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Ancient Charm Zhenshan

 2、《Ancient Charm Zhenshan》

In the last episode, we felt the overall charm of Zhenshan in Sihui City, Zhaoqing through the general introduction. Today, we continue to launch the micro-documentary "Ancient Charm Zhenshan".

Zhenshan, Sihui is a street town where tradition and modernity coexist. Let us follow the footsteps of foreign student Alina, first appreciate the unique ancient style and charm of Zhenshan, and visit Zhenxian Temple and Zhenshan Provincial Tourism Resort.

Zhenxian Temple

Zhenxian Temple has a history of more than 1,300 years. Zhenxian is known as one of the three goddesses in Lingnan, among which Zhenxian is responsible for the mountains, Mazu is responsible for the sea, and Longmu is responsible for inland rivers. The origin of Zhenshan's name is related to Zhenxian Temple.

Zhenshan Provincial Tourism Resort

The ancient Zhenshan and the beautiful legend of Zhenxian,

I wonder if you are impressed by it?

Welcome everyone to Zhenshan to appreciate the ancient style and charm here.

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