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Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province: Create a strong economic county worth 100 billion yuan

Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province: Create a strong economic county worth 100 billion yuan

2023-02-23 20:47 Published in Guangdong

"Grasp one, three, five, and achieve hundreds of millions. Sihui City will scientifically formulate and implement the 'one, three, and fifty' goals of the 'hundreds and millions project'." Li Weizhong, secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee, said that Sihui City adheres to the real economy as the core Taking the lead in the capital and manufacturing industry, we will promote Fu County to strengthen towns and villages, and strive to achieve a GDP exceeding 50 billion yuan in "one year" and return to the list of the top 100 counties and cities in terms of comprehensive strength in the country. In "three years", the GDP will exceed 60 billion yuan. It strives to take the lead among the top 100 counties and cities in the country. In the "five years", the GDP (including Dawang Subdistrict) will reach the level of 100 billion, and in the "ten years", a new Sihui City will be rebuilt.

Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province: Create a strong economic county worth 100 billion yuan

The prosperity of the industry will lead to the prosperity of the county, and the strong industry will make the county strong. Sihui City will continue to strengthen the county economy, serve as the main force in Zhaoqing's promotion of new industrialization, and build a strong county with a 100-billion-level economy. It will adhere to the principle of "a strong industrial city, projects as king, parks as mother, and enterprises as first", and focus on the industrial economy. Improve quantity and quality, and strive to achieve a total industrial output value of 130 billion yuan and 400 industrial enterprises above designated size by 2025.


Sihui City will build a “leading + characteristic” industrial cluster. Seize the opportunity to support Guangzhou's counterpart industries, rapidly expand the leading industrial clusters of metal deep processing, promote the high-quality development of fine chemical industry clusters, and accelerate strategic projects such as new energy vehicles and auto parts, high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation electronic information, and new materials. Layout of emerging industry clusters.

Sihui City has accelerated the formation of a joint development park pattern with the Sihui City area of the large-scale industrial agglomeration area as the core and characteristic parks as auxiliary wings; accelerated the construction of infrastructure in the municipal management starting areas (Dasha and Fuxi areas) of the large-scale industrial agglomeration area, etc. work, build a main platform to undertake the orderly transfer of industries, and strive to create a 100-billion-level industrial cluster; accelerate the expansion and quality improvement of the four leading parks in Sihui City.

Sihui City will focus on building an industry chain for new energy vehicles and auto parts, chain master enterprises such as Jintian Copper to create a copper deep processing industry chain, and chain master enterprises such as Tongyu New Materials to create three high-quality industrial chains upstream and downstream of a new materials industry chain.

Sihui City will enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of the county, build a sub-central city in Zhaoqing City, and create a model county for the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Build a high-quality modern city, adhere to the development of the urban area "supporting the river" and "eastward", plan and construct according to the standards of a medium-sized city, strengthen public service facilities, strengthen the urban economy with the jade industry as the core, and promote new urbanization.

Sihui City implements the “1225 Strong Towns Project” to build strong central towns, professional towns and characteristic towns. Efforts will be made to promote Dasha, one of the top 1,000 towns in the country, to strive for the leading position, and create an urban-rural integration pioneer zone with strong industrial vitality and high-quality urban quality; build two important industrial towns, Longfu and Xiamao, to build high-quality towns and create It is a gathering place for the four special industries such as electronic information and fine chemicals; two professional towns, Jingshigou and Huangtian, will be built. Huangtian Town will be built as a Shatangju professional town that is both green and prosperous, and Shigou Town will be built as an Orchid town integrating agriculture, culture and tourism. Professional towns; build five characteristic agricultural towns: Youjianggu Town, Didou Town, Weizheng Town, Jingkou Town, and Luoyuan Town, adapt to local conditions, scientifically lay out agricultural characteristic industries, and create a rural revitalization demonstration zone along the Suijiang River or in the north Ecological agricultural tourism experience film.

Sihui City will also develop modern agriculture based on the concept of industrialization, build a livable, industrial and beautiful countryside, and create a rural revitalization demonstration zone. Focus on the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, make the leading characteristic agricultural industry bigger and stronger, and create an agricultural industry development pattern of "one county, multiple parks, one town, one industry, and one village, one product"; focus on increasing income and getting rich, increasing agriculture-related funds, and stationing in towns Assist towns and villages with funds and other funds to coordinate efforts, cultivate and strengthen new business entities that work with farmers and guide farmers; focus on the construction of beautiful villages, continue to improve the rural living environment, and achieve the same development of towns and villages with the same governance and beauty.

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