will spare no effort to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services for the project, and promote the construction and development of the enterprise.

The leaders and guests attending the ceremony came to the stage together to pull the rod. The fireworks were colorful and the machines roared. All of them witnessed Sihui (Dasha) Wanyang Maker City Project, the headquarters of Guangdong Zhaoqing Oudeya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. and the new polymer material project with an annual output of 900 million meters, and the new cosmetics and skin care product production project of Guangdong Fubao Medical Technology Co., Ltd, The annual production of 1 million square meters of metal decorative plate project of Guangdong Hehong Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., the aluminum curtain wall project of Guangdong Lufeng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and the annual production of 100000 tons of steel structural metal products project of Guangdong Zhenghua Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. started.

It is understood that the industrial types of this project include industrial platforms, new materials, fine chemicals, and metal processing. Among them, the Sihui (Dasha) Wanyang Maker City project is located in the Jiangmin Village Committee, Dasha Town, Sihui City, and the rest projects are located in the Zhaoqing Asian Metal Resources Recycling Industrial Park. The total investment of the six projects is planned to be 3.58 billion yuan, and the annual output value is expected to reach 3.61 billion yuan.

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