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Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province returns to the list of "Top 100 Counties and Cities in the Country"-China investment-Investment paradise

Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province returns to the list of "Top 100 Counties and Cities in the Country"

2023-12-02 22:01:45 

Recently, the China Small and Medium Cities Development Index Research Group and the Guosen Small and Medium Cities Index Research Institute released the 2023 China Small and Medium Cities High-Quality Development Index research results. Among them, Sihui City in Zhaoqing, located in the central and western part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, ranked among the top 100 counties and cities in the country for comprehensive strength, the top 100 counties and cities in the country for green development, the top 100 counties and cities in the country for investment potential, and the top 100 counties and cities in the country for scientific and technological innovation in 2023. , the top 100 counties and cities in the country for the quality of new urbanization and many other lists.

Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province returns to the list of "Top 100 Counties and Cities in the Country"

Accelerate the construction of advantageous industrial clusters

From January to September, the regional GDP was 53.016 billion yuan, accounting for 27.3% of Zhaoqing; the added value of industries above designated size was 27.457 billion yuan, accounting for 43.5% of Zhaoqing; tax revenue was 6.115 billion yuan, accounting for 36.9% of Zhaoqing; 1-9 In September, 173 new industrial projects were introduced, with a total planned investment of 54 billion yuan; from January to September in large industrial clusters, a total of 71 projects exceeding 100 million yuan were introduced, with an average of 3.8 days to introduce projects worth more than 100 million yuan, and an average of 8 days to implement one project Project land supply... This set of data is the best illustration of the prosperity of Sihui industry.

"The Fourth Session adheres to the real economy as the foundation and the manufacturing industry as the mainstay, and actively coordinates the construction of 20 strategic industrial clusters in the province, focusing on the intelligent network-connected new energy vehicle industry, new generation electronics and other regions in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Chengdu and Chongqing, etc. Information, advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy storage, advanced materials and metal deep processing industries, focusing on the upstream and downstream chain main enterprises such as Ruiqing Times, Xpeng Motors, Jintian Copper, Tongyu New Materials, GCL Group, etc., and strive to introduce a We will approve industrial chain-replenishing and chain-extending projects that are quick to implement, have sufficient hematopoietic function, and have strong driving capabilities." Weng Zhuohui, Secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, said, "Strong industry will make the town prosperous." Sihui insists on the path of strong industry. Facts have proved that this is a development path that is in line with the actual conditions of the Four Conferences.

Weng Zhuohui introduced that Dasha Town is the main battlefield for the Fourth Congress to promote new industrialization. The Fourth Congress is fully promoting the concentration of various elements and projects in Dasha, making traditional industries such as metal products bigger, stronger, and better, and promoting new industries. The upstream and downstream of modern industrial chains such as energy vehicles, electronic information, and advanced materials are developed in a coordinated manner, and efforts are made to build advanced manufacturing clusters. At the same time, we use industry to empower modern agriculture, build the "Dashayu" brand across the entire chain, and accelerate the construction of a provincial-level modern aquatic products industrial park that integrates fishery deep processing, cold chain distribution, and pre-made vegetable deep processing. Longfu Town mainly focuses on new industrialization and creates a "2+1" (new generation electronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing + metal processing industry) characteristic industry cluster. From January to September, Longfu Town introduced 10 projects exceeding 100 million yuan, and it is expected that The annual output value reaches 3.48 billion yuan. In addition, Xia Mao Town, which is close to Longfu Town, is another "seed player" on the high-quality development track of Sihui. The town has seized the major opportunity of counterpart assistance and accelerated the joint construction of Sihui Fine Chemical Industrial Park with Guangzhou Zengcheng. , is moving towards the goal of Qianqiang Town.

In the future, the Fourth Committee will achieve new breakthroughs in the new energy automobile and parts industry, strengthen the advantageous metal deep processing industry, promote the electronic information industry to a new level, accelerate the layout of new energy storage industries, refine and optimize the fine chemical industry, and accelerate the food industry. The development of the beverage prepared vegetable industry will promote the transformation and upgrading of the green building materials industry, form a modern industrial system that is in line with the actual development of the Four Conferences, and continue to enhance the economic strength of the Four Conferences.

Science and technology innovation drives high-quality development

There are 456 national high-tech enterprises in the database, including 88 "specialized, special and new" enterprises at or above the provincial level; in 2023, the city is expected to add 57 new high-tech enterprises, bringing the total number to 515, and scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises are evaluated in the database 534... Although it is not adjacent to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the two major innovation centers in Guangdong, Zhaoqing continues to implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, fully participates in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center, and vigorously implements eight major industrial science and technology innovation projects. Deeply promote the construction of national innovative counties (cities) and drive high-quality development of various industries through scientific and technological innovation.

For high-tech enterprises, the four meetings of "introduction", "cultivation" and "incubation" are three-pronged. The first is to carry out targeted investment promotion for high-tech enterprises around the leading industries, and encourage large-scale industrial platforms such as Wanyang Zhongchuang and Dongji Intelligent Innovation to actively introduce High-tech enterprises inside and outside the province; secondly, vigorously implement the action of "setting standards and improving quality" of high-tech enterprises, deeply exploring technology-based enterprises with good innovation foundation and great development potential, and actively promoting Fushi Electronics, Tongyu New Technology through gradient cultivation. Establish provincial key laboratories for materials, strengthen core technology research in leading industries, promote high-tech enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and continuously expand the total number of high-tech enterprises above designated size. In February this year, the team of Guangdong Tongyu New Materials Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance of the "Xijiang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team" and received 1.5 million yuan in financial funds to carry out core technology research in the electronic information industry. The leader of the team said: "From the establishment of the project to the present, our team has Tongyu New Materials, founded by Tongyu New Materials, has generated cumulative sales of more than 1 billion yuan. The company has successively won honors such as Zhaoqing City's Top 50 Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprises in 2022, the Second Prize of the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Guangdong Province Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise. .” The third is to accelerate the construction of provincial agricultural science and technology parks and strengthen agricultural science and technology enterprises. In 2021, the Shatangjie Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park was built and successfully applied for a national entrepreneurship and innovation park (base). In 2023, the "Sihui Shatangjie Cultivation Standardization Demonstration Zone of Guangdong Province" was successfully created, forming a cluster of technology, capital, and industry. Agricultural innovation highland.

At the same time, the Fourth Committee strives to establish an incubation platform focusing on technology business incubators and maker spaces to continue to incubate high-tech enterprises. At present, there are 12 incubation carriers in the Four Conferences, and the total stock of incubating companies is 322. The potential for technological innovation is very obvious.

The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of the Fourth Congress pointed out that the Fourth Congress will study and formulate policies and measures for innovation-driven development in terms of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, corporate R&D investment, cultivation of high-tech enterprises, construction of innovative service platforms, talent introduction, etc., and give full play to the role of high-tech The market effect of leverage and industrial integration allows technological innovation to bring vitality and motivation for sustainable development to the Four Conferences.

Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province returns to the list of "Top 100 Counties and Cities in the Country"

Promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas

Two schools will be completed and put into operation in 2023, with 1,350 new preschool education degrees and 3,420 compulsory education degrees; multiple hospitals are under construction or expansion, and the city's medical level has significantly improved: urban and rural minimum living security standards and basic living standards for extremely poor people have been completed ahead of schedule , 4 tasks to improve the minimum basic living standards for orphans and two subsidy standards for disabled people...

Whether it is to stimulate new driving forces for economic development or to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, the starting point and goal of the work of the Fourth Session is to continuously improve people's lives and enhance people's well-being.

In recent years, the Fourth Huihui has taken promoting coordinated development of urban and rural areas as the fundamental basis for improving people's livelihood, established the Sihui City "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" headquarters with high standards, and continuously improved the "1+2+3+N" policy system. The "Ten Million Project" has achieved a good start, effectively promoting rural revitalization and coordinated development of urban and rural areas to take new and solid steps.

Combined with the characteristics of agricultural towns, the Fourth Committee helps villages with weak collective economies to achieve sales standards and continue to promote the construction of beautiful villages. In recent years, the collective annual operating income of the city's villages has reached 100,000 yuan. It has been successfully selected as a "national incentive county with obvious results in improving the rural living environment" and a national "four good rural roads" demonstration county. The rural centralized water supply work has been rated as excellent by the province. At present, all natural villages have reached the standard of clean and tidy villages, and 98 administrative villages have reached the standard of beautiful and livable villages. Rural construction has achieved fruitful results.

Jianggu Town is making every effort to promote the implementation of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" to make agriculture more prosperous, the countryside more beautiful, and farmers richer. Xinwu Village in this town has built a water-friendly camp on the Longjiang River through the hardening of village access roads and river water management in the entire basin. This year's "May Day" successfully "out of the circle" as soon as it debuted, with more than 50,000 passengers, and the income of surrounding farmhouses doubled than usual. The villagers all expressed that they are full of hope for the future of Sihui! In Sihui, such towns and villages include Luoyuan Town, Jingkou Town, Weizheng Town, Dasha Town Renma Village...

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